91% of People Can't Name the Most Common Cars on the Road. Can You?

By: Bambi Turner
Image: Youtube via Camerons Car Reviews

About This Quiz

Can you tell a Corolla from a Camry, or a Honda Pilot from a Honda Odyssey? Know the difference between a Ford Mustang and a Ford Focus, or a Dodge Charger and a Dodge Durango? If you consider yourself a car connoisseur, take our quiz to see if you can recognize the most common cars on the road!

It's no secret that America is a car-loving country. In 2017 alone, U.S. buyers signed on the dotted line of more than 17.2 million leases and sales contracts in all 50 states. Those cars, SUVs and light pickups came with an average price of more than $36,000 -- no small sum, when you consider median household income is well under double that amount.

The truly intriguing part of American car culture isn't the huge amount buyers are willing to invest in their cars however -- it's the fact that with so many manufacturers and models to choose from, a select few dominate U.S. sales. For example, the Ford F-150 pickup is the most popular vehicle by far in the vast majority of central states, while buyers on both coasts generally end up buying one of a few compact SUVs or sedans. In fact, a 2017 list of the best-selling vehicles in all 50 states includes only 12 makes and models, proving that buyers like to stick with what's popular when it comes to cars.

So while you're cruising past these common cars and trucks each day, do you think you're paying enough attention to identify these vehicles from a single image? Take our quiz to find out!

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