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By: Teresa McGlothlin

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Jewelry is more than just a pretty face! There's a world of knowledge to be found behind the counter of your favorite jewelry store, and we want to see how much you know. Are you as jewelry savvy as you think you are, or are you already an expert? Once you answer these challenging questions, you could apply for a job as a jewelry maker. 

Did you know that cameos date back to ancient Egypt or that there's a recently discovered stone poised to knock diamonds out of their top slot? Throughout this quiz, we're going to put what you know and what you think you know about jewelry, gems and metals. After you get through them, you'll be able to add a few more IQ points to your already impressive score. 

From Figaro chains to herringbone bracelets, there's nothing about jewelry that isn't completely fascinating. As you go through each question, try to choose the option that you feel best answers our question. Even if you're not certain, you should be able to pick out the correct response logically. Will your jewelry IQ be as high as you think, or are you about to go to jewelry school? Let's find out!

If you wanted to adorn yourself with May's gemstone, which one would you buy?

Because of their density, an emerald will always look bigger than a diamond of the same size. If you know that emeralds are a member of the beryl family, like morganite and aquamarine, your jewelry IQ is already pretty high!


Are you able to correctly identify the cut of diamond you see here?

Sometimes, the marquise cut is called the football-shaped cut. Its history dates back further than the gridiron, though. The marquise cut dates back to King Louis XV. He wanted to impress his mistress with a diamond cut that mimicked the shape of her lips.


You know your stuff if you know that most pendants are attached to necklaces using which of type of finding?

Pendants are usually attached to chains using jump rings, but jump rings have other uses too. Jump rings are designed to be used without soldering or additional wire, and they're also used to make decorative chains and articles of chain-mail clothing.


Okay, jewelry nerds. In order to make rose gold, what element needs to be added?

Rose gold comes in every shade between red and pink. The unique hue is made when gold is mixed with copper, making what jewelers call an alloy. The more copper in the allow mixture, the redder the rose gold will be.


Many jewelry enthusiasts know that the gemstone seen here is said to calm its wearer. Can you name it?

Amethyst is considered the most expensive of the gems found in the quartz family, but some find it more valuable than its monetary cost. The purple-hued stone is used to balance the crown chakra by holistic practitioners.


What well-known name is given to this gem? It's one of the world's most famous.

Weighing in at 45.55 carats, the Hope Diamond is considered the largest blue diamond on record. Legend says that the diamond was stolen from a sacred idol in India before it was cursed.


You probably already know this, but which one of these gemstones has a name that comes from pomegranates?

Garnet is the gemstone said to be the perfect gift for those celebrating their second wedding anniversary. The reddish-purple stone's name comes from the Latin word "Garanatus," which refers to the color found surrounding pomegranate seeds.


Do you know the name of this tool that jewelers use to measure ring size? Try not to overthink it!

When you visit a jewelry store to purchase a ring, there's a good chance your jeweler will pull out a ring gauge. Each ring on the ring gauge represents a ring size and will help you find your true fit. Many people use a special measuring tape, but the ring gauge is the industry standard.


Those with expensive taste and jewelry knowledge might have a ring made from which metal in this photo?

One ounce of platinum costs $860, but one ounce of rhodium can cost up to $5,000! It's used more often than you think, though. Rings made from white gold or platinum are usually coated with rhodium. It helps both metals keep their silvery luster.


Can you name the type of chain that jewelers frequently use to make chokers?

There are two easy ways to recognize an omega chain. Their individual segments are joined together in a way that makes them lay flat, and they are never longer than 20 inches. They are the preferred chain type for those who love wearing chokers.


Jewelry-savvy folks know that this black gemstone is said to repel negative energy. Which one is it?

Onyx doesn't have to be solid black. A type of onyx called sardonyx comes with white, red or tan stripes. Sharp jewelry buyers know that most of today's onyx has been treated to intensify the dark black color it is commonly associated with.


What sort of price did Prince Harry pay for Meghan's cushion diamond engagement ring?

For only $350,000, Prince Harry custom-designed the stunning engagement ring he presented to Meghan Markle. The cushion set consists of three diamonds. The large diamond in the center is surrounded by two diamond from Princess Diana's personal collection.


In French, the name of this gemstone means "lemon." Which gemstone is it?

Citrine might mean "lemon" in French, but it means a lot more to spiritual practitioners. They consider citrine to harvest the sun's energy, and they believe that it can be used to increase willpower.


You couldn't wear jewelry without clasps to fasten them. Which type of clasp do you see here?

Lobster clasps, or bocklebee clasps, were created by a professor in 1959. However, it wasn't patented until 1976. A little spring mechanism keeps the clasp shut until you pull it back. You probably already knew that, though, didn't you?


Put on your thinking cap! When it comes to stones, what does the Mohs scale measure?

Diamonds sit at the top of the Mohs scale with a measurement of 10. Other things can be measured by the Mohs scale too. Regular window glass has a hardness of 5.5 on the Mohs scale.


This kind of piercing is said to help relieve migraines. What is it?

Daith piercings look adorable, but they also help those that suffer from migraines. Though there's no proven science, wearers swear that having the innermost fold of cartilage pierced does the trick.


10K gold or 24K gold: Which one is stronger and holds up better under pressure?

Gold is one of the softest metals, and karats are used to measure its purity. The higher the number, the less gold has been combined with other metals. In this case, 10K gold is far stronger than pieces made from 24K gold.


Tell us which month gets to claim opal and tourmaline as its birthstones?

October gets to claim opal and tourmaline. According to the American Gem Society, gemstones date all the way back to the 12 tribes of Israel, when 12 gems were placed on a special piece of armor.


Where would you need to travel to buy an aquamarine directly from a local?

Aquamarines can be found from the United States to Nigeria, but they are primarily mined in Brazil. An aquamarine weighing 55,000 carats was unearthed there in 1910. To date, it's the world's largest.


On average, how many inches in length are most men's bracelets?

On average, men's bracelets are 8 inches long, but they can be found measuring anywhere from 7.5 inches to 9 inches. At a standard of 7 inches, women's bracelets are commonly made a little smaller.


You already know that diamonds are the hardest gemstone, but what's the next hardest?

Corundum is the mineral that we commonly know as sapphire. Diamonds fall at a 10 on the Mohs hardness scale, but sapphires are a close second measuring at a solid 9. Emeralds are the next in line at 7.5 to 8.


What's the name of this famous gem? It weighs in at 24.78 carats.

You would have to shell out at least $46 million to get your hands on the Graff Pink. Once it was owned by world-renowned jeweler Harry Winston, but it was purchased by the founder of Graff Diamonds at auction in 2010.


Channel your fashion sense and tell us where a brooch should never be worn?

Brooches were at the height of popularity during Victorian times, but you can still wear them now. Fashion experts say that it's perfectly fine to wear a brooch on either label or in the middle of your collar. They should never be worn in the middle of your blouse or dress, though.


What name is given to this material created by mollusks as an inner shell and used in decorative jewelry?

Nacre, or mother of pearl, is the shiny hard coating found on the outer layer of a pearl. Mother of pearl is strong, and its iridescent qualities make it perfect for decorative or intricate pieces.


Which one of these stones is the astrological birthstone for Pisces?

Like each of the months, each of the astrological signs has a birthstone too. The heliotrope known as bloodstone is the gem for those born under the sign of Pisces. It's said to help align the lower chakras and to alleviate anxiety.


On the birthstone chart, blue topaz is usually associated with which winter month?

Zircon is December's official birthstone, but there are others that get to share the fame. Turquoise, tanzanite and blue topaz are also associated with it. November gets to claim its sister stone — the yellow topaz.


More modern wedding bands are made from the element seen here. What is it?

Titanium is more than just a Sia song! Titanium, Ti on the periodic table, is highly resistant to scratching or corrosion. When mixed with other metals, it becomes one of the strongest metals. It's the perfect choice for ring wearers who are always on the go.


This type of chain is identified by its pattern. Do you know what kind it is?

Figaro-style chains are easy to recognize. They are made when a pattern containing one long link is connected to three smaller links. If you were to purchase a 14K gold Figaro chain, it would cost you around $100.


You would have to go to Hawaii to find shells to make what sort of necklace seen here?

Puka shells wash up on the shores of Hawaii already tumbled by nature. They start off as a type of cone shell and become worn down by the surf. Puka shells symbolize good intentions, and they are frequently given to boost someone's luck.


You know this! Can you pick out the right name for this raised-relief style of pendant?

Cameos date all the way back to ancient Egypt. More expensive cameos are carved from shell, but reproductions can be found made from all sort of materials, like plastic. Cameos are known as raised-relief carvings, and they usually feature a person or a small scene.


Do you know the name of this headpiece that's sometimes called an open crown?

Different from tiaras or diadems, circlets lack the height of other crown types. Circlets usually have one center jewel, and their delicate appearance makes them perfect for any formal occasion.


Their inflexible nature sets them apart from other types of bracelets. What sort of bracelet do you see here?

Unlike other styles of bracelets, bangles are at least 8 inches in diameter. They are unable to flex and move, and they lack clasps. Bangles are worn by slipping them over the hand and onto the wrist.


Your jewelry IQ is high if you know this! What name is given to the sort of jewelry in this photo?

When you wear a tie bar, it should be placed near the fourth button on your shirt. Tie bars look great, but they serve a practical function. They help ties stay in place so you never have to worry about finding it in your coffee!


When you first have your ears pierced, what type of earring is used?

Stud earrings are the type of earrings worn after you first have your ears pierced. They are small with a sharp end that makes piercing through the earlobe easy. Once the ears have healed, other types of earrings can be worn.


During medieval times, these were worn on women's heads. Do you know which name is right?

Often attached to skirts or belts by their large hoops now, temple rings once adored each of side of a medieval woman's head. Usually placed on the side of a head wrap, temple rings are still found in many cultures.


Out of these areas, which area is the least painful to have pierced?

While it's impossible to get a piercing without some level of pain, the ear lobe is the least sensitive place to pierce. There are nerves in your earlobe, but they are not as touchy as the nerves found in other parts of the body.


Which one of these pieces of jewelry is known as the world's most expensive necklace?

With diamonds that have a total weight of 637 carats, the L'Incomparable diamond necklace is the world's most expensive. The last known selling price of the necklace comes in at a whopping $55 million!


Replay the movie in your head. "Titanic" featured which one of these fictional necklaces?

In the 1997 box-office hit "Titanic," Brock Lovett scours the sinking ship for the Heart of the Ocean necklace. Though the necklace is fictional, many fans wanted to believe it was real.


The Romans most commonly made jewelry out of which material?

Ancient Romans were more advanced than a lot of cultures, but they were still primitive compared to human life now. Their tools were best suited to make jewelry from bronze. It was the most popular metal of the time, but gold was used in rare instances and for royalty.


Can you name this stone that is often confused for a diamond?

Moissanite is poised to give diamonds a run for their money. Moissanite sits at a 9.5 on the Mohs hardness scale, and it's becoming a popular substitute for those who want to avoid the diamond trade.


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