Shocking Times People Say Their Gut Instincts Probably Saved Their Life!

By: Ailish D.

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Have you ever been in a car accident or gone down a dark alley you know you shouldn't? If you've ever experienced a dangerous situation, you probably find yourself regretting your actions up to the scary and painful event. If you are lucky enough to have escaped danger in your life so far, you probably wonder why people who have been in bad situations have made the choices that they did. Well, danger does a weird thing to our brains -- the fight-or-flight response kicks in. This response has been studied by scientists for years, and they have shown that we have very little control over our decisions made while in this mode. It's programmed in our brains by evolution to make sure we survive danger! But do we have something in our brains for predicting it?

There's no way you can know danger is coming every time it does... but when you do get that icky feeling in the pit of your stomach, do you listen to it? Many people believe that intuition is a survival trait that we've inherited form our ancestors, just the same as the fight-or-flight response. Others think that's hogwash; even more believe that some mystical force is looking out for us with these feelings. Whatever the reason it exists, that mysterious "gut instinct" has saved lives for centuries. Whether it's just a weird feeling about the street you are on, or a gut reaction to that creepy guy on the bus, everyone has felt a survival instinct strike.

Whether you believe in premonition or just crazy coincidence, these stories will spook you to the core, and you'll always listen to your gut afterwards! Don't believe us? Read through to find out what we mean.

You won't regret listening to our stories, but you might regret ignoring these life saving feelings!

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