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Geography is quite possibly the least lauded subject taught in school. It may not be glamorous, but knowing where things are and the general shape of the world is one of those necessary bits of adult knowledge for which others judge you as you get older. It may not be a big deal if you don't know the capital of Swaziland, but not knowing the capital of the state in which you live is the sort of thing that will raise an eyebrow or two. But things get complicated when it comes to your knowledge of the other states in the U.S., those with which you have little first-hand experience.

The United States is a vast country with rivers, mountains and deserts standing between cities. The first significant movement to link these places together was the First Transcontinental Railroad, which reigned until the postwar era and the construction of the interstate highway system. While there was a time when knowing the local railroad lines was the sign of being a local, today, most Americans can more easily name the highways that pass through their state. Of course, every state has a capital, but even many a local can't name them.

Can you combine your impressive but not-always practical knowledge of state capitals with your knowledge of the interstate highway system? Now is the time to find out with this quiz!

Can you think of which state has I-80 and Sacramento?

Sacramento, the state capital of California, is served by, among other roads, I-80. One key thing to keep in mind about the interstate highway system is that the even numbers are for east-west highways.


The Lee Highway connects through a state whose capital is Oklahoma City. To which state do we refer?

One of the early trans-continental highways, the Lee Highway — which came after the Lincoln Highway — runs through the south and includes a trip through the southernmost reaches of Oklahoma. Oklahoma City is one of those very easily remembered state capitals.


Which state do you think has I-40 and Little Rock?

Arkansas's capital of Little Rock sits almost dead center in the state. Arkansas is bisected by I-40, running east to west.


What would I-95 and Richmond make you think of?

Richmond is the capital city of the state of Virginia. Interstate 95 runs through Virginia and is a major highway that connects the East Coast states, from the southern tip of Florida to the north of Maine.


If you heard "Austin" and "I-35" in the same sentence, what state do you think you'd be hearing about?

Texas has six interstate highways running through it, including I-35. The capital of Texas is Austin. Notice that the odd-numbered interstate highways run north to south.


Which state includes I-89 and Montpelier?

The great state of Vermont, sitting just south of Canada, includes I-89 and the capital city of Montpelier. Interstate 89 continues north into Canada, where it becomes QC-133.


What state would you be in if you were driving on I-15 or visiting Salt Lake City?

Utah is a sparsely populated state, and the beautifully situated city of Salt Lake is its capital. Other highways in Utah include I-15, I-80, I-70 and I-84.


To what state do Cheyenne and I-80 correspond?

Wyoming, which has fewer U.S. House of Representatives members than U.S. Senators, has its seat of power in Cheyenne. Its roads include Interstates 80, 25 and 90.


If you were getting busy in Bismarck and were going back and forth on I-94, where would you be?

North Dakota's capital is Bismarck, named after German chancellor Otto von Bismarck. Many of the state's early immigrants came from the Scandinavian countries. North Dakota just barely has two interstates: I-94 bisects the state and I-29 cuts along the eastern border.


Lincoln never lived to be 80, but if you think of a state with I-80 and the capital Lincoln, where are you thinking of?

Sitting smack in the middle of the United States,, Nebraska is home to only one interstate, I-80, which bisects the state. It does have a few miles of I-76, which starts just over its border, but just barely.


If you tried to think of the state containing both I-43 and Madison, what state would you imagine?

Wisconsin's capital may be Madison, but its major cities of Milwaukee and Green Bay get all the sports glory. It's interstates are I-41, I-43, I-90 and I-94.


Where would you find Helena and I-15?

Helena is the capital of Montana, home of the Blackfeet Indian Reservation, the Fort Peck Indian Reservation, the Fort Belknap Reservation, the Crow Reservation and the Flathead Reservation. It's also home to parts of I-90, I-94, and I-15


Think of I-5 and Olympia. In what state do they belong?

Washington state contains I-5. The state's capital is Olympia, which is a pretty great name for a capital city. In addition to I-5, it's also has I-90.


Which state has I-84 and Salem?

Oregon, with its peculiar history, has several cities with names owing to the New England origins of the state's founders. Salem is one of them. The state contains portions of I-5 and I-84, which runs along its northern border.


Which state includes Route 666 and Santa Fe?

Technically, Route 666 no longer exists, as the government officially changed its name to US-491, but its nickname, "The Devil's Highway," persists. The highway runs through New Mexico, whose capital is Santa Fe.


Can you recall which state is blessed with both Albany and I-87?

New York state, whose capital is Albany and not New York City (as some people may think), is blessed with several interstate highways, including I-87, which runs from New York City to Albany. It also has a tiny piece of I-95, which runs through The Bronx, one of NYC's five boroughs.


Would you guess which state has Lansing and I-96?

When Michiganders travel, they have plenty of options, including I-96, I-75 and I-69. When they want a state capital however, they only have Lansing.


There is a state containing Interstate H-1, and its capital is Honolulu. Can you guess which state that is?

You read that correctly! Despite Hawaii's interstate highway not connecting to another state, it has one. This road's special designation is I-H-1.


One state has four interstate highways that don't connect to any other states, and its capital is Juneau. Which state is it?

Despite being quite separate from all the other U.S. states, Alaska — like Hawaii — has interstates of its own. Alaska, however, has four! Interstates A1, A2, A3 and A4 all belong to the state.


Which state do you suppose has both Baton Rouge and I-10?

Louisiana may be synonymous with New Orleans, but it is a city to the north of New Orleans, Baton Rouge, which is the state capital. Interstate-10, I-20 and I-49 all serve the state,


Concord and I-93 are in one state, but do you know which one it is?

Situated far in the northeastern United States, New Hampshire includes its capital of Concord and I-93. This highway begins in Massachusetts, runs most of its distance through New Hampshire and finishes its journey in Vermont.


Topeka is this state's capital, and I-70 crosses the state. Do you have any clue which state it is?

Kansas, a vast plains state, is productive both in agriculture and transportation. The state has its fair share of train tracks and interstates, including I-70 and I-35.


This state includes the Aroostook Trail and Augusta, it's capital. Do you have any idea of what state it is?

The U.S. is riddled with old roads and highways predating the interstate system, and the Aroostook Trail, which corresponds in part to U.S. Route 2 and Maine Route 100, is one of them. Today, some of this road is traversable by car, some by ATV and some by mountain bike, but there was a time it was considered a major local road.


There is a state containing the Jefferson Highway and Saint Paul. Have you any idea what state it is?

Minnesota's capital city of Saint Paul isn't along the route of the Jefferson Highway, one of the pre-interstate system highways in the U.S. Established in 1916, Jefferson Highway ran north through Minneapolis. It had a brief life and was completely gone by the 1950s, replaced by four numbered highways.


With the state capital of Jefferson City, this state is one terminus of the Ben Hur Highway! Which state do you think it is?

Missouri is home to Kansas City — which isn't in Kansas — and Jefferson City, which is the state's seat of power. The Ben Hur Highway — one of the old, named U.S. highways — is named for the home of General Lew Wallace, a Civil War general who wrote the book "Ben Hur," and who lived along the route.


In the U.S., there is a state with the capital of Springfield, and the state includes The Cannon Ball route. Have you any idea which state it is?

The great state of Illinois is most famous for Chicago, but it's not the state capital! Illinois also contains sections of The Cannon Ball route, which runs to Chicago from Kansas City.


There's a state containing U.S. Route 14, and its capital city Pierre. Do you know what state it is?

South Dakota is home to its capital city, Pierre, and also U.S. Route 14. Originally established to run from South Dakota to Yellowstone in Wyoming, US-14 was extended into Illinois. The route is also sometimes called the Black and Yellow Trail.


What state do I-76 and Harrisburg have in common?

"Penn's Woods" is one of the oldest U.S. states and is home to a section of I-76. Despite being the capital, Harrisburg is only the 15th most-populous city in the state.


The state capital is Annapolis, and the state is crossed by I-95. Can you name it?

Maryland's capital of Annapolis is perhaps best known as the home of the U.S. Naval Academy, alma mater of the likes of the late Sen. John McCain. Like many East Coast states, Maryland is connected to that automotive spine that is I-95.


There is a U.S. State with both I-73 and Tallahassee. Do you know which state that is?

Florida is a mostly flat state with three major interstates to speak of: I-10, I-75, and the mightly I-95, which runs all the way to the Florida Keys. Tallahassee is the state capital.


The state in this question includes a section of the Dixie Highway, and its capital is Indianapolis. We don't suppose you know which state it is, do you?

Indiana's participation in all things auto is famous, hosting the Indianapolis 500 at its state capital, but it's also a stop on the Dixie Highway. This highway is more of a network than a straight shot, running from Florida to Michigan.


Carson City and I-80 are both in which state?

A famous tax refuge, gambling destination and vast desert, Nevada may be most famous for Las Vegas, but its state capital is Carson City. As with much of the country, Nevada is crossed by I-80.


This state's 'Providence' is its proximity to I-95. Which state are we describing?

Rhode Island may confuse people who aren't from the region, as it isn't really an island per se, and its capital is decidedly on the mainland. Like all of the East Coast, Rhode Island is a link in the chain that is I-95.


You could get to this state on I-90 and visit the state capital of Boise. Which state is it?

Idaho is experiencing a housing shortage as remote workers relocate there for the state's amazing natural beauty. Idaho's capital seems to derive its name from French word for "woods."


If you were in Des Moines, you wouldn't be far from the Great River Road. In which state would you be?

Iowa is perhaps best known for its first-in-the-nation status voting in presidential primaries, meaning that Iowans get a big say in things. It's also the home of the Transcendental Meditation movement and a stop on The Great River Road, which runs along the Mississippi River.


To get to Frankfort, you might take I-64. Which state would you be in?

Kentucky is famed for being the home state of Muhammad Ali. It's also the home state of the manufacturer of the aptly named Louisville Slugger. Its capital is Frankfort. The state is bisected by I-64, which, among other things, connects Frankfort to Louisville.


This state's capital is famous for the Battle of Trenton. It also contains I-76. Which state is it?

New Jersey is overshadowed by some of its neighbors, with the likes of Philadelphia and New York nearby, but the Battle of Trenton was pivotal in the story of the American revolution. The state has many interstates, including I-76, and, of course, I-95.


You don't need to wear a Raleigh cap to drive on I-95 in this state, but it helps! What state is it?

North Carolina's capital is Raleigh, but most people think of Raleigh and Durham as a single metropolitan area dominated by colleges. Like all East Coast states, I-95 threads its way through the state.


Charleston isn't just pretty, it's the state capital of a state with I-79 in it. Of which state do we speak?

There are plenty of Charlestons in the USA, but only one that is the capital of West Virginia. This mountainous state has some of the best driving roads in America in terms of corners and scenery, but if it's interstates you like, it has I-79, I-64, I-64 and I-77.


Interstate 65 and I-85 would take you to Montgomery, the capital of this state. Which state is it?

Montgomery is a state well served by interstate highways, despite being relatively small as metropolises go. The state of Alabama is famous for its short commute times (20 minutes by car), and if you go off an interstate, you'll find the back roads are fairly free of traffic.


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