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A first lady has many duties and often supports many excellent causes, no matter if she's Canadian or American. While the Canadian "first lady" doesn't officially hold this title, she still performs many of the same tasks and duties. In Canada, they are better known as the "spouse of the prime minister." Aside from knowing their names, do you think you know which ladies served in which country?

Canada has had many so-called first ladies, but not nearly as many as the United States. Many of the 23 prime ministers have been married, while a select few were not. This also goes for the United States, where some presidents had first ladies that were part of their family but not a spouse. Most first ladies in both countries were loved and appreciated, often sharing many things in common, such as their love of children and promoting education. They were also commonly the ones who worked to host others from around the world in their homes on Sussex or Pennsylvania Avenue.

Are you well-versed on the biographies of the first ladies of these two important neighboring countries? Prove that you can identify where they served by getting a high score on this quiz!

Hillary Clinton has had a long political career in which country?

Hillary married Bill Clinton in 1975 and has since had a long career in politics. After becoming the first lady, she then became a senator and later a secretary of state under President Barack Obama. She made an unsuccessful presidential bid in 2016.


Involved in women's issues, Zoe Laurier was from which country?

Also known as Lady Laurier, Zoe Laurier has been honored with a number of places and things named for her. One example is the CGS Lady Laurier, a ship that was part of the Canadian Coast Guard fleet.


The compassionate Patricia Nixon served in her role for which country?

Patricia's marriage to Richard Nixon eventually led to her becoming the first lady, although for eight years prior, she had been known as the second lady. An avid art lover, she collected many amazing pieces throughout her time in the White House.


Margaret Trudeau is related to more than one leader of which country?

Margaret Trudeau is the mother of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and also the wife of former Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau. Eventually, she divorced Pierre Trudeau, then married and divorced another man.


Unfortunately, Letitia Tyler passed away while in her role in which country?

Letitia Tyler's White House activities were limited, due to health issues following a stroke, but she directed many household matters from her room. Priscilla Cooper, daughter-in-law of the president and his wife, performed many hostess duties in Letitia's stead.


Where did world traveler Lou Hoover serve as first lady?

Lou Hoover and her husband Herbert Hoover traveled the world before moving into the White House. As the first lady during terrible economic times, she often spent their own money on items for the White House.


Well-spoken and well-respected, Michelle Obama is from which country?

Michelle, the wife of Barack Obama, is a lawyer and writer. While serving as first lady, she promoted education and healthy living through diet and exercise. Since leaving the White House, she continues her activism, including promoting diversity in the tech industry.


Where was Sophie Gregoire Trudeau from?

Sophie married Justin Trudeau in 2005, ten years before he became the prime minister of Canada. Before becoming the first lady of Canada, she was a television journalist and host.


Can you guess where Melania Trump, born in Slovenia, serves as first lady?

Before entering the White House with her husband Donald Trump, Melania was involved with many charitable causes. Since becoming first lady, she has worked with organizations and made personal appearances to promote children's health and education, as well as to discourage bullying. She speaks five languages: Slovenian, Serbian, English, French and German.


Laureen Harper met her future husband while working at a computer graphics firm. Where was it?

As the wife of Stephen Harper, Laureen was a major part of his election campaign. She has worked to stop bullying, promote animal welfare and support the National Arts Centre. She preferred not to be called "first lady."


Mila Mulroney was born in the former Yugoslavia, but did she become a first lady of the Great White North or the U.S.?

Mila is married to Brian Mulroney, who started his term in office in 1984. Mila was among the first of the prime ministers' spouses to be highly involved in charities that she cared about. She currently works with the Canadian Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.


No stranger to a move, where was Olive Diefenbaker from?

Olive and John Diefenbaker had both been married previously, and both were widowed. The two married only four years before John Diefenbaker became prime minister. Olive fought for the inclusion of women in politics during her husband's leadership.


Aline Chretien is known for her smarts and her drive. Would she have lived on Sussex Drive or Pennsylvania Avenue?

Aline and Jean Chretien were married in 1957, and they're still together as of 2019. Aline dropped out of school, but she had the smarts to teach herself multiple languages and piano.


The ninth first lady of this place was Jeanne St. Laurent. Where was she from?

Jeanne St. Laurent, Canada's ninth first lady, was married to Louis St. Laurent, the 12th prime minister. The couple had five children. Did you know that Jeanne St. Laurent refused to ever fly in a plane?


Through her second marriage, Dolley Payne Todd Madison took on this title in which place?

Dolley Madison married James Madison in 1794 and remained highly respected throughout her life. Although she was raised as a Quaker, she was known for her impeccable fashion sense. Some said she reminded them of a queen.


Julia Grant loved her time in the official house of the leader in which country?

Julia and Ulysses S. Grant had a love story like no other. Once married and in the White House, Julia was known for her taste and parties. She had only the finest of everything and made sure that all things were perfect.


Arguably among the most famous of the first ladies, Jacqueline Kennedy represented which country?

Jackie Kennedy was known for her elegance and style while living in the White House. She and the U.S. faced a tragedy — the assassination of her husband John F. Kennedy in 1963. After that event, Jackie eventually rebuilt her life and remarried, working as an editor.


Working hard in her newfound position as first lady, Rosalynn Smith Carter was from where?

Rosalynn married Jimmy Carter in 1946, but he wouldn't be elected president until almost 30 years later. During Rosalynn's time as the first lady, she promoted many things — namely the performing arts, which she had a huge interest in.


Laura Welch Bush took on her role during the leadership of the second Bush in office in which country?

Laura Bush was very influential in her role as the first lady. She made advancements in the areas of childcare and education reform. As a former teacher and librarian, she promoted reading.


Was Jane Mackenzie the second wife of a prime minister or a president?

Alexander Mackenzie's second wife, Jane, did not have any children of her own, but she was a stepmother to his. Jane and Alexander married after the death of his first wife, about two decades before he would become prime minister.


She isn't the only Sheila/Sheilah Martin in this country's political arena, but she's the only one married to a leader. Which country is she from?

Sheila and Paul Martin grew up together and were engaged on Christmas in 1964. Not one who enjoyed her time in politics, she still took part in programs that celebrated Canadian writers. Sheilah Martin, by the way, is a puisne justice on Canada's Supreme Court.


Can you guess which country Barbara Bush hailed from?

Similar to Margaret Trudeau in Canada, Barbara Bush was the wife of one president and the mother of another. When she became the first lady, she was well loved by many all around the country and the world. She was active with charities throughout her term.


Was Maureen McTeer married to the leader of Canada or the United States?

Not sharing the name of her husband, Joe Clark, Maureen McTeer worked for him for a time before eventually marrying him. She started her career as a lawyer, but eventually ran for MP in an Ontario riding. As a young girl, she dreamt of playing in the NHL.


Harriet Lane was a first lady, but not by marriage. Which place did she represent?

Harriet Lane filled the role of first lady for her uncle, James Buchanan, while he was president. Buchanan was never married. Harriet Lane married at the age of 35, long after leaving the White House.


Very involved in politics herself, Agnes Macdonald was a first lady in which country?

Agnes Macdonald was married to the first prime minister of Canada, Sir John A. Macdonald. One fact you might not know about the country's first of the first ladies is that she was born in Jamaica!


Hailing from Halifax, Laura Borden served as first lady for which country?

Married to Sir Robert Borden, Laura was known for being kind-hearted. Her husband was the leader of the Progressive Conservatives at the time of his election. Laura once served as president of the Local Council of Women of Halifax, and she fought for women's rights.


Maryon Pearson was known for her humor, but was she married to a prime minister or a president?

Maryon Pearson and Lester B. Pearson were married in 1925; they spent their time at 24 Sussex Drive starting in 1963 when Lester was elected. Though Maryon was born in Winnipeg, she and Lester met at the University of Toronto.


Can you guess where Claudia Johnson, known for her love of nature, was from?

Nicknamed "Lady Bird," Claudia Johnson was married to Lyndon B. Johnson. She spent her time as first lady advocating for the environment, then continued that work after leaving the White House. She was even a trustee for the National Geographic Society.


Where would you have found Geills Turner in 1984?

Geills McCrae Kilgour Turner is associated with more famous Canadians than you might have thought! Besides being married to Prime Minister John Turner, Geills is the grand-niece of John McCrae, who wrote the poem "In Flanders Fields."


Was the encouraging Annie Thompson Canadian or American?

Annie Thompson was married to Sir John Thompson, and she was known to give him frequent pep talks and encouragement. His political success was probably due in part to the drive that Annie gave him!


Rachel Jackson faced accusations of adultery when she married a future president or prime minister?

Rachel was married twice, with her second marriage being to Andrew Jackson. Trouble interrupted their love story when they found out that her previous marriage had not been dissolved as they had thought, and rumours quickly followed. Rachel and Andrew remarried when legally allowed. Sadly, she died before her husband's inauguration.


A spouse of the leader not once, but twice, Isabel Meighen was a first lady in which country?

A centenarian, Isabel Meighen had a long life of 103 years. Along with her husband, Prime Minister Arthur Meighen, she had three children who established themselves in of law, finance and philanthropy.


Martha Washington was called the "first first lady." Was she living at 24 Sussex or 1600 Pennsylvania?

Martha Washington was the wife of the first president of the United States, George Washington. They never lived at the current White House address, because it wasn't completed until 1800. Despite living a life in the spotlight, both of them would have preferred to have their privacy.


Do you know if Frances Tupper was married to a prime minister or a president?

Frances Tupper was married to Sir Charles Tupper, who is famous for his very short time in office — 69 days. The two were married in 1846, 50 years before Sir Charles Tupper briefly became the prime minister.


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