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Bunts, hits, strikes, famous players, and awards; these are the things every Major League Baseball fan should know!

How much do you love baseball? Surely, you at least have an appreciation for the nearly 150-year-old sport. It is America's pastime, after all. Can you answer any question about it? What about questions that every MLB fan should know?If you're a true MLB fan, here is a quiz that will put your fandom to the test.

In this quiz, you'll find records that have stood for years, famous achievements and blunders, and many other questions any baseball fan can answer. Of course, there are some tricky questions in this quiz as well. Those baseball stadiums can get a little confusing, and it's hard to imagine that some players spent their entire careers with one team, but rest assured, they did. 

Many people say they are Major League Baseball fans, but not everyone is really a fan. This quiz will help you prove your enthusiasm for the sport both to your friends and to yourself. If you have friends who claim they are fans as well, send this quiz to them, and let them show you how much of a fan they really are!

What's it called when a ball is hit out of the field?

Barry Bonds hit the most home runs in a single season. This happened in 2001 when he hit 73 home runs.


When was the first World Series?

In 1903, Pittsburgh and Boston played in the first World Series ever. Boston won the nine-game series 5-3.


When was the first MLB All-Star Game played?

The MLB All-Star Game is played between the best players from the National League and the American League. In 1933, the American League won the game 4-2.


Who holds the record for the most home runs in a career?

Barry Bonds hit 762 home runs during his career, beating Hank Aaron's 755 home runs. However, Bonds' record is surrounded by controversy because of his steroid use later in his career.


For what team did Hank Aaron play?

Hank Aaron's nickname was "Hammer Hank" because of his ability to hit home runs. He played for the Braves both in Milwaukee and when the team moved to Atlanta.


Which team has the most World Series championships?

The Yankees have won 27 World Series titles throughout the team's history. The most recent title came in 2009 against the Phillies.


With which team did Mickey Mantle win all seven of his World Series titles?

Mickey Mantle won three AL MVP awards. His last award came in 1962, which was also his last World Series championship.


What player has the most World Series titles?

Yogi Berra played catcher throughout his MLB career. He was named to the All-Star team 18 times.


Which team intentionally lost the 1919 World Series?

The Chicago White Sox threw the 1919 World Series in order to make money through a gambling syndicate. This would leave a blemish​ on early baseball history.


Who was the first commissioner of Major League Baseball?

Kenesaw Mountain Landis was a federal judge before becoming the commissioner of Major League Baseball. He was in charge of overseeing the Black Sox scandal.


What's the name of the MLB MVP Award?

The award is judged by the Baseball Writers' Association of America. The award received its current name in 1944.


What's a home run called when the bases are loaded?

Grand slams require a team effort because three players have to get on base before the home run is hit. Alex Rodriguez has the most grand slams in a career with 25.


How many strikes does a pitcher need to throw before a batter is called out?

Reggie Jackson, one of the greatest hitters of all time, also has the most strikeouts of all time. During his career, he struck out 2,597 times.


How many balls does a pitcher need to throw before a batter walks to first base?

The best batters in MLB are often walked on purpose. This way they can't hit a home run.


Who scored the most runs in a single season?

Baseball as a professional sport was only getting started when Billy Hamilton set this record in 1894. He is also ranked third in stolen bases over his career.


What award does the best pitcher in baseball get?

Cy Young still holds the record for most wins by a pitcher. During his career, he had 511 wins.


Who has won the most Cy Young Awards?

Roger Clemens career was surrounded by controversy because of a connection to steroid use. Clemons denied the accusations​, but they have stained his reputation.


What's a game called when the opposing team fails to get a hit?

A single pitcher or multiple pitchers can contribute to a no-hitter. It's entirely possible for a team to throw a no-hitter and lose the game because of walks and errors.


What's a game called when the opposing team fails to make it onto a base?

The most recent perfect game came in 2012. It was thrown by Felix Hernandez against the Tampa Bay Rays.


For what team did Walter Johnson play?

Walter Johnson was one of the greatest pitchers in MLB history. He still holds the record for most shutouts​ in a career.


What base does a batter reach in a triple?

Triples are not the easiest type of runs in baseball. This is because a defense can cover the field before batters make it to third.


Who has the most doubles in a career?

Tris Speaker was a dominant outfielder for most of his career. He even won the AL MVP in 1912.


Where do the Red Sox play?

The Boston Red Sox have been around since 1901. They play in the iconic Fenway Park stadium.


Where do catchers line up?

Catchers communicate with pitchers before a pitch is thrown. They often determine what kind of pitch to throw.


What is a pitch thrown at full speed called?

The best fast balls reach over 100 mph. The fastest recorded fast ball reached 105.1 mph.


Who officiates at an MLB game?

The umpire who stands by home plate is the head umpire during a game. This umpire calls pitches that are thrown either balls or strikes.


Where is the Green Monster located?

The Green Monster is the tallest wall in Major League Baseball. It has even given the greatest batters problems throughout their careers.


Who plays at Wrigley Field?

The Cubs started playing in Wrigley Field in 1916. The field is named after William Wrigley Jr., who made money selling chewing gum.


How many MVP awards did Albert Pujols win?

Albert Pujols spent his career with the Cardinals and the Angels. He won two World Series championships while playing with the Cardinals.


Where do the Giants play?

The Giants franchise moved from New York to San Francisco in 1958. Since moving, the team has won three World Series titles, the most recent in 2014.


For which team did Chipper Jones play?

Chipper Jones was drafted with the first pick in the 1990 MLB draft. Nine years later, he was named the NL MVP.


Who has the most hits in a career?

Pete Rose appeared in 17 All-Star games. The unique thing about these appearances was that he did it at five different positions.


Who was one of the first five members of the MLB Hall of Fame?

Babe Ruth was traded from the Boston Red Sox to the New York Yankees in 1919. While the Yankees won four championships with Babe Ruth, the Red Sox went 86 years before winning another title.


For which team did Cal Ripken Jr. play?

Cal Ripken Jr. was known as "The Iron Man" because he didn't miss games. His consistency helped him make it to 19 All-Star Games.


Who was the first African-American in MLB?

Jackie Robinson made his MLB debut in 1947 for the Brooklyn Dodgers. He played his last game in 1956.


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