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Every educated executive enjoys engaged employees! ... Say what? Sure, that's probably true, but the purpose of that statement has nothing to do with education, executives OR employees! Did you notice that every word in that sentence begins with the fifth letter of the alphabet? The ever-popular "E" contributes to an enormity (see what we did there?) of the words we use in everyday language. That's true whether you're using English or are more proficient in other languages, such as French, German or even Spanish. The letter "E," taken in order of the A-to-Z alphabet also pops up as the second vowel, behind the letter "A." Are you curious as to what the longest word in the English language is that doesn't use the letter? Try "floccinaucinihilipilification" on for size. That would be a great piece of trivia to impress your friends if you can figure out how to pronounce it!

See how eloquent or egregious your vocabulary is by putting it to the test with this quiz equipped with a variety of words that begin with "E." From understanding what you can use if your skin is a little dry to figuring out what someone might call you if you're more of a party animal than a wallflower, this quiz will put your vocabulary skills to the test. What are you waiting for Enjoy!

If you are well-spoken, someone might call you which of these?

Someone who can clearly express or explain themselves might be referred to as an eloquent speaker. Martin Luther King Jr. is often referred to as an eloquent speaker and is still remembered today for his "I Have a Dream" speech.


Which of these words is commonly associated with horseback riding?

Merriam-Webster traces the origin of word "equestrian" back to the Latin word for horse - equus. Today's equestrians don't do it just for sport; they believe in honoring the longstanding relationship between a rider and their horse.


Which word means that you want to speed something up?

Have you ever shopped online? If so, you know that a company may expedite, or speed up the shipping on your order, if you pay an additional fee. When anything is expedited, it moves more quickly than normal.


If you consider yourself outgoing, someone might call you this.

Extroverts are people who are considered outgoing or the life of a party. Their opposite is an introvert, someone who likes to keep to themselves. Politicians like Bill Clinton are often considered to be extroverts while religious leaders, like Gandhi,​ would be considered introverted.


Which of these words represents freedom or being set free?

The end of the Civil War brought about freedom, or emancipation, for those in slavery. Then President Abraham Lincoln even issued an Emancipation Proclamation to declare freedom for those enslaved.


A criminal who is difficult to capture might be described by using this word.

An elusive criminal is one that law enforcement has difficulty finding or capturing. The FBI creates its Most Wanted lists to enlist help from the public in locating hard-to-find and elusive suspects.


If you had to make a purchase, you might call it this.

An expenditure is a purchase made where spending money is involved. One of the largest expenditures you can make is financing a new car or buying your first house. Expenditures can also represent categories in a household budget.


This word is used to describe an individual who starts his or her own business.

Entrepreneurs are individuals who launch their own business. Henry Ford, who started Ford Motor Company, was an entrepreneur in the automotive industry. Steve Jobs, who founded Apple, was an entrepreneur who started his business in a garage.


Something written on a tombstone is called this.

Epitaphs are sayings written in memory of an individual, such as words included on a tombstone. Famous funnyman Rodney Dangerfield's tombstone epitaph reads, "There goes the neighborhood."


Which of these words describes something exceedingly beautiful?

Something that is exceedingly beautiful may be described as exquisite. Celebrities often wear exquisite dresses made by famous designers to popular awards ceremonies, with photos of the creations appearing in popular magazines.


Which of these words represents a state of two opposing forces being properly balanced?

Equilibrium represents a balance between two contrasting forces. A scale where each side weighs the same has balanced equilibrium. An individual's equilibrium may be compromised by an inner ear infection, causing them to become dizzy.


Which of these words represents something used to soften the skin?

An emollient is a type of topical oil, cream or moisturizer that can be used to soften the skin. An ointment sold under the brand name Vaseline has been used by millions for the past 140 years to soften dry skin.


This is a type of snail that people may order in a restaurant.

Escargot, a delicacy for many, are land snails frequently cooked and eaten as an appetizer. This delicacy is particularly popular in France or in restaurants that feature French cuisine.


Which of these words means you're trying to copy someone?

Many people try to emulate, or imitate, the makeup, clothing and hairstyles of celebrities. One of the most emulated celebrity hairstyles of all time was Jennifer Aniston's haircut when she was on "Friends."


What word means a sudden perception or insight?

Sarah had an epiphany, or enlightenment, about her career while standing in line at the grocery store. She had a sudden realization about how she needed to handle an important project.


This word concerns something inside the eye.

Entoptic phenomena are visual sensations that involve components inside the eye. They differ from optical illusions where you see things differently because of the brain's interpretation of what is being seen. Entoptic phenomena, on the other hand, come from the eye itself.


Which of these words means someone was cleared of any wrongdoing?

When a criminal is exonerated of all crimes, it means he is relieved of the accusations made against him. New technology today has helped to exonerate many individuals who were previously imprisoned, thanks in part to advances in DNA testing.


This word means that you are really happy or excited about something.

The little girl was euphoric about going to Walt Disney World for the first time. You may also be euphoric about others things, such as an upcoming vacation, getting a raise, having a baby or winning the lottery.


Which of these words means to pronounce things clearly?

The teacher asked the student to enunciate his words more clearly in the speech he was delivering to the class. The way he was speaking was making it difficult for others to understand him.


Which of these words describes a fizzy or bubbly beverage?

Effervescent beverages, like soda and carbonated water, have bubbly or fizzy properties. New appliances, like the SodaStream, allow people to make their own effervescent sodas and waters at home.


Which of these words represents a "fear of one's home"?

Ecophobia afflicts people who fear their own home or surroundings. Rising global temperatures, the use of pesticides and deforestation leave many people fearful of what's happening in the world around them.


Which of these words represents a type of flag flown on a ship?

An ensign is a flag flown on a ship, particularly naval watercraft, which also represents nationality. U.S. Navy ships carry an ensign of the American flag to demonstrate the country that owns the ship.


Which of these words mean "to make things worse"?

Frank's asthma was exacerbated by the 10-mile hike he went on through Yellowstone National park with his friends. An exacerbation of Frank's condition might include irritated airways and difficulty breathing.


This word represents the exchanging of one phrase, usually an offensive one, for one that means the same but is more appropriate.

A euphemism such as, "He's between jobs," may be substituted for, "He's unemployed," because it's less hurtful or offensive. Another popular euphemism is used when pets are "put to sleep" rather than "euthanized."


This word means to exceed what is considered reasonable or moderate.

Her rent for her apartment at the beach was exorbitant, so she started looking for a cheaper place to live. An exorbitant price on something means it is unreasonably high or higher than normal.


Which of these words means you're counting things out one by one?

The judge enumerated, or named one by one, ​the charges against the man who broke into the house. Afterward, the suspect's attorney enumerated, or listed, the reasons his client was not guilty.


If you're living outside your home country, you are considered one of these.

Famous American writer F. Scott Fitzgerald, who penned "The Great Gatsby," was an expatriate who lived in France. He once famously said, "The American in Paris is the best American."


If you're trying to avoid something, which of these would best describe your action?

Eschewing something, like a responsibility you don't really want or something that conflicts with your faith, means you're steering clear of it. If you are a pescatarian, you would eschew eating meat and would eat fish instead.


If you are captivated by something, you might describe yourself as being this.

Some people are enthralled, or captivated, at seeing the Grand Canyon for the first time. You might also say they were mesmerized viewing the Seven Wonders of the World in person.


Which of these words is a type of speech with little or no preparation?

Speaking extemporaneously means the speaker has had little to no time to prepare. These types of speeches are often impromptu. Many high schools and colleges today offer speech competitions where students can test their extemporaneous speaking abilities.


If your behavior is bad, someone might use this word to describe it.

Egregious behavior is behavior that is especially bad or flagrant. In the workplace, egregious behavior might include an employee embezzling, or stealing, money. When behavior is egregious, discipline usually follows.


Which of these words means that something is difficult to explain?

Historians are still baffled by how the pyramids in ancient Egypt, which cover more than 13 acres of land, were built by human hands. Their history might be described as an enigma.


This word represents the study of people and their work environments.

Ergonomics is the study of human beings in the workplace. You may frequently hear this referred to in designing safe and functional work spaces. Many companies focus on ergonomic work spaces for employees to help prevent injuries like carpal tunnel syndrome.


Which of these words would be a good descriptor for someone who is really smart?

An erudite college professor is one who holds many degrees or much understanding. A person who is considered an erudite in a particular field has studied and researched that field extensively.


Which of these words means to strongly urge or officially order someone to do something?

The physical therapist enjoined exercise for the patient. He or she ordered the patient to complete therapy after surgery. Another doctor may enjoin the same patient to take an antibiotic to prevent infections.


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