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TV, Film & Music

How Indie Are You?
Would your life fit perfectly in a musical montage in a Wes Anderson movie? Break out your best vintage clothes, load up the record player, and brew some fair trade coffee because it's time to find out how indie you are!
Can You Identify All These British Celebrities?
Remember which royal is married to Kate Middleton, or which British celebs can strut down a catwalk like no one else on Earth? Take our quiz to see if you can recognize the most famous faces to ever hail from the British Isles!
What Would Your Job Be in the Pokemon Universe?
Just like in the real world, the Pokemon world is filled with regular people who work interesting jobs. Have you ever wondered what you might be doing if you lived in the Pokemon Universe? Take the quiz to find out!
Which Famous Guy Is the Male Version of You?
From Johnny Carson to Ashton Kutcher, famous guys have played an essential part in popular culture. Each one has his own characteristics and quirks. If your personality could be encapsulated by one of these famous guys, who would it be?
What Terrible, Annoying Song Is Your Ex?
To quote that '80s song, "there's always something there to remind" you of a love gone wrong. Of course, one major culprit can be a song! So let's have fun with it. We'll ask a few questions about your ex, OK? Then let's see which annoying song is like them, in a way. Tune in and see!
Can You Name the Game of Thrones Character From 3 Hints?
You may think you know everyone in "Game of Thrones", but if we only give you three hints, do you think you can name this characters? Take this quiz to find out.
We'll Give You the Plotline, You Tell Us the ’70s Movie Title
If you consider yourself a movie buff, you know that the 1970s may have been the best decade for movies. The '70s gave us some of the best movies, the best characters, the best movie quotes and launched some of the biggest careers. Are you ready to put your cinema skills to the test?
Can You Identify These ’90s Kids Animal Movies?
If you were in the theater when Dunston checked in, or you still quote Ace Ventura, you probably grew up with the crazy animal movies of the 1990s. Take this quiz to see how many you can actually identitfy.
Which Modern Disney Princess Are You, Really?
Disney princesses are changing. Gone are the days of damsels like Aurora and Cinderella waiting for Prince Charming to save them. Now, they're ready to take charge, like Anna and Belle. Take charge yourself and take our quiz! See which modern Disney princess you're most like!
Are You More Like Eevee or Pikachu?
Pikachu and Eevee have a lot in common. They're both lovable and great to battle with. Ever wonder which of the two Pokemon you're most like? Take the quiz to see who your Pokemon twin is!
Which "Outlander" Man Is Your Soulmate?
Do you jell with Jamie, or is Lord John Grey your jam? Is Frank Randall underrated, or do you prefer the undeniable charms of Dougal MacKenzie? Find out which Scotsman is laird of your heart by taking this quiz!
Can You Name All These Movies Set in the Big Easy?
Everyone loves a party, so it's no surprise that the laissez-les-bon-temps-rouler mood of New Orleans translates so well to the big screen ... even in thrillers and more serious flicks. Take our quiz to see how many of these films you can name!
What % Blair and Serena Are You?
Are you a brunette firecracker or the coolest blonde on the Upper East Side? If you want to find out whether you're a total Blair, a major Serena or a heady mix of the two, it's time to play this quiz!
Can You Name These Famous Jukebox Songs?
Back in the day, three songs on the jukebox only cost a quarter. If you remember those days, you probably remember some of the most loved songs playing. Take this quiz to see if you can remember these famous jukebox songs.
What Heavy Metal Song Is Actually Your Theme Song?
In this quiz, we're taking you down to "Paradise City"! Tell us some secrets about yourself and we'll tell you what your heavy metal theme song should actually be! Do you dare to ride this "Crazy Train"?
Can You Name These 1960s TV Shows?
Just how well do you know your television history? From sitcoms to sci-fi and dramas to cartoons, the 1960s had it all. We know that you can ace this quiz no problem, but can you answer the most challenging '60s question of them all ... "Ginger or Mary Ann?"
Can You Identify These Disney Characters From a Silhouette?
The Walt Disney entertainment empire has produced so many unforgettable animated characters since the 1940s. Do you think you can identify most of them via a silhouette? Try it on for size and enjoy the ride!
Which Southern Song Matches Your Personality?
Are you notorious for "Walkin' After Midnight" or are you the "Yellow Rose of Texas"? Do your friends call you a "Ramblin' Man" or are you more of a "Jolene"? Find out which Southern song suits your soul in this country-fried quiz!
If We Give You Three Character Names, Can You Tell Us the Movie They're From?
Movie buffs, this one's too easy! We'll give you three names, OK? So let's get down to business and show us what you've got! Lights, camera, action!
Which '80s Sitcom Do You Belong In?
Do you belong with the Keatons, or should you be adopted by Mr. Drummond? Answer these questions about your life, and we'll tell you which '80s sitcom you belong in.