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It's one of the most important questions in a young person's life: what original starter Pokemon do you choose? Will you choose Squirtle, the water-type Pokemon that can easily learn surf? Or maybe the fire-type, Charmander is more your speed. Its final evolution into Charizard makes it a strong contender for battling. If neither of those strikes your interest, then it must be Bulbasaur, the grass-type Pokemon, that you end up starting your journey with! All of them are solid choices, with each one bringing individual positives and negatives to the table. 

Since the original Pokemon were introduced in the Kanto region, the world has continued to expand. What started as a collection of 151 of these creatures has grown to over 800! The number of regions has grown, as well as the amount of information a person needs to be a good trainer. 

Do you have what it takes to be a Pokemon Master? Can you name more than one Legendary Pokemon? Are you well-versed in what types of Pokemon are more effective against other types? Through the 35 questions in this quiz, you'll discover whether you would make it to the Elite Four or end up at the nearest Pokemon Center. 

What food is common in the Pokemon world?

There are different types of berries; they each do different things. Some berries work to make certain types of Pokemon more effective in battle, others are used to restore things, like HP and PP.


Which Pokemon has the ability to see the future and the past at the same time?

Xatu is believed to stand motionless and stare off into the distance because of its power to see the past and future. Xatu is plagued with the ability to see the bad things that will happen but not being able to change them.


Which of the following would a Psychic-type Pokemon be weakest against?

Psychic-type Pokemon are most susceptible to damage when dealing with Bug, Ghost and Dark-type Pokemon. It was arranged this way because those three things are common fears that people have!


What does it mean to be an HM slave?

The best type of Pokemon for an HM slave is typically a normal-type subject, though water and flying types can also be decent choices. Beyond Generation VI, there are no longer HMs, so HM slaves are obsolete.


Which Pokemon games represent Generation VIII in the Pokemon universe?

Pokemon Sword and Shield is a 2019 addition to the Pokemon world. The setting for this generation of games is the Galar region, where a Pokemon is able to reach a new level of power by Dynamaxing.


Which Pokemon is the only one that can devolve?

The final evolution of Slowbro requires another Pokemon, Shellder, in order to reach its final form because Shellder takes root on Slowbro's tail. Should a Slowbro lose its Shellder attachment, it will turn back into Slowpoke.


Which of the following is not a Legendary bird?

The birds have multiple appearances in the anime and games., but most notably appear together to protect and rule the Shamouti Islands. The only Pokemon that can defeat the group is Lugia.


Which Pokemon is considered the God of Pokemon?

Despite being #493 in the Pokedex, Arceus has earned the title of "The Original One." Based on Pokemon mythology, Arceus is believed to have created the Sinnoh region, as well as all of the Pokemon universe.


Of the Pokemon that are assigned genders, which one is the only one that can change genders during evolution?

Azurill evolves into Marill when it becomes strong enough and has a high enough friendship level. The trait that determines whether it will become a male or female Marill is its personality value.


Which of the following is a Fairy-type Pokemon?

Fairy-type Pokemon were introduced in Generation VI and are most effective against Dark, Dragon and Fighting Pokemon. They are most susceptible to damage against Poison and Steel Pokemon.


A new Entei is born every time what natural occurrence takes place?

The trio of Legendary Pokemon that is made up of Suicune, Entei and Raikou was revived by Ho-Oh after a fire that burned down their home. They lived in the Brass Tower found in the Johto region.


How many gyms must a trainer defeat before going up against the Elite Four?

The Elite Four and the eventual Pokemon Champion that one faces are the hardest trainers to beat in a typical Pokemon story line. Because of this, one must collect all the gym badges in the region before battling them.


If you had a Bug-type Pokemon in battle, what type of Pokemon would it struggle to beat?

A Fire-type Pokemon would have the advantage over the Bug-type. Other types that the Bug-type Pokemon would have a disadvantage against would be Fighting, Poison, Flying, Steel and Ghost.


Which Pokemon was the first one ever created by the teams behind Pokemon?

Despite Bulbasaur being the first Pokemon listed in the Pokedex, it was actually Rhydon who was created first. The teams who designed the Pokemon did not design in any order, and Rhydon was the first to come to fruition.


What does the term "party" mean in the Pokemon universe?

Pokemon are often based on real animals and objects. Poliwag is no exception. The iconic swirl on Poliwag's stomach is based off the twisted appearance of tadpole intestines.


Where do you leave your Pokemon if you want them to get stronger?

In addition to allowing your Pokemon to grow and level up, the day care is also where you place a pair of Pokemon that you want to breed. If they're compatible, an egg will eventually appear.


If you encounter a Pokemon that you want to be guaranteed to catch, which Poke Ball should you use?

Along each story line, there is typically one opportunity to obtain a single Master Ball. The idea behind the Master Ball is to use it on Legendary or quick-to-flee Pokemon since it offers a 100% catch rate.


What do trainers do at Pokemon Centers?

Pokemon Centers are most often found in each town within a region. They can also be found near certain areas in a game that requires an extensive amount of battling, such as caves or bodies of water.


What's the name of the main character in the first season of the Pokemon anime?

Satoshi Tajiri is said to have modeled Ash Ketchum's character loosely after himself. This is made even more obvious when one realizes that the Japanese name for Ash's character is Satoshi.


Based on Generations I through V, what move does HMO4 teach?

Strength is taught to Pokemon in order to move something large and heavy that prevents the main character from getting further in the game. It can also be used in battle as a normal-type move.


A Light Ball is meant to only be held by which Pokemon?

Despite sounding like it would be used to catch a Pokemon, a Light Ball is an item that is designed to be held by Pikachu. It helps by raising the Pokemon's Attack and Special Attack stats.


What is a Love Ball?

There are a variety of Poke Balls that offer the trainer trying to catch the wild Pokemon certain advantages based on the type of ball used. For example, Repeat Balls work best on Pokemon that have already been caught by said trainer.


How many Pokemon types are there?

The 18 types of Pokemon are as follows: Fire, Water, Grass, Ice, Poison, Flying, Dragon, Fairy, Psychic, Dark, Steel, Rock, Ground, Normal, Ghost, Fighting, Electric and Bug. There may be new types in the Pokemon games being released later this year.


Each game starts with the option to choose from which three types of Pokemon?

There's a reason that the first three Pokemon a trainer can receive in a game are either Grass, Fire or Water type. The creators of the the Pokemon games wanted to represent natural forces as much as possible in the first three Pokemon encountered.


In what year was the first Pokemon game released?

The very first Pokemon games were released on February 27, 1996. The original Red and Green versions of the game were made for the Game Boy portable gaming console created by Nintendo.


This item will raise the level of the Pokemon it is given to by one. What item is it?

If there's one Pokemon that almost everyone can recognize, it's Pikachu! However, it had been the original intent of creators to have Clefairy serve as the "poster child" to the Pokemon brand.


What does the acronym "HM" stand for?

Hidden Machines, or HMs, are moves that are absolutely necessary to complete the video game story lines. The rate at which your Pokemon learn these moves controls the flow of the game.


Which of the following is NOT a status condition?

Status conditions are present in battles and cause a Pokemon to suffer some sort of disadvantage. Poison and Burn will reduce a Pokemon's health, while Paralysis has a chance to prevent the afflicted Pokemon from moving.


What does Pikachu evolve into?

The evolutionary line for Pikcahu begins with Pichu, who evolves into Pikachu, who then turns into Raichu. In order for the change from Pikachu to Raichu to happen, the Pokemon must be exposed to a Thunder Stone.


Which Pokemon can be brought to life from the Dome Fossil?

Kabuto is said to be modeled after the horseshoe crab, which explains its rock and water typing. It is remarkably easier to come across a male Kabuto, since 87.5% of the population is male.


The acronym "IV" stands for what in the Pokemon universe?

Primarily used in Pokemon Go, IVs are the stats that a Pokemon is given. These statistics are based on Attack, Defense and Stamina, with values ranging from 0 to 15, where a higher number is more desirable.


What type of Pokemon is the rarest to come across?

Since the most recent release of Generation VII, there are only 40 different types of ice-type Pokemon. Some of them include Glaceon, Mamoswine and Regice. Ice types only makes up about 5% of all Pokemon.


Kyogre is known to call which region home?

Kyogre is one of the three Pokemon that make up the Weather Trio. The other Pokemon in this group are Rayquaza and Groudon. Together they control the hydrosphere, lithosphere and atmosphere, respectively.


In the Hoenn region, HMO5 is known as Flash. What name does it go by in the Sinnoh region?

Flash is used to bring light into dark spaces, whereas Defog is used to lift the haze in a given area. In addition to Defog, the Sinnoh region also had Cut, Fly, Surf, Strength, Rock Smash, Waterfall and Rock Climb.


If you encounter a Charizard in battle, which move would be the best to use?

Because Charizard is a combination of Flying and Fire-type Pokemon, it would be best to use Earthquake. This is because Earthquake is a ground-type move and Fire-type Pokemon are weak to it.


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