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General Trivia

What % Mathlete Are You?
If you can recite the quadratic formula off the top of your head, then we need someone like you to ace our math quiz! Show off your sharp logical skills by solving a mix of easy, medium and difficult math questions!
Can We Guess How Many Times You've Been Sent to Detention?
When you were in school, did you basically live in detention? Or were you the type that wouldn't dream of needing high school style punishment? After you take this quiz, we'll know how many times you made your parents shake their heads!
What % Blonde Are You?
Blondes are known to have more fun, but they also get a bad rap for not being the brightest bulb in the drawer – so to speak. Do you fall into that category? Answer these questions and we'll tell you just how blonde you are!
Which Classic American Girl Doll Are You?
Well, this is a blast from the past! American Girl Dolls were a staple in the '90s. Everyone had their favorite, usually based on whether or not they looked like the doll. But which one are you? Take this quiz to find out!
Answer These 30 Questions and We'll Tell You Which Unusual Job You Could Be Perfect For
Some of us can handle the regular daily grind–but others need something with a little more oomph and a little less predictability. Let's figure out which weird job would suit you!
Is College the Right Path for You?
You don't need to attend college to embark on a great career path or make buckets of money, but it certainly does help. If you feel like you're at an educational crossroads in your life, take our college quiz now!
The Salad You're About to Make Will Help Us Guess How Many Years You Have Until Your Death
Put that cheeseburger down, because it's time to pick some fresh fruits and veggies for the salad of your dreams! We'll give you an empty bowl and all you have to do is let your imagination run wild in this culinary quiz!
Tell Us About Your Style and We'll Guess How Many Piercings You Have
You need to take this quiz like you need a hole in your ear! If you like talking to people about your personal style, we've got good news: Answer these style questions, and we'll guess how many piercings you have!
What Would Your Job Be in Ancient Greek Society?
The ancient Greeks have fascinated us for centuries. If you could go back in time, how would you fit in? Answer our questions, and we'll tell you what your job would be in Ancient Greece! Have fun!
How Well Do You Remember Your SAT Words?
So, maybe it's been a while since you cracked open your old SAT Prep book (and let's face it: you might not have flipped through that old tome at all). While the newer versions of the test emphasize vocabulary less than they used to, knowing a wide breadth of words is always propitious. So, how much do you know?
If You Pass This Vocabulary Quiz With All Words That Start With ‘E’, You May Be a Genius
If there was a popularity contest among letters, "E" would have a good case for No. 1? It shows up in more than 10% of all words, including all of the ones in this quiz. Take the test and see how many you recognize!
Which Summer Pattern Should You Wear?
Should you hit the beach in a teeny weeny yellow polka dot bikini, or is it time to put on a festive Hawaiian shirt? If you can't decide if you should wear batik, tie-dye or classy white-and-blue stripes, take this quiz!
Which of the 4 Types of Sugar Addict Are You?
If you find yourself eating just the M&M's out of a bag of trail mix, then you're the perfect candidate for this sugary quiz! Tell us more about your sweet tooth and the types of desserts you like, so we can learn more about your sugar addiction!
Can You Identify These Candy Bars From an Image?
Sometimes you feel like a nut ... sometimes you can name every candy bar ever made. It's time to test your sweet skills and see if you can identify these candy bars from an image.
Can We Guess Your Dream Job?
Do you have default dreams or atypical ambitions? People often aspire to work as doctors, scientists, lawyers and such. But secretly, they may dream of another career path, such as being a rock star, an inventor or maybe a tycoon. So which one's your dream job? Take this fun personality quiz and assess your career options. Go!
Tell Us If You Have These Employment Skills and We'll Tell You Which Random Job You'd Be Perfect For
Are you new to the job market or just wondering which random job you were meant to do? Consult our quiz for better answers than you would get from a career counselor, and we'll see which direction your skills are pointing! We're sorry, but professional quiz taker has already been filled – or has it?
What Is Your Job Going to Be in the Afterlife?
When you're in the afterlife, you're there for all of eternity. You're going to need something to do with all that time, right? The question is, what job are you best suited for? Why not take the quiz and see?
What Job Would You Have in a Restaurant Kitchen?
So much goes on behind the kitchen doors to get your grilled salmon ready for the dining room. Answer these questions to find out what role you would have in the hierarchical restaurant world.
Pick Some Desserts and We'll Guess Your Ideal Job
Have you ever wondered which job would truly make you feel like you are living the sweet life? Tell us your dessert opinions and discover your perfect career!
Can You Translate These Rodeo Slang Terms?
While "break a leg" is a theater term, it could apply here, too, even though we wish it didn't. Think you can ride your way through these buckin' rodeo terms? Prove it by taking the quiz!