Can You Name These Wonders of the World?

By: Olivia C
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Before, there used to be one category of the "Seven Wonders of the World." But there's more to that now.

Many experts, historians and other related professionals have raised concerns about labeling certain structures as "wonders of the world." But it's clear that there really are these ancient types of wonders. However, there are more wonders right now, which also span different categories of existence. And it's about time that this list got really expanded.

For instance, there are also architectural wonders included in certain lists. It's not only the natural formations and mother nature's products that could be considered as "wonders of the world." Yes, they're there, but we should also recognize those that humankind were able to contribute, throughout the generations.

Then, aside from natural wonders and architectural wonders, there are also monuments and statues as wonders, and even whole islands or island groupings to boot! That's because the islands may be offering something unique and superb, that is worth admiring and protecting. 

Curious to see what else could be considered as "wonders of the world"? Then take this quiz and find out!

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