Car Engine Quiz!

By Staff on January 30, 2018

About This Quiz

How savvy are you about how your car engine works? Take this quiz to find out.

Many people know very little about how their car engine works. Other than the benefit of pushing on the gas and making the vehicle go vroom, unless the "check engine" light comes on, most of us are blissfully ignorant about what makes things work under the hood. But, as "simple" as the combustion engine is, there is quite a bit going on at the front of your car every time you turn the key.

As much as you'd like to believe that it's that expensive fuel that makes your car move, it's actually air. Yup, that's right, air powers your car. The engine pulls air inside of it where the air mixes with gasoline. A spark ignites this mixture, and the whole thing explodes. Don't worry; this is a controlled explosion that forces the engine pistons down and into the crankshaft. The crankshaft turns, which makes the transmission spin, which then turns the driveshaft. All that spinning and turning makes it to the wheels, and the car moves. See, that is a lot.

Think you've got the mechanical smarts to ace this quiz? Let's find out!

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