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Canada is filled with many unique brands that can't be found anywhere else in the world. From food to clothes and everything in between, there's a Canadian retailer for everything! Every retailer is known for something, whether it's their logo or brand colours or the products and brands that they offer. Can you remember them all?

One of Canada's oldest companies is the Hudson's Bay Company. It still exists today, but has a much different purpose and look. While many of the companies that are around today don't have as much history with the country, they are all important to the culture. One example is Tim Horton's, which is almost synonymous with the name "Canada!" Other prominent Canadian companies are found not just around town, but also around malls. Many clothing retailers are located in malls rather than in outlet stores. But we'd bet that you might find a handful in their larger outlet form!

You pass by them, enter them and make purchases almost every day. So, do you consider yourself to be the ultimate Canadian shopper? Then you'll have to put your Canadian shopping skills to the test, and see if you can buy out every company on this quiz!

Known for selling anything and everything at a cheap price, what store is this?

Headquartered in Quebec, as many Canadian stores are, Dollarama is found everywhere throughout the country. While it may have the word dollar in its name, the store will most commonly have things priced at less than $4.00.


Similar to the look of the Omega symbol, this logo belongs to which store?

Another brand that got its start in British Columbia, Lululemon has also made its way around the world. Known for its famous yoga pants, the company even uses its own unique fabric known as "Luon" in their clothes.


It's the place to find your perfect pair of sandals or runners. Do you know what it's called?

The Shoe Company has been in Canada since the early '90s, but it was recently bought out by another company. However, if you need your shoe fix, these stores still exist all around the country, so you can step right in!


Which store is known for its iconic red triangle logo?

It doesn't get more Canadian than this store. It even has the word in its name! It's the perfect store to head to if you're getting ready to do anything. From camping to fixing up your car, it's got everything you need. It even sells food!


Resembling a house, which retailer is represented by this logo?

While these stores are found all over Canada, did you know that they're individually owned and operated? It's the only place you can pick up Home Hardware exclusive brands such as Beauti-Tone paint.


The "PJC" logo shown here is representative of what company?

Primarily in the provinces of Quebec, Ontario and New Brunswick, it's yet another of Eastern Canada's favourite drug stores. Another Canadian company, Metro, recently bought out the franchise and now works as its parent company.


This famous orange box wasn't always part of the logo, but it has been used more frequently over the years. Which store uses it?

The perfect place to visit if you work anywhere industrial or if you're in the outdoors a lot, Mark's carries everything from hiking gear to steel-toed boots and work gloves. The store got its start in Alberta and quickly made its way all around the country.


This twirling logo represents one important Canadian phone provider. What is it?

It's not uncommon to catch a Telus commercial on television featuring an adorable animal. Telus has been a supporter of many Canadian causes and organizations. For example, the phone provider sponsors a few hockey-related events.


The place to visit if you need anything for home improvement, what store sells things like nails, tools and boards?

Rona has deep roots within Canada, having been founded as a company in the late 1930s. Since then, it has been through a lot and was most recently bought out by Lowe's. If you're looking for Rona in Quebec, you'd have to visit a subdivision of the store known as Reno-Depot.


You'll recognize this famous face when you go in to buy some groceries. Which store are we talking about?

Farm Boy is the place that many people go to get their fresh food. Specializing in fruit, vegetables and meats, chances are that you've had a dish or two with food made from this store. In some stores, you can even catch a concert from the Farm Boy himself.


Selling everything from perfume to clothing, you might recognize this store from its very Canadian logo. Do you know what it's called?

This department store goes by a few different names, such as "The Bay." The company has been around for a very long time. It was founded in 1670 and started off in the business of fur trading.


A place to buy brands such as TNA and Wilfred, what is the name of this store?

Throughout many Canadian malls, you'll find Aritzia, a fashion brand out of British Columbia. Popular among teens and young adults, the retailer has been in existence for more than 30 years.


It's your one-stop candy shop! Do you know what it is called?

Bulk Barn doesn't just sell candy, but you've probably gone in there to grab yourself a bag anyway! It's not uncommon to find other products that you can buy in bulk as well, such as peanuts and tea.


You've probably been here once or twice to improve on your sleep. Can you name the store?

Sleep Country is the mattress provider of many in Canada. You've probably heard a commercial or two introduced by Christine Magee, who was one of the founders of the chain. Let's not forget the catchy jingle that goes along with it!


The animal in this logo can give the store's name away! Do you know what it is?

Giant Tiger is very much like other department stores, such as Walmart or Sears. Canadians all over the country are able to take advantage of many discounts within the store. Giant Tiger even took over a few former Target stores in the country.


Full of food and toys, this store has a signature brand called Performatrin. Can you name the store?

Pet Valu is known by its signature blue and white colours that are shown in its logo. Though typically smaller than a store like Petsmart, it's the only place that the Performatrin brand is available for purchase.


This "healthy" business might be where you go if you need to grab some Advil or Band-Aids. What is it?

Rexall Pharmacies are found throughout the country but headquartered in Mississauga, Ontario. Not only can you pick up some medicine or other health-related supplies there, but the franchise also carries things like shampoo and seasonal cards.


If you're in the market for some formal wear, you might visit this store. What is it?

A store that got its start in Montreal, Le Chateau was once exclusively for menswear. Today, it sells fancy clothes for anyone, whether you need a dress or formal shirt for the evening or even some fancy work attire.


The colourful logo shown here belongs to which retailer?

A great place to visit for your groceries, you'll have to be in one of a few provinces to go there. In other places, you may find it under other names, such as No Frills or Real Canadian Superstore.


This yellow and black arrow is used for which of the following?

Videotron is a company that mostly serves Quebec in their telecommunications needs, but not all of the stores are specifically for this. Other things that they have dealt with are video rentals and a video-on-demand service.


Shoes are the product for which you'll probably visit this store, but you can grab bags as well. What store is it?

Fashionable shoes are only a step away at Aldo stores. Starting in Canada, the brand quickly expanded throughout the world and was once working with Le Chateau. In fact, Call It Spring, another popular shoe store, is also owned by Aldo.


It's where you go to have your car's oil changed, but what is its name?

While Mr. Lube provides a service to Canadians, it's still easy to recognize them wherever you're traveling throughout the country. Did you know that the first Mr. Lube was opened in Edmonton, Alberta?


A company that sells phones and phone plans, can you guess which of the following it is?

Bell deals with many different technological services across the country, from cellphones to internet service. The company was founded in the late 1800s, and it has been thriving ever since.


If you need your Xbox, PlayStation or Nintendo fix, this is where you'd go. What is the store's name?

Though they are owned by the American Game Stop, EB Games is Canada's answer to gaming needs. The franchise first arrived here in the early '90s and has since expanded to have locations all across the country. Every adult or kid alike who loves games has probably had one experience entering this store!


This bag logo is a great representation of what this company is all about. Which of the following is it?

This platform, which sells plans for e-commerce stores, is based in Canada but serves countries all around the world. While not a physical store, it's a big company in the Canadian space.


Every Canadian has tasted the Double-Double or Iced Cappuccino from this iconic place. Do you know what it is called?

Tim Horton's is one of the most iconic shops in Canada, known for its tasty drinks and food. Over 50 years old, the company first came about in Hamilton, Ontario, when Tim Horton and Ron Joyce decided to partner up on it.


The "S" logo of this store could stand for many things, but which retailer does it represent?

You've probably walked into this store to check out some "As seen on TV" products. This is what the store specializes in. Not only are there physical stores, but the company also runs an online store.


Which of the following stores sells plus-sized clothing?

Starting in the early 1980s, Addition-Elle specializes in clothing for plus-sized women with stores located all around the country. Their clothing ranges from regular everyday wear to lingerie and athletic wear.


There's no pastry like this pastry served in which establishment?

BeaverTails is one of Canada's most famous brands and known for its tasty pastries. With locations all over the country, you can get your BeaverTail fix in almost any major Canadian city.


You can't mistake this company for being anything other than Canadian! This beaver logo is used for which store?

Roots was started by two Americans, but it was inspired and created in Canada. Starting off in the footwear industry, they're now known for many other types of clothing, such as sweaters and sweatpants.


All about sporting fashion, what company sells brands like Fox?

Despite being called West 49, the headquarters of this company is located in the east! Any skateboarder or sport loving person can make themselves at home in this store which caters to this type of lifestyle.


You might recognize this furniture store by their famous red logo. Can you name this store you'd visit for a new couch?

In Canada, The Brick is probably among the first places that come to mind when you're in the market for a new couch or chair. The chain was bought out by Leon's which now manages them and all of their locations.


Heart and health is what this store is all about. Which store uses this hearty logo?

Exclusive to two provinces, New Brunswick and Quebec, Familiprix is a pharmacy and drug store. Before its current name, it took on the name "Medico-Prix" for two years before the change.


An establishment that sells trendy clothes for teens and young adults, which store is this?

Garage is a Montreal-based company which is found throughout malls in the country. The stores are often connected with Dynamite, which is also another popular clothing retailer which bought out Garage.


Books, card games and building sets are just some of the products sold for kids here. What is the name of the store?

Started in Scarborough, Mastermind Toys has managed to survive in a time where bigger stores, such as Toys R Us, started experiencing trouble. It's nice to know that the education company that targets kids is flourishing!


Known by the pink logo shown here, can you name the Canadian company to which it belongs?

A maid service that can be found all over Canada, it has also made its way around the world. Founded in Mississauga, it's a company that you trust to let into your home to make your world a little cleaner.


A leaf precedes the name of this Canadian retailer. What is the store's name?

Simons officially goes by a more formal name, which is "La Maison Simons." It's the place to visit if you're into fashion, and although it started in Quebec, it's possible to find stores around the country.


An owl is the famous logo of this chain. Can you name it?

Founded in Quebec, this chain of convenience stores is much more extensive than you'd think. They're found all over the world, though they often take on different names. You may also know them as Mac's.


Another brand represented by an owl, can you name the store that this logo represents?

Owned by Drake, the OVO Clothing brand was first launched in 2011. There are a few stores in not only Canada but around the world as well. There are four stores located in Canada, mostly in the GTA and one in Vancouver.


Stop in for a haircut or for some beauty products in this store. Which one is it?

Trade Secrets provides the service of hair care as it's a salon, but it also doubles as a store. Not only are hair products available, but nail products are also sold there. It's a great place to go if you need some supplies!


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