There's No Way a Non-American Will Be Able to Pass This Quiz

By Heather Cahill on May 15, 2018

About This Quiz

The United States is a unique and interesting country. It's home to people, places and things like no other country. From the beginning of its history up to today, there is so much to know and learn. How many uniquely American facts do you know? Let's put your knowledge to the test!

Do you know what a "John Hancock" is? Can you name the United States national anthem? Think you can name the largest city in the country? If that's too easy for you, do you know who is depicted on the American quarter? You'll need to have knowledge on all things American to ace this quiz!

Can you name the second president of the United States? Do you know some of the most influential Americans in history? How well do you know your American companies? Maybe you know the answers to these questions, but can you name the college sport that is popular in the country? The answers may not be what you think!

Geography, history and even fun facts about America might stump you on this quiz! If you had an easy time answering the questions above, then you'll ace this. Take the quiz to see how well you know the nation!

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