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Evolution is something that many businesses have to pay attention to, even in Canada. Changing industries and new ones can really make or break a company if they can't evolve with it. Unfortunately, many Canadian businesses have closed their doors because of this very reason. Some have also faced tough times due to competition and oversaturation. It can be a tough world to navigate!

You've seen many businesses come and go if you've lived in Canada for a while. One of the bigger examples is stores like Zellers or Sears, who were industry giants in their prime, fading away quicker than they appeared. Canada has also had its fair share of technology companies that could not keep up with the changing industry of digital downloads and subscription-based services for on-demand music and movies. Though it's sad to see them go, they'll always be a big part of Canada's history. You'll probably never forget the memories you have of shopping with these companies and their reward programs. They'll always have a special place in the hearts of Canadians!

So, you're a Canadian company expert, eh? Then you'll have to show us how well you know these companies that have come and gone by taking this quiz!

Anytime you we're looking for electronics, this was the store you would visit in Canada. What is it?

Despite being quite successful for a long time, eventually, the store was bought out by the larger chain, Best Buy. At this point, the stores were still open and only discontinued in 2015. Nothing can beat that feeling of walking into the open store to pick up your favorite game or movie!


For a country that loves hockey, you can't get more Canadian than this skate company. Can you name it?

Bought by Bauer in 1994, technically, Micron is still around. One of their most popular products was their skates, which were known for helping with balance. In fact, some of the best NHL players to ever play have used these famous skates!


Founded in the late 1800s, this technology company is known as what?

Nortel had a long run in Canada only truly starting to face trouble in 2009 when they filed for bankruptcy protection. Once a leader in the industry, they managed to keep afloat until four years later where they ultimately closed their doors.


You know them better today as The Source. Do you know which store it is?

RadioShack started in the United States but made its way over to Canada. Eventually, after a few rounds of acquisition, RadioShack left Canada and the stores where the brand was once located were renamed to The Source.


The department store shown here was known for having an all-red logo. Can you name it?

After becoming a business in 1931, Zellers was one of Canada's largest department stores at one point. Unfortunately, the emergence of stores like Wal-Mart entering the Canadian market led to difficulty for Zellers, who ultimately closed their doors in 2013.


Can you name this company that was one of the largest airplane manufacturers in the world?

If you've heard of the famous Avro Arrow, then you've heard of the Avro Canada company! It was one of the most famous companies during the late 1950s but was eventually dissolved by its larger parent company.


Do you know this technology company that dates back to the late '50s?

After two companies merging together as one, Ferranti-Packard started working together in the realm of technology. They manufactured many different types of technology with everything from electronic mail sorters to computers.


Decorating your home or office for a good price was easy with what store?

At the height of the company, there were over 130 stores all around the country, but when on the decline, that number dropped to just 12. The Brick bought out the company in 2004 and made use of the remaining 12 stores as outlets of their own.


This store became a centenarian before going out of business. Can you name it?

Starting out in Vancouver, Woodward's worked its way up to become a Canadian superstar ⁠— and superstore! Despite having many parts to it, the store could not keep going and it was sold to the Hudson's Bay Company.


Once a thriving store that young adults loved to get their clothes from, this place went out of business in Canada in 2016. Who is it?

Aeropostale was a clothing store targeted to teens and young adults. In Canada, there were once many locations, but these were closed in 2016, making the retailer serve our country online instead.


The grocery store here was only available in Quebec and Ontario. What is it?

From its start, Steinberg's was a family business, which led it from a strictly grocery business into real estate. Though the family had many other businesses aside from this, there came a point where the chain declined and slowly disappeared.


Which store only found in Quebec and Ontario is pictured here?

It was once owned by Steinberg's, but unfortunately, both of the companies no longer exist. At the time, there was a lot of competition when it came to department stores, which led to the downfall of many of them. In Miracle Mart's case, it was the absence of a buyer that truly led to their failure.


Loved by teens and young adults, this company now operates as Bluenotes. What is it?

Thrifty's was started as a clothing company in 1984 for the budget-conscious consumer. In 2000, the company was sold and became Bluenotes, marking the end of the beloved Thrifty's brand.


If you were a contractor, you probably frequented this place a lot! Can you name it?

Beaver Lumber got its start in the early 1900s and lasted almost 100 years. Once family-owned, it went through a change in owners a few times before being bought by Molson. Their fate was later passed onto Home Hardware who bought the chain and ultimately said good-bye to the all-Canadian chain.


It was a popular department store at one time, and it went through a few name changes. Do you know what it is called?

Dominion of Canada was the name of this chain which humbly got its start in Toronto. While it was thriving on its own at one time, it eventually changed ownership and clusters of stores were sold to larger companies of the same industry. For example, Loblaws acquired many of the Dominion stores.


In Canada, this store was known for their famous "Wish Book." What is it?

Sears was a beloved store for many Canadians who often looked forward to receiving the annual Wish Book to look through. Unfortunately, 2016 brought trouble for the once-giant company; it ultimately closed in Canada in early 2018.


Though it is still around in other forms, what former convenience-store chain is this?

Every kid in Ontario will remember their trips to Becker's to grab some delicious milk. While the convenience store we remember has turned into Mac's Convenience Store locations, Becker's still exists as a real estate company instead.


Which defunct brewery was located in Quebec?

Dow Breweries first got its start in the 1800s but only became more popularized in the mid-1900s. As for the company going out of business, it was caused in part by a scandal involving serious illnesses of those who had drunk large amounts of the beer from the Quebec City brewery. It gave the brand a bad name, which led to their downfall.


Everyone had a kitchen appliance from which of the following companies at one point?

Did you know that before becoming the appliance company that we remember it as it was a weapons company? After being successful for over 100 years, the company was acquired by Whirlpool, which is what we know it as today.


You would have found this fashion store in malls around the country. Do you know what it is?

Jacob had clothes for women that were stylish and affordable. Their reach into other demographics was done by opening up other stores carrying clothes that would attract that group of people. Some of these stores included Josef and Jacob Jr.


Can you name this clothing store that's owned by a much larger brand?

Owned by larger store Reitman's, Smart Set was eventually deemed unprofitable and dissolved. Reitman's made use of the remaining stores, using them as flagship stores for their main brand, which was considered profitable.


If you were in Quebec, you might have known this store as Bonimart. Which of the following is it?

Towers wasn't your average department store. Often, you ould dine right inside of the store and then head over to pick up some groceries in the merged grocery store. Towers ultimately found itself discontinued in order for Zellers to take over the stores.


This catalogue store was opened only in Ontario. Can you name it?

Things were looking up for the Shop-Rite brand when the Hudson's Bay Company purchased it. However, 10 years later, the stores were closed due to low sales and bankruptcy. Their biggest competitor was Consumers Distributing, another Canadian business that also came to a close.


Once the largest airline in Canada, it ultimately couldn't keep up with the others. What is it?

What was once known as Canadian Airlines was sold to Air Canada. Before it was defunct in 2001, you might have had the chance to kick back in the Empress lounge of the Canadian airports when you were waiting for your flight.


This store started off in Canada, later taking on the world. Which of the following is it?

Costa Blanca was a clothing store that started out small in 1995 and found itself quickly growing internationally. Unfortunately, like many other Canadian stores, Costa Blanca couldn't keep ahead and closed.


What's this great place for your electronic needs on the West Coast?

A&B Sound was popular in days before the internet when many would go to electronic stores to buy music and other media. Unfortunately, the company saw trouble just like countless other music retailers around the country and went bankrupt in 2008.


This company existed even before Canada was a country! What is it?

The Bank of Upper Canada was in service for a little over 40 years serving what is now known as Ontario. Politics played a large part in the bank's downfall, and when it went under, many citizens lost much of their money.


Which famous Canadian department store succumbed to bankruptcy?

Two years after Canada became a country, Eaton's was formed. It was first in Toronto, quickly expanding to locations around the country. The '90s brought trouble for Eaton's; their sales started to decline and they went bankrupt.


This catalogue merchant put out new material with the change of the seasons, first starting in 1957. Do you know which company it is?

Lasting only a little over 60 years, Consumers Distributing was a successful business back in its day. There were a few reasons for its downfall, such as bigger retailers moving in and taking over and the emergence of newer technology such as online shopping.


Though it started off selling army supplies, which store later turned into a department store?

SAAN found itself quite successful from its beginnings all the way through until the early 2000s. Their popularity started to decline after this, which led to the closure of more than 100 stores around the country.


The all-Canadian sports car was created by which of the following companies?

Bricklin Canada was started in New Brunswick, but it ended up being quite short-lived. The sports cars were made for a total of two years. Despite this, the car was commemorated in the form of a Canadian stamp.


Though it went defunct in 2001, this store might just get its comeback. Can you name it?

BiWay was a property of Dylex, which specialized in clothing stores. BiWay was a discount store that saw trouble when the new owners changed it into a dollar store through rebranding under the name Dollar Zone.


Record lovers went to this store when they needed their music fix. What store is it?

From the 1930s on, everyone knew that Sam the Record Man was the best place in Canada to visit for music. Unfortunately, like many other record stores, the internet played a large part in the downfall of the beloved franchise.


If you were traveling on a budget, you may have used this company known as what?

Jetsgo was quite short-lived as it lasted for only four years in the early 2000s. The reason for the closure of the company was debt, which also left many passengers who had made it to their first destination stranded.


The store shown here was once known as "Bed, Bath & More." What was it known as before it closed?

Once the store you'd visit to get all of your home needs, Home Outfitters was closed in 2019. Not one of the most popular home stores in Canada, it only had 37 locations at the time of closing, which was down from more than 60 locations just five years prior.


There was no better place to get your jeans than which store?

Randy River was loved for its selection of jeans that were always sold at a fair price. Though the store was shut down, it was possible to find the brand of jeans itself in some other stores in Canada if you really wanted a pair!


In this store, you could get your car fixed and pick up a new pair of shoes at the same time. What is it?

Woolco was the Canadian division of the American store Woolworth and was quite successful in its day. Canadians may remember doing many things at the store, including dining in one of its restaurants, which was always a treat!


It was once a one-stop shop for music, movies and merchandise until its closing in 2017. What store is it?

While HMV originally came from the U.K. company, the store was not allowed to use the original meaning of the name. Fortunately, this had nothing to do with the company's downfall, which was mostly due to online media and declining sales.


The 1930s saw the start of this "smart" department store. Can you name it?

Wise Stores were started by one man, Alex Wise, who grew the store into just under 50 stores. While the store was present in three provinces, this was not enough to keep the company afloat, and it ceased operation in 1995.


At one time, it would have been hard to find a larger brewery than which of the following?

Seagram's is what started out as a brewery, but following their growth, they quickly started venturing into other sectors as well. One of the most notable companies that they bought was Universal. Eventually, Seagram's slowly started selling off the companies they had acquired to bigger companies and stopped doing business themselves.


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