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How Well Do You Know American Slang?
Hold your horses. You don't need a rain check! While the English language is probably difficult enough, but when it comes to slang, America has most places beat! From holding your horses to hitting the books, how well do you know American Slang?
If You're a Real New Yorker, You'll Get at Least 24/35 of These Questions Right
Welcome to the city that never sleeps! New York City is not only the biggest city in the United States, it's also one of the biggest in the world. From the subway to Central Park​, only a real New Yorker could get at least 24/35 on this quiz! Can you?
Can You Ace This Presidential Trivia Quiz?
The American presidency is the most powerful job in the world, but not everyone who has held it lived up to the prestige and the influence of the position. From the sublime to the ridiculous, how well do you know these leads?
Fact or Fiction: World Capitals Edition
How much do you know about the capitals of the world? There are a lot of fascinating facts out there, but also plenty of factoids and nonsense. Can you tell them apart?
Assassinated, Beheaded or Natural Causes: Do You Remember How These Famous Figures Died?
People die all the time, but the circumstances of their deaths vary and when you are a celebrity, politician or religious figure, it tends to make headlines. Can you guess whether these people were assassinated, beheaded or died of natural causes? Take this quiz to find out!
Only 1 in 21 People Know In Which European Country These Cities Are Located In. Do You?
With so many European cities, it can be hard to keep track in which countries they are located. If you think that you can identify them correctly, then you should try this quiz!
Can You Name All of These Iconic Women Throughout History?
From Wales to Hollywood, from political activism to philanthropy, think you have what it takes to recognize these famous women of history? Take this quiz now to find out!
Only 1 in 28 People Know Where All of These Historic Figures Are From. Do You?
We all know what makes each of thee historical figures famous or infamous but do you know where they are from? Let's see if you can handle this quiz that tests your knowledge of history and geography!
Who Am I? Countries Edition
How well acquainted are you with the world? Every nation has a unique character, a culture, a way of life. At a glance, can you parse out which one is which?
Can You Name All The State Capitals in 7 Minutes?
This quiz will take you back to your grammar-school days, when you had to learn something you thought you'd probably never have to use. But if knowing all the state capitals is a point of pride for you, show off your stuff now! (You're on the honor system about timing yourself, though).
Can You Match These "A" Cities to The Right Country?
"A" is for Ankara! Or is it Amsterdam! There are thousands of cities across the world, but you could probably only name a few that begin with the letter "A." Today, we're traveling through all the continents. Can you match these "A" cities to the right country?
Can You Answer These Geography Questions that Everyone Gets Wrong?
Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego? Today we're traveling the world for some of the hardest geography questions that everyone gets wrong. From the capital of Turkey to the world's longest river, can you pass this quiz?
Name That State!
Delaware, Alaska, California, New York. From the first and last to the smallest and largest, the United States is made up of 50 states. Can you name them when given a clue? Let's find out!
84% of People Can't Identify These International Monuments from a Single Image. Can You?
Some of the world's most beautiful landmarks come in the form of a monument. Think you can name all of these from just one image? Hop aboard and try your luck now!
Can You Match the Queen to Her King?
The queens in this quiz were powerful in their own right, but can you name them from a picture of their husbands? Take this quiz to find out how much you know about royal relationships.
Can We Guess Which State You Were Born In?
Beyond the sports teams you cheer for and your go-to comfort food, we've got a whole list of distinguishing features that vary from state to state. Let's see if where you were born has had a noticeable impact on who you've become.
Can We Guess What Country You Were Born in Based on Your General Knowledge?
Step right up and place your bets! Based on your vast general knowledge, this quiz is going to tell us what country you were born in. Can we get it right?
This "Yes or No" Quiz Will Reveal if You're Actually Canadian
It's the only other English-speaking country in North America and it has a reputation for being the nicest, albeit coldest, nation on the continent. Let's find out if you belong there!
How Italian Are You?
Buongiorno quizzers! Italy is the land of pasta, Catholicism, friendly families, Tuscan farmland, and the beautiful Alps. It's time to find out how much you belong there!
How Irish Are You?
Everyone wants to be Irish on St. Patrick's Day, but how connected to the spirit of the Emerald Isle are you the rest of the year? If you've never tried a Guinness and it's rare for you to drink tea, we're already having some doubts.