Can You Name These 40 Animals in Five Minutes?

By: J.P. Naomi
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About This Quiz

Calling all animal lovers! And we're not just talking about cats and dogs. It's about to rain lions and tigers and bears (oh my!) too! Just close your eyes and imagine. You're walking through the jungle; you're hiking through the forest; you're swimming through the ocean; heck, you might even just be at the zoo! But we want to know - are you smart enough to recognize them all? It's time to grab those binoculars, or reach out and feed a goat; we're about to embark on an international animal adventure!

From the rhinos and zebras of Africa to the elephants and monkeys of Asia, the world is full of thousands of breeds and classifications of animals. This quiz will surely test your knowledge when it comes to identifying these amazing creatures. For example, can you tell the difference between an impala and a gazelle? And is that a shark or a dolphin? They both have fins, don't they?! Well, take a look inside their mouths: one's teeth are much sharper than the other's! You see, only the wisest minds will ace this quiz. Are you up for the challenge?

It's time to head outside and see what nature has to offer. Be very careful. Some are very friendly, and some may want dinner! Good luck!

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