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This quiz will put your knowledge of "The Brady Bunch" to the test.

Running from 1969 to 1974, this 30-minute sitcom tackled issues surrounding the blended family like few other shows of that generation. It focused on the dynamics of a widowed father with three boys and the mother of three girls and what life was like once Mike Brady and Carol married and everyone — including a housekeeper and a dog — came together under one roof.

Created by writer and producer Sherwood Schwartz, "The Brady Bunch" had viewers glued to the television set weekly. It was popular among a younger audience and was hailed for its wholesome coverage of issues like sibling rivalry, friendship and marriage. Indeed, the Brady family became a household name during the '70s and catapulted some of the cast members into popular teen icons of the day.

You may have even had a crush on one of the cast members. If so, you certainly weren't alone. But do you remember enough about "The Brady Bunch" to become an honorary member of the family? Prove it by acing this quiz!

Which famous actress played the role of Carol Brady?

Florence Henderson, who played Carol, was born on Valentine's Day 1934 in Dale, Ind., the youngest of 10 children. She performed in musicals before "The Brady Bunch" and was one of the first women to guest host "The Tonight Show" in 1966. Henderson died of heart failure in 2016 at age 82.


What was the name of the Brady family's housekeeper?

Housekeeper Alice was played by Ann B. Davis, who had intended to study medicine before seriously pursuing acting as a career. Davis, who had a twin sister named Harriet, died in 2014.


Actor Eve Plumb played the role of ______ Brady.

Jan Brady's character, often feeling overlooked and self-conscious about her freckles, struggled with her role as the middle child. Eve Plumb, who played the character, went on to become a painter after Hollywood.


What was the name of Alice's boyfriend?

Alice's boyfriend was Sam Franklin, a butcher portrayed by actor Allan Melvin. In addition to on-camera roles, Melvin provided the voices of several cartoon characters during his career. He died in 2008.


What was the name of the eldest Brady girl?

Maureen McCormick played "Marcia," the oldest Brady girl, from ages 13 to 17, winning the hearts of many teen boys at the time. In 2016, at age 60, McCormick appeared on ABC's "Dancing With the Stars," where she placed eighth overall.


What was the name of the family's dog?

Tiger, the dog, had to be written off the show after it was hit by a car and died of injuries in real life. "The Brady Bunch" also made mention of a cat, Fluffy, that belonged to the girls in the first episode. But that family pet never appeared again in subsequent episodes.


The youngest of the Brady boys was _______ Brady.

Bobby was played by Michael Lookinland, who was 8 when the show premiered. In real life, his oldest son, Scott, portrayed him in "Growing Up Brady," a tell-all movie that came out in 2000 about what happened on the set of "The Brady Bunch" when the cameras weren't rolling.


Who was Mr. Phillips?

Mr. Phillips, who was played by Jack Collins, was Mike's boss. He only appeared in three episodes but was mentioned often by the show's characters when they talked about Mike's work.


Which famous member of The Monkees takes Marcia to her school dance in Season 3?

Davy Jones appeared in a 1971 episode of "The Brady Bunch," in which he escorted Marcia to the prom. The Monkees was a pop rock band originally conceived in the mid-'60s for a television show. The band members continued to make music after the show ended.


Which of the Brady children spoke with a lisp?

Cindy was teased for her lisp by a bully named Buddy Hinton in Season 2. In reality, many children outgrow this speech disorder naturally or with proper interventions like speech therapy.


Who was the eldest of the Brady boys?

Greg, the eldest of the Brady kids, was played by Barry Williams. Born Sept. 30, 1954, Williams was also interested in singing and went on to perform in musical theaters after "The Brady Bunch" ended.


At school, Peter auditions for the part of George Washington but is instead cast as traitor _________, a role for which his friends mock him.

After being called a "traitor" by his classmates for being cast Benedict Arnold in a play, Peter, played by Christopher Knight, fakes laryngitis to skip out on the role. When Mike points out this is traitor-like behavior, Peter gives in and puts his best effort into the performance.


George ________ was Jan's make-believe boyfriend.

Hurt that a boy she has a crush on doesn't feel the same way about her, Jan makes up a boyfriend to save face in Season 2. When her mother asks what George's last name is, she spots a drinking glass on a table and comes up with the name "Glass" on the fly.


Who was Oliver?

Carol's young nephew, Oliver, lived with the Bradys while his parents were away in South America. Played by Robbie Rist, the character of Oliver was introduced in the middle of Season 5.


Who famously exclaimed, "Oh! My nose!"

In Season 4, Marcia walks into the backyard as the boys are playing football and is hit in the nose with the ball. Her nose swells as a result, causing the star football player at her school to break his date with her.


When Cindy comes down with tonsillitis, which other family member also becomes afflicted?

Both Cindy and Carol have to have their tonsils taken out in Season 2. Tonsillectomies, or the surgical removal of your tonsils, used to be recommended by doctors much more frequently than nowadays.


In Season 5, talent scout Tami Cutler wants to sign Greg to be the new hit singer Johnny ________.

Tami and her associate admit they only signed Greg on as "Johnny Bravo" because he "fit the suit." Greg walks away from the solo deal and returns to his original group with his siblings.


Together, Bobby and Cindy attempt to set a world record for the most hours on a ________.

Upset that they weren't invited to Carol's cousin's wedding and that their older siblings won't let them join in activities because they're younger, Bobby and Cindy set out to break the record for longest time spent on a seesaw to prove a point. Seesaws are also known as teeter-totters.


After snooping in Marcia's diary, Cindy believes a Hollywood agent is planning to make her the next _________.

Marcia, together with Jan's help, schemes to teach Cindy a lesson for snooping in her diary by writing a fake entry suggesting that a Hollywood agent wants to sign Cindy on as the next Shirley Temple. In real life, Temple went on to become a U.S. ambassador after leaving behind the big screen.


Which sibling is named safety monitor at school and writes up Cindy for running in the hallway?

Bobby was named hallway monitor and ended up citing his older siblings for minor infractions as well. By the end of the episode, Bobby finds himself breaking the rules as well in order to save a classmate's cat.


What is the name of Cindy's doll, which she accuses Bobby of stealing after it goes missing?

Kitty Karry-All, Cindy's beloved doll, was taken not by Bobby, it turns out, but by the family's dog. The family discovers this by the end of the episode when the dog also takes Bobby's kazoo.


Season 4 opens with a Brady trip to Hawaii and lots of bad luck stemming from a _____.

A tiki charm brings all kinds of bad luck to the Bradys, including a surfboard accident and the fall of a wall hanging. The boys return the tiki to the ancient burial ground in order to break the curse. The Hawaii episodes were filmed on the island of Oahu.


In one episode, Peter impersonates Humphrey Bogart while repeatedly saying, "Pork chops and __________!"

Told he has no personality, Peter attempts to impersonate various actors, even reciting the family's dinner menu that night of pork chops and applesauce. High in pectin, applesauce is considered good for the digestive system.


This famous New York Jets quarterback visits Bobby when he's led to believe Bobby has a terminal illness. What's his name?

In the final season of "The Brady Bunch," Cindy writes a letter to Joe Namath, claiming Bobby was terminally ill in order to convince the football star to pay a visit. Namath spent most of his professional career with the Jets but retired from the Los Angeles Rams in 1977.


What was Mike Brady's occupation?

Played by actor Robert Reed, Mike Brady was a widowed architect left with three boys after his first wife died. Within the premise of the show, Mike designed the house in which the Bradys lived.


Where does the Brady family vacation when Bobby and Cindy get lost?

Season 3 kicks off with a trip to the Grand Canyon. During the trip, Bobby and Cindy get lost, chasing after an American Indian boy who later shows them how to return to their camp site.


On the eve of his high school graduation, Greg purchases some of Bobby's "hair tonic," only to have his hair turn what color?

Completely horrified by his now-orange hair, Greg must make a trip to Carol's beauty parlor before his graduation ceremony to correct the error. This occurred on the series finale of "The Brady Bunch."


What is the name of the band the kids call themselves when they appear on an amateur talent show in Season 4?

Known as The Silver Platters, the kids sing on an amateur show, hoping to win a $100 cash prize to pay for a silver platter as their parents' anniversary gift. After "The Brady Bunch" went off the air, the cast went on to star in a variety show in which they sang, danced and performed skits.


The older Brady siblings attended ________ High School.

The Westdale High School mascot was a bear cub. In one episode during Season 5, Greg was involved with the heist of their rival school's mascot, a goat named Raquel, the day before the two teams were scheduled to play one another.


What was the name of "the youngest one in curls"?

The baby of the family was "Cindy," who wore her hair in curly pigtails in the earlier seasons. She later switched to braids. "Cindy" was portrayed by Susan Olsen, who was 8 when "The Brady Bunch" premiered.


What color was the Brady house?

The show used exterior shots of a brown-colored home in Studio City, Calif., to represent the house. HGTV reportedly purchased the house for $3.5 million in 2018 and set to work remaking the inside. Episodes of the makeover are scheduled to air in 2019.


Which of the Brady children earns a spot on the television show, "Question the Kids," but blanks as soon as the cameras start to roll?

Bobby and Cindy vie for a spot on the show. When Cindy wins out over Bobby, she lets her ego get the best of her — which comes back to bite her when she turns camera-shy once it's show time.


In Season 4, Alice resigns from her position with the Brady family and _____ takes her place.

Kay, Alice's temporary replacement, was played by actor Mary Treen. In the episode, Alice decides to quit because some of the children are mad at her for telling on them to their parents. But the kids soon come to regret brushing Alice off and convince her to return.


Which character did NOT appear in the series finale?

Mike's character was written off the show in the series finale after a disagreement with the producer over the story line. Robert Reed, who played "Mike," was known to regularly voice frustrations over the show's writing.


In Season 3, who was NOT cast in the school production of Romeo and Juliet?

In the third season, Marcia was cast as Juliet, then was dismissed from the play after allowing her lead role to inflate her ego. She was later cast as Lady Capulet. Peter and Jan, meanwhile, were cast as palace guards.


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