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Someone (in fact, many "someones" over the years) once said that sports is a universal language we all speak. We may disagree on politics (in fact, let's not go there at all), music, food, clothes or hairstyles, but sports. Sports, man, it brings us together. 

President George W. Bush strode out to the pitcher's mound at Yankees Stadium amid a deafening chant of "USA! USA! USA!" from Yankees and Diamondbacks fans alike, to throw out the game's first pitch. Penn State regularly gets its 106,572 football fans to coordinate in white apparel for "White Outs." Even fans of the Toronto Maple Leafs stepped in to finish the U.S. national anthem when technical difficulties cut out the singer's microphone.

From the West Coast to the East Coast and everywhere in between, sports is the one thing that bonds us—regardless of our age, race, gender or nationality. And, what's cool about it is that each state has its own teams and its own home court/field/arena vibe! It's the "language" that each state speaks whether you're in rural Iowa or downtown Los Angeles. 

So, now the challenge is, can you pinpoint which teams belong in which state? Where would you put the Panthers, Marlins and Seminoles? How about the Patriots, Red Sox and Bruins? See if you speak a national sports language by matching these team logos to their location!

They've got the Clippers, the Chargers and the Cardinal. What state are we talking about?

California is home to an overwhelming number of both professional and collegiate sports teams, including the NBA's Los Angeles Clippers, the Los Angeles Chargers and the Stanford Cardinal.


Which state is home to the Yankees, the Rangers and the Giants?

At last count, there were at least three dozen sports teams that call the Big Apple home including the New York Yankees and the New York Giants, as well as the New York Rangers of the NHL.


The Eagles, Steelers and Pirates all call this U.S. Commonwealth home. Where are they located?

At least two big sports towns exist in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, with Philadelphia boasting teams like the Eagles, Phillies and 76ers while Pittsburgh boasts the Steelers, Pirates and Penguins.


Which state can find you in the Music City for the Titans, in Memphis for the Grizzlies or singing "Rocky Top" for the Volunteers?

Tennessee is loaded with sports teams, from one end of the state to the other! You can celebrate the Titans in Nashville, check out the Grizzlies in Memphis or singing along with 102,000 of your closest friends at the University of Tennessee's Neyland Stadium.


Love sports? Travel to this state to see the Rockies, the Nuggets or the Broncos. Where are you?

Colorado's elevation above sea level can do a number on athletes and their endurance. Just ask members of Major League Baseball's Rockies, the NBA's Nuggets or the NFL's Denver Broncos.


In which state would you find the Patriots, the Eagles and the Celtics?

Massachusetts has Boston to thank for many of its sports team, including the Patriots, Red Sox and Celtics, but don't forget the little guys! The Boston College Eagles and other universities call Massachusetts home too.


Which state will have you chanting "Boomer Sooner," "OKC!" and "Golden Hurricane?"

Oklahomans are fiercely loyal to their sports team including the University of Oklahoma Sooners and the University of Tulsa Golden Hurricane, as well as the professional basketball team Oklahoma City Thunder.


You'll find Bengals fans, Cavaliers fans and Buckeyes fans (mostly) co-existing in peace in which of these states?

Ohio plays host to a bevy of sports teams in each of the state's four corners, including pro teams the Bengals, Browns and Cavaliers and universities from Ohio State to Ohio University.


Lions ... Tigers ... and Wolverines? Which of these states is just one team short of the "Wizard of Oz" trio?

It's true that Michigan is home to the Detroit Lions and the Detroit Tigers, but unfortunately there are no Detroit Bears to cheer for. There is the University of Michigan's Wolverines, though.


The Cowboys, Astros and Stars all use a symbol from this state's flag in their logos. What state is it?

Texans appreciate their "Lone Star State" nickname, transferring that single star that appears on its state flag to many of its sports teams logos, including the NFL's Cowboys, MLB's Astros and the NHL's Stars.


Fans in this state are likely to support the Mariners, Seahawks and Huskies. Where are they?

Washington (the state, not the U.S. capital) is home to Seattle-based teams including the Seahawks and the Mariners. The University of Washington Huskies also call the "Emerald City" home.


"Diamondbacks" and "Coyotes" bake in the "Suns" of this western U.S. state. Where is it?

Several professional and collegiate teams play ball inside Arizona's borders, including the Diamondbacks pro baseball team, the Coyotes pro hockey team and the Phoenix Suns NBA team.


The Panthers rule the pro football world in this state, but the Tarheels and Blue Devils fight for basketball supremacy. Where are we?

North Carolinians enjoy the Panthers pro team, but allegiances are split between the University of North Carolina Tarheels and the Duke Blue Devils, making for a heated in-state rivalry.


Any given Saturday, you could watch the Tigers or Gamecocks play in this state, also home to the Chanticleers. What state is it?

South Carolina is a hotbed of collegiate sports fever, with two large state schools in the University of South Carolina and Clemson University. But, don't forget about the smaller guys, too, such as the Coastal Carolina Chanticleers in sunny Myrtle Beach.


Basketball reigns supreme in this state, where the Pacers and Hoosiers play. But, Sundays are for the Colts. What state is it?

Indiana has been basketball territory for years, with the Hoosiers the subject of a popular movie in the 1980s and the NBA's Pacers. Football has its place, too, on Sunday with the NFL's Indianapolis Colts.


Sunshine isn't the only thing this state has going for it. You can check out the Buccaneers, Marlins or Panthers while you're on vacation. Where is it?

Florida has nearly 50 sports teams by last count, including 10 professional teams such as the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Miami Marlins and Florida Panthers, football, baseball and hockey teams, respectively.


Da Bears! Da Cubs! Da Bulls! What state boasts all three of these franchises?

Popularized as "Da Bears" on late-night television show, "Saturday Night Live," the Chicago Bears, as well as the Cubs and Bulls play their home games in the State of Illinois – Chicago, specifically.


This state has never had a pro team, but it does have the Razorbacks, Muleriders and Travelers to fill its time. What state is it?

Without a professional team to cheer for, Arkansans lean heavily on their college sports teams, including the University of Arkansas Razorbacks and the Southern Arkansas Muleriders. The Arkansas Travelers are a minor league baseball team based in North Little Rock.


This state is all about Wildcats and Cardinals basketball, but the Murray State Racers make their own noise. Where are we?

You don't have to travel far inside Kentucky's borders to see someone sporting a University of Kentucky or University of Louisville sweatshirt. But, the Murray State Racers in the western part of the state have their own loyal fanbase.


The Saints, the Pelicans and the occasional "Geaux Tigers!": Where are these squads located?

Louisiana has a rich sporting history that includes the NFL's New Orleans Saints and the SEC's Louisiana State University Tigers, better known by college sports fans as LSU. The Pelicans are a recent NBA addition to the state, starting in 2014.


The Shockers, the Wildcats and the Jayhawks dominate the sports landscape of this state. Where is it?

Kansas is a college sports paradise for certain, with fans rabid over their Kansas Jayhawks, Kansas State Wildcats and Wichita State Shockers. The state also has minor league and junior teams in baseball and hockey.


One town has the Ravens and the Orioles while another has the Terrapins. What state has them all?

Maryland's biggest city, Baltimore, is home to the state's NFL and MLB teams, the Ravens and the Orioles. The University of Maryland Terrapins aren't too far away in College Park.


In this state, you can be a Falcons fan, a Bulldogs fan, a Braves fan ... or a fan of all three! Where are we?

Thanks to its capital city, Atlanta, Georgia has a plethora of teams to cheer for including the Braves, Falcons and Hawks. But, don't discount collegiate teams! The Bulldogs of the University of Georgia are a big deal here too.


In which state could you find the Rebels, the Bulldogs and the Shuckers?

The two biggest state schools in Mississippi are the University of Mississippi Rebels and the Mississippi State Bulldogs. But, you can also check out the minor league baseball team Biloxi Shuckers while you're in town.


Don't be "Blue!" This state has the Chiefs and Royals in addition to the Blues. Where is it?

Missouri is home to the Kansas City Chiefs and Royals and the St. Louis Cardinals and Blues. And, that's before we get into the collegiate teams like the University of Missouri Tigers.


Which of these states has a team in each professional sports league, including the Twins, Timberwolves and Vikings. Where is it?

Minnesota has one team in each of the five professional organizations, including the Twins (MLB), Vikings (NFL) and Timberwolves (NBA), as well as the Wild (NHL) and the United (MLS).


The Timbers, the Trail Blazers and the Ducks call which of these states home?

Portland, Oregon, is home to the Trail Blazers and the Timbers, while you can travel about one hundred miles south to check out the University of Oregon's Ducks. The University of Oregon is the alma mater of Nike's two co-founders.


This state doesn't have a pro team, but it is home to the Hokies, the Rams and the Cavaliers. What state is it?

Yes, Virginia, there are collegiate sports teams for you to cheer for in this state, such as the Hokies of Virginia Tech, the Cavaliers of the University of Virginia and the VCU Rams.


There's more to this state than being a cheesehead, although you can root for the Packers as well as the Bucks and Brewers here. Where are we?

Wisconsin is home to the Green Bay Packers, as well as Bucks and Brewers which are both in Milwaukee. Sports fans here also love their University of Wisconsin Badgers - appropriate for the Badger State.


The Mountain State is home to the Thundering Herd, the Nailers and – appropriately – the Mountaineers. What state are we talking about?

Though West Virginia doesn't have any professional sports teams, its residents enjoy supporting Marshall and West Virginia Universities, the state's largest public institutions. The Nailers are a hockey team based in Wheeling, an affiliate of the Penguins in Pittsburgh.


Which of these states boasts the Hawkeyes, the Cyclones and the Wild?

Iowa is a big college sports state, with fans divided in their loyalties to the University of Iowa's Hawkeyes and Iowa State University's Cyclones. The Iowa Wild is a hockey team affiliated with the NFL franchise Minnesota Wild.


The Cornhuskers are the big attraction in this state, which is also home to the Saltdogs and ... the Beef? Where are we?

Nebraska's Cornhusker State nickname was borrowed from the University of Nebraska's Cornhuskers, a big attraction in this Midwestern state. The Saltdogs in Lincoln are a member of the American Association of Independent Professional Baseball and the Beef (in Omaha) is an indoor football team.


In which state would you find the Cowboys, the Calvary and the Stampede?

Wyoming doesn't have a ton of sports teams to cheer for, but the University of Wyoming's Cowboys is a big one. The Cheyenne Stampede, a junior hockey team, and the Calvary, an indoor football team, help fill the athletic gaps.


The United, the Lobos and the Asylum? Which U.S. state boasts these three creatively-named teams?

The state of New Mexico has professional soccer teams in the United and the Albuquerque Asylum, but it's the Lobos of the University of New Mexico that are likely the state's biggest draw.


This state's soccer team, Real Salt Lake, might give away its state. Where can you also find the Jazz and the Utes?

Utah is home to two professional sports teams in its Real Salt Lake soccer team and Utah Jazz of the NBA – its primary professional sports franchise. The University of Utah's Utes are a favorite collegiate program.


The Golden Knights and the Lights are already here. Which state will become home to the Raiders as early as 2020?

Nevada is already home to the professional ice hockey team, the Golden Knights, and the Lights, a professional soccer team. As early as 2020, they will become the home state of the current Oakland Raiders.


Bulldogs, Sun and ... Yard Goats? In which state would you find these three teams?

Connecticut lays claim to the Ivy League's Yale Bulldogs and the WNBA's Connecticut Sun. The Hartford Yard Goats, one of the more creative nicknames we encountered in this quiz, are a minor league baseball team.


Be careful with these teams! Which state has the Grizzlies, the Bobcats and the Mustangs?

Montana's sports team pay homage to its geography and wildlife, with the University of Montana's Grizzlies, the Montana State Bobcats and the Billings Mustangs, a minor league baseball team.


In which state would you find the Red Bulls, the Devils and the Princeton Tigers?

Small in size, but big on spirit – that's New Jersey sports fans in a nutshell. New Jersey is home to the National Hockey League's Devils, the Princeton University Tigers and the Red Bulls soccer team. Even though the Red Bulls are known as the New York Red Bulls, the team is based in Harrison, N.J.


Fighting Hawks, Bison and Force. What state are these teams located in?

North Dakotans support their local universities, including the University of North Dakota's Fighting Hawks and the North Dakota State University Bison. The Fargo Force is the state's junior ice hockey team.


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