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Do you know your monk strap shoes from your Mary Janes? Research has shown that the collection lover portion of our brains lights up when we are shown pictures of shoes. As you go through this quiz, you'll be beaming! We've assembled a collection of 40 different shoes to put your shoe game to the test, but how many of them can you name? 

For any shoe lover, shoes are more than just protection for your feet. Shoes are the last piece you need to create a killer outfit and to make the right impression. As you read each question, take a good look at the shoes we're showing you. Do you know enough to get all 40 questions right, or will you need to head to the nearest shoe store for a refresher course? 

After you see our collection, you'll want to order a few dozen more pairs. First, you'll need to prove that your shoe trivia is superior to that of all other shoe fanatics, though. From Wellington boots to Yeezys, shoe trivia and shoe styles are as fascinating as the way that you wear them. Will you be able to get as many right as you think you will? You'll have to keep scrolling to find out!

When T-Pain sings about "boots with the fur," what kind of boots is he describing?

UGGs are the type of boots that T-Pain mentions in his "Apple Bottom Jeans" song. Since 1978, the Deckers Outdoor Corporation has been producing fur-lined boots, bags and other fashion necessities.


Every shoe store has one. What does the Brannock Device measure?

Created by Charles Brannock in 1925, the Brannock Device is used to determine shoe size. You can find one in any shoe store and use it to measure both the width and length of your feet.


What's the name of these semitransparent shoes from the '80s?

Jelly shoes are made from PVC plastic. They were the rage in the '80s, and they are making a comeback. You can find them in nearly every color and style. You can even get them with glitter!


Which designer is known for his red-soled shoes?

Christian Louboutin started off as a designer's assistant, but he felt compelled to open his own Paris shop. After a lot of trial and error, his patented red lacquered soles became a favorite of the hottest celebrities.


What name is given to these girls' and women's shoes that have a strap across the top?

The Brown Shoe Company in St. Louis, Missouri, had a line of shoes for boys named Buster Browns, but they needed a companion line for the girls. The Mary Jane shoe was created and named after the female character they invented to be Buster Brown's new best friend.


Can you name the brand of shoe that became popular streetwear in the '90s?

Martens was founded in 1901. The English brand was popular for its line of work boots, but they became fashionable during the '70s, '80s and especially the '90s, when the grunge scene hit. Today, they are making more styles of shoes than ever before.


Which name is given to this shiny type of leather shoe?

Extra shiny leather shoes are called patent leather shoes. When it was invented in 1818, the leather was polished with natural wax until a glossy sheen was achieved. More modern patent leather shoes are usually made with a plastic coating.


This type of shoe shares its name with a famous university. What is it?

Oxfords are identifiable by their closed lacing, with a seam below the laces. Originally men's dress shoes, Oxfords have evolved into several types of footwear, including running shoes and women's versions.


Which elegant actress made loafers fashionable in the film "Funny Face?"

During 1957's "Funny Face," Audrey Hepburn was filmed wearing a pair of black Salvatore Ferragamo loafers. By pairing these shoes with leggings and a black turtleneck, you could easily recreate the look.


Sperry is known for creating what type of nautical shoe, seen here?

In 1935, Paul Sperry noticed how the spaces on his dog's paws gave it traction on slippery surfaces. At that moment, he carved grooves into the soles of his shoes, and the Sperry Top-Sider brand of boat shoes was born.


Instead of laces, some running shoes have what kind of straps?

Velcro shoes have come a long way since the sticky stuff began replacing ties on lace-up shoes. Velcro was once considered useful for children and those with physical conditions, but shoe manufacturers have found a way to make it barely noticeable.


Which shoe brand is known for its signature swoosh symbol?

Just do it! Since 1964, Nike has been creating innovative and comfortable sporting shoes. Named after the winged goddess of victory, Nike is a favorite among athletes and workout enthusiasts.


In order to be considered a stiletto, how high does a heel need to be?

To be classified as a stiletto, the heel must be at least 1 inch tall, although some rise as tall as 8 inches. Stilettos are the rule-breakers of the pump game. They can be created with open toes or closed toes in many strappy combinations!


Which activity is associated with the kind of shoes seen here?

Ballet slippers are the perfect shoe for almost any outfit. Traditional ballet shoes have reinforced toes and long ribbon ties, but a simple pair of ballet-inspired flats can complete any look.


Can you pick the right name for this canvas sneaker brand?

Converse All-Stars were initially marketed as "Non-Skid." Their rubber soles and lace-up canvas were made to be worn by basketball players in the early 1900s. They were produced by the Converse Rubber Shoe Company.


What type of shoe is sometimes confused with a wedge heel?

While both wedges and platform shoes offer some elevation, there's one main difference. Wedge heels only offer height in the back. Platforms add height to both the front and the back part of the shoe.


Carrie from "Sex and the City" loved wearing which designer's shoes?

Jimmy Choo began making shoes when he was just 11 years old. Originally from Malaysia, Choo started his empire after attending college in London. He received his big break when Princess Diana wore a pair of his signature heels.


Do you know the name of this shoe that's made from a sole and one piece of leather?

You can always tell a moccasin by the way a single piece of leather is stitched together to make the sides and the top. Moccasins are different from mukluks because they rise no higher than the ankle.


Just for fun ... what kind of shoes did Elvis not want you to step on?

The blue suede shoes were fictional when Carl Perkins wrote and recorded the song of the same name. After Elvis remade the song, a pair of capped-toe blue suede shoes were custom made for him to wear.


What name is given to the shoe created by adidas and Kanye West?

No one expected the frenzied success of the adidas and Kanye West collaboration named Yeezy. To everyone's surprise, 2015's release of the Yeezy Boost sold out in 12 minutes. Subsequent designs have done just as well.


What are these fashionable shoes called?

Ankle strap heels, or T-straps, were popularized by the flappers of the 1920s. You can always recognize T-straps by the strap that extends upward from the middle of the toe section and wraps completely around the ankle.


Do you know the right name for these Roman inspired shoes?

With straps that reach up toward the calf and surround the leg, gladiator sandals haven't gone out of style since the days of the ancient Romans. Originally, Roman sandals were reinforced with metal studs.


If you'll be on your feet all day, this heel is perfect. What kind of heel is it?

Kitten heels were first introduced in the 1950s. Their demure, curved heel allows for extra comfort and style. They are still a popular choice for women like Michelle Obama and Oprah Winfrey.


You might wear these boots during the fall. What are they called?

When it's not quite cold enough for bulky winter boots, ankle booties are the perfect footwear. Whether you choose them with heels or without, they pair perfectly with any autumn ensemble.


These heels get their name from a garment. Which name is the right one?

Just as you would lace up a corset, corset heels have sides that tie in the middle. They might not be perfect for a professional meeting, but they are a lot of fun when matched with flirty evening attire.


Skateboarders love these sneakers, but do you know what they're called?

For a laid back skater look, slip into a pair of Vans. Since 1966, the shoemaker has been catering to those who like a little adventure in their lives. The company is also the major sponsor of the Warped Tour.


Which silly sounding name is given to this type of casual shoe?

If you're at the beach, there's a good chance you are sporting a pair of flip flops. Constructed with a sole and a strap that goes between your toes, flip flops can be made from nearly any material. You can spend $1 on them, or you can spend hundreds. It all depends on your sense of style.


Technically, most Crocs are what type of shoe?

You either love Crocs or you hate them. Either way, they are a member of the clog family of shoes. Clogs are backless shoes with low heels. While most Crocs have a heel strap, it can be tucked out of the way if desired.


Queen Victoria loved this kind of boot. Can you correctly name it?

You'll know a Chelsea boot when you see it by the comfortable elastic side panel. In the 1850s, Queen Victoria was frequently seen wearing them. They later became a staple of the British mod scene.


In the U.S., they are called sneakers. What are they called in the U.K.?

Although Brits and Americans speak the same basic language, they have hundreds of different words for things. One of the biggest producers of trainers to come out of the U.K. is the Reebok company — which has moved its headquarters to Boston, Massachusetts, U.S.A.


Designer Jeffrey Campbell is famous for creating a boot with which women's name?

Lita boots are currently all the rage. Their ankle length, platform style is completed with a wooden heel and laces like a corset heel. You can pair them with your favorite jeans or your newest dress.


What is the official name for rubber rain boots?

Wellington boots, or "wellies," are meant for wet, rainy days, and you can get them in any cute color or style you desire. Originally, Wellington boots were the outdoor footwear choice of British royals. They became popular after the Duke of Wellington wore them in the 1800s.


Elegant cutouts are a signature of which kind of heels?

Count Alfred d'Orsay created the d'Orsay heel to be worn by men. By exposing the mid-section of your foot, d'Orsay heels add a flattering look to your most elegant ensembles. The style has been imitated and improved by designers like Jimmy Choo.


Marilyn Monroe was frequently seen sporting this type of heel. What kind is it?

Sometimes, peep-toe heels are called pin-up heels. They were a favorite of the ancient Greeks, but stars like Bettie Page and Marilyn Monroe helped them reach the popular status they have today.


They look similar, but they're not Mary Janes. What are they?

Monk strap shoes were created by monks looking for an alternative to open-toed sandals. Monk strap shoes can have a single or double strap and buckle, like Mary Janes, but they are designed for less formal occasions.


Do you know the name of these fiber-soled casual shoes?

Espadrilles are lightweight, made from canvas and fiber. Considered the shoe of rebellion in Cuban culture, they are now the number one choice of footwear for the freethinkers and fashion bohemians of the world.


What tasty name is given to this pair of canvas shoes?

Gum sole shoes are similar to standard canvas sneakers, but there's one distinct difference. Gum soles are named for the thick rubber sole attached to the bottom of the canvas shell. The material is similar to an eraser you would find at the end of your pencil.


This shoe's signature is its wooden sole. What kind of shoe is it?

Clogs were originally created for mine workers and farmers. Usually associated with the Dutch, clogs can come in many forms. Both Japanese and Swedish cultures have long embraced clogs as part of their traditional attire.


Which of these materials is the most popular for making shoes?

For as long as shoes have been made, leather has remained the most popular material. Canvas and certain plastics are also popular, but leather seems to maintain its standing.


A lot of imagination is needed to create which shoe style, seen here?

When designers really want to show off their stuff, they create fantasy shoes. While not the most practical or comfortable, fantasy shoes prove that the sky is the limit when it comes to creativity.


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