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Our planet is covered in many different types of vegetation. From the trees in the Amazon rainforest to the plains of Africa, there are plants growing everywhere! Without our leafy friends, the human race would not continue to exist. While some trees grow hundreds of feet tall, this quiz is going to focus on plants that run just a bit smaller in stature: flowers. Coming in all colors imaginable, flowers do so much to sustain the Earth and make it more beautiful. But how much do you know about the floral life that grows around the world?

Did you know that there are more than 25,000 varieties of orchids in the world? While this quiz won't require you to be able to name every single type, the questions will be difficult for the average person. However, if you know the difference between a morning glory and a nightshade flower, then these questions were made for you! 

It's time to put the petal to the metal, so to speak, and flower power your way through this quiz! Will you come out blooming, or will you wilt under the pressure? Let's see how many common and exotic flowers you are able to identify!

This continental sounding flower comes in various shades of white, yellow, orange and apricot. Which flower is it?

African daisies take anywhere from 15 to 20 days to germinate, or start to grow. With their regular growing season, most of these flowers with blue centers tend to bloom between April and August.


Many gardeners prevent this plant from blooming so the bulb will get bigger. Which flower matches this description?

There are two main varieties of garlic. Hardneck garlic is the most common type to flower. The other kind of garlic plant is the softneck variety, which rarely flowers. To grow bigger garlic bulbs, which are great for cooking, don't allow your plants to flower.


Amaranthus hypochondriacus is the scientific name for which of the following flowering plants?

This fast-growing plant also goes by the name Prince-of-Wales. Because of its short growing time, the ability to reach up to four feet and its robust flowers, it makes a great accent plant. This plant requires full sun.


The pigtail plant is said to contain a flower that looks like what animal?

While its common name is the pigtail plant, it is also known as the flamingo flower. The flower's red appearance in combination with the unique arrangement and colors of the spadix and the spathe make it look like the familiar pink bird.


This plant's flower is said to look like the mouth of a dog, lion or toad! Which plant is it?

Snapdragons come in a variety of shades, including purple, red, pink, white, yellow, peach, orange and violet. These colorful flowers grow best in the cooler summer conditions in parts of North America and Europe.


Of the following flowers, which one is known for attracting hummingbirds?

There is some dispute about the origins of the name, but some say that the columbine flower got its name from the Latin term for "dove," since the flower looks like a collection of doves. The columbine's green leaves turn maroon in the fall.


Which flower is said to represent long lasting love?

Baby's breath is commonly used to fill out the centerpieces and bouquets used during weddings and receptions. The white flowers are said to represent the emotional purity of the ceremony.


Native to Europe, which flower is also known as bachelor's button?

Despite its name, the cornflower has nothing to do with corn! This plant is actually an herb that is used in natural medicine. It can be made into a tea to combat fever, chest congestion and constipation.


According to the band Poison, every type of which flower has thorns?

Each color of rose is said to mean something different. A red rose symbolizes love, whereas a yellow one represents joy and friendship. White roses are used to express purity, while pink ones are said to represent sweetness and grace.


Which femininely named flower goes by the scientific name Rudbeckia hirta?

While it is found across the United States, the Black-eyed Susan is the state flower of Maryland. It was designated as such on April 18, 1918, and it is a popular plant among Maryland gardeners.


Commercial florists like this flower because of its weeklong vase life. Can you name it?

Persian buttercups thrive best in a warmer environment, such as the South and the West Coast of the United States. In areas where frost is possible, it's best to wait until after the last frost to plant them.


While leaves of this flowering plant are meant to be green, overwatering may turn them red. Which flower is this?

The geranium is the national flower of Switzerland. Ironically enough, this flower isn't native to the Swiss region, but South Africa! The plant wasn't introduced to Europe until the 1600s.


With more than 250 species, which flower is most commonly found naturally in African regions?

While there are more than 250 varieties of gladiolus, the majority of them originate from Africa. There are currently only 10 known types that come from the European and Asian continents combined.


What type of lily owns the title as the latest blooming family member?

Oriental lilies are one of the most popular types of "true lilies" in the world. They are considered a true lily because they belong in the genus Lilium. Asiatic lilies are also part of this genus. Daylilies, on the other hand, are not true lilies.


Also called the blue-eyed daisy, which flower goes by the scientific name osteospermum?

Cape daisy flowers will only open up under ideal conditions that involve lots of direct sunlight. They close at nightfall, and they also remain closed during rainy and overcast weather.


Which flower originated in Australia?

The strawflower is also known as the golden everlasting, even though not all varieties are golden. The outer edges of the flower's petals are usually a reddish or brown color. The strawflower is often used in dried flower arrangements.


If a person owns poultry, which flower should they avoid planting, due to the belief that it stops hens from laying eggs?

These beautiful flowers are extremely hardy! Daffodils will even thrive and grow in snow. In addition to their cold weather tolerance, they also create a toxic sap to protect themselves.


Sweet potatoes are closely related to which of these flowers?

Morning glory flowers grow on crawling vines that can reach up to 10 feet in height! Their trumpet-like blooms also come in a variety of colors, including red, pink, blue and purple.


Of the plants listed, which one is not actually a member of the rose family?

The desert rose is a member of the succulent family and thrives best in environments with lower levels of moisture. If it receives too much or too little water, it becomes stressed and dies.


Which large-blooming beauty is the official flower of Seattle?

Andreas Dahl is the botanist who discovered this flower, which is where the name "dahlia" comes from. Upon first discovery, Dahl defined the plant as a vegetable instead of a garden flower.


Wild carrot also goes by which name?

The story goes that Queen Anne was making lace one day, and she pricked herself with her needle. The blood droplet that fell is said to represent the red flower that is surrounded by white blooms on this plant.


Of the clothing-inspired flowers listed, which one is pictured here?

Flannel flowers are primarily found in parts of Australia, where the white flowering plants grow to be about 3 feet high. They grow well in the bushland near Sydney, due to the warm, dry climate.


This colorful perennial is the state flower of Alaska. Which flower carries this title?

When they are blooming in spring, forget-me-nots are not very fragrant. Oddly, they do not give off their signature scent during the day, only becoming fragrant during the night and evening.


Part of the plantain family, which flower has a stem that can reach a height of 6 feet?

While it seems to have a strange name, the foxglove is named for the exact reason one might think! Its flowers are shaped like small gloves that would fit a fox or other small animal's paw perfectly.


Which of the following flowers more commonly goes by the name fuchsia?

Lady's ear drops can grow well in a variety of environments, but they fare best when planted in a hanging basket. This also makes it easy to move them indoors when the weather turns too frigid for the plant.


Which flower's name comes from the Greek word for "beauty"?

Despite their beauty, calla lilies are extremely poisonous. Some of the symptoms for calla lily poisoning include stomach pain, throat and lip swelling, and intense burning sensations throughout the body. They're lovely plants, but keep them away from your pets.


Which flower produces seeds that are used in jewelry, like earrings and bracelets?

Even though they share similar names, Canna lilies and Calla lilies have their differences. Canna lilies flower more toward the top of the plant's spikes, whereas Calla lilies form around a yellow center lower on the plant.


Related to the African violet, what flower grows in South African ravines?

Also called the wild gloxinia or streptocarpus, this plant has velvety leaves and the flowers have five petals each. With proper care indoors, this plant just might bloom all year long for you.


What flower is known as the "flower of the gods"?

Carnations most commonly bloom with a pinkish appearance, but they can also be found in shades of yellow, red, orange and white. Genetic engineering has even made it possible for botanists to produce a blue-mauve carnation, and white carnations are easy to dye any color of the rainbow.


Symbolizing joy and optimism, which bloom is the official flower of Chicago?

The majority of Americans view these flowers in a positive light, but things are different in New Orleans. Chrysanthemums are used to symbolize death in the region and are often part of funeral bouquets.


The birdsfoot trefoil also goes by what name?

The birdsfoot trefoil has yellow flowers, but they can turn orange to red in bright sunlight. Depending on your point of view, this plant is either a lovely wildflower or an invasive weed.


Highly adaptable, which flower can be used in medicine, as a spice and for dye?

Crocus flowers can be used to make saffron. However, only the female reproductive organs of the plant can be used to create the spice, and it can take more than 4,000 flowers to get one ounce of saffron. Luckily, a little saffron goes a long way.


Which plant relies on honeyeater birds for pollination?

Since they originate in the western region of Australia, kangaroo paw plants are a great choice for areas that don't receive a lot of moisture. As long as they have enough sunlight, these plants don't need regular attention.


Of the following flowers, which one is a white Narcissus?

In general, people think of jonquils and paperwhites as the white versions of Narcissus, and daffodils as the yellow to orange ones. However, these names vary region to region. Technically, a jonquil is a specific daffodil — Narcissus jonquilla.


This plant is known for its ability to attract hummingbirds and butterflies, while also deterring rabbits and deer from eating it. Which plant is this?

While its common name, red hot poker, is fun to say, the particular varieties of this plant get even more bizarre! Echo Mango, Echo Rojo, Papaya Popsicle and Pineapple Popsicle are just a few members of the red hot poker family.


Eight species of this blooming tree are native to the U.S. What is the name of the tree?

Some experts believe that magnolias are among the oldest trees. There are varieties of both deciduous and evergreen, with some of the more popular being the Southern magnolia and the saucer magnolia.


Which flower might keep aphids at bay?

In addition to aphids, marigolds with a scent can be used to deter a number of garden pests! However, the ecosystem of every garden is unique, and the flowers may have to bloom for a while before the repellent benefits take effect, so your mileage may vary.


These trumpet-shaped flowers belong to which plant?

Mandevilla plants can grow in two different ways. Originally, all varieties were climbing vines, but with newer types being developed, there are now some kinds that create mounds instead of vines.


Japanese beetles are a common problem for the youth-and-old-age flower. What is the common name of this plant?

Zinnias grow best in areas that are warm and dry, which explains why they originated in Mexico. Based on their preferred growing conditions, they also fare well in Central America and much of the United States.


Which flower is known for its ability to grow to a height of 10 feet or more?

The common sunflower is as useful as it is pleasing to look at! The flower itself can be used to make a yellow dye, while the seeds can be roasted or made into sunflower oil and sunflower butter.


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