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March Madness is that time of the year when even non-sports-fans are engrossed by all that's happening. It's almost impossible to ignore. Some of basketball's biggest names are born, and even if they don't play another basketball game in their lives, they live forever in basketball history. 

Some players, like Christian Laettner, have been immortalized for their March Madness play, even though they had little success in the NBA. Some players, like Patrick Ewing, have never won an NBA championship but have won an NCAA championship. Some players, like Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, have won multiple NBA and NCAA championships, and some of the world's greatest players, like Kobe and LeBron, never even went to college. 

How much do you know about March Madness? Do you know the greatest players to ever compete in it? In 1982, Michael Jordan hit the game-winning shot to win the title. It would've been a three-pointer but the three-point line hadn't been implemented yet. Who did he play for? Back when Kareem Abdul-Jabbar was Lew Alcindor he revolutionized the college game. The NCAA actually had to ban dunking because he was too dominant. Do you know what legendary team he played on?

Put your basketball skills to the test and see if you can name the March Madness champion based on an image of a player.

Michael Jordan hit the game winning shot in 1982 for what NCAA national champion?

Dean Smith coached the University of North Carolina Tar Heels to a 1-point victory over John Thompson and the Georgetown Hoyas to win the 1982 NCAA Men's Basketball Championship. Michael Jordan hit the game-winning shot in the championship game.


What team did Kyle Guy help lead to its first-ever NCAA championship?

Virginia made its first championship appearance in 2019. The team also won its first title that year, behind outstanding play from Kyle Guy. Guy hit three free throws in the final 0.6 seconds in the Final Four to advance to the championship. He scored 24 points in the championship game.


The NCAA banned dunking because Lew Alcindor was too dominant. What team did he play for?

Lew Alcindor changed his name to Kareem Abdul-Jabbar in 1971. Before that, he won back-to-back-to-back championships with John Wooden and the UCLA Bruins from 1967 to 1969. He was drafted No. 1 overall in the 1969 NBA Draft.


Who did "The Brow" win a championship with in 2012?

The University of Kentucky became the premiere one-and-done college destination during the 21st century, and Anthony Davis was the quintessential one-and-done recruit. He led the Wildcats to the national title his freshman year and was drafted No.1 overall in the NBA draft after the season.


Where did basketball legend Patrick Ewing play college ball?

Patrick Ewing played for Georgetown from 1981 to 1985 and helped the squad win the 1984 national title. He won a multitude of awards during his collegiate career, and in 2017 he returned to Georgetown to accept a job as the men's head basketball coach.


On what team did NBA All-Star Joakim Noah win back-to-back NCAA championships?

Billy Donovan coached the Florida Gators in the early 2000s and led the team to much success. The Gators had some of the best talent in the country, and Noah wasn't the only player on the team to go on to find success in the NBA.


Who did Carmelo Anthony win a championship with?

While the world was gawking at high school phenom LeBron James, Carmelo Anthony was leading the Syracuse Orangemen to their first NCAA title. He said he'd come back for another year during celebrations, but then declared for the NBA draft in the offseason.


Kemba Walker won an NCAA championship in 2011 for what team?

Kemba Walker started off slow at UConn, but by his junior year, he was one of the best players in the country. He was the tournament's most outstanding player that year and declared for the NBA draft in the offseason. He was selected No. 9 overall.


Everybody remembers Laettner's buzzer beater, but Grant Hill threw the pass. Who did Grant Hill play for?

Grant Hill Played for the Duke Blue Devils for four years and won back-to-back titles with the team in 1991 and '92. He was drafted No. 3 overall in the 1994 NBA Draft, but injuries prevented him from playing at his full potential.


The Magic vs. Bird rivalry started in college when Magic beat Bird in the 1979 national championship. Who did Magic Johnson play for?

Basketball fans finally got to see Magic Johnson face off against Larry Bird in a title game when they played each other in 1979. The Spartans got the best of the contest, and Bird's Indiana Hoosiers lost its first game of the season. Their rivalry continued into the NBA.


Do you know where Shane Battier played college ball?

Shane Battier was one of the best defensive players in college when he played. He helped lead Duke to the 2001 NCAA title and won multiple awards that year, including the John Wooden Award. He was drafted No. 6 overall in the 2001 draft and went on to win two NBA championships.


Do you know where NBA legend Glen Rice played college ball?

Glen Rice won the NCAA Most Outstanding Player award for the 1989 NCAA Tournament. Rice helped lead the Michigan Wolverines to the national title that year, which helped the school recruit the Fab Five in 1991.


National Player of the Year Jalen Brunson won two NCAA titles with what team?

Jalen Brunson may not have been the highest-scoring player in the tournament or even on his own team, but he was one of the most consistent during his time in college. He helped lead Villanova to titles in 2016 and 2018.


Lorenzo Charles scored the game-winning dunk for what 1983 NCAA national champion?

The NC State Wolfpack is probably most famously remembered for being coached by Jimmy Valvano, but the championship-winning dunk by Lorenzo Charles in the final seconds of the 1983 title game is the next most memorable image of the team.


Who did Juan Dixon help win the 2002 NCAA title?

Juan Dixon helped lead the Maryland Terrapins to a national title in 2002. The Gary Williams-coached team also starred Steve Blake and Chris Wilcox. The squad beat Wisconsin, Kentucky, UConn, Kansas and Indiana to win the title that year.


Christian Laettner hit the buzzer-shot heard 'round the world en route to the 1992 NCAA title. Who did he play for?

The Duke Blue Devils won back-to-back national championships in 1991 and 1992. Grant Hill's full-court pass to Christian Laettner in the team's Elite Eight match-up against Kentucky was the highlight of the tournament. Laettner's buzzer-beater gave the Blue Devils a 1-point victory and a spot in the Final Four.


At what school did basketball legend Isiah Thomas win an NCAA championship?

The 1981 NCAA Championship featured one of basketball's greatest coaching match-ups. The Hoosiers were coached by Bob Knight and the Tar Heels were coached by Dean Smith. Thomas and the Hoosiers won the title and Thomas declared for the draft that year. He was selected No. 2 overall.


Quinn Cook won an NBA championship in 2018. At what school did he win an NCAA championship three years earlier?

The Duke Blue Devils beat the Wisconsin Badgers by five points to win the 2015 NCAA Championship. His teammate Tyus Jones, won the tournament's Most Outstanding Player award that year. Cook won an NBA title with the Warriors in 2018.


Where did Richard Hamilton win an NCAA championship?

Richard "Rip" Hamilton helped lead the UConn Huskies to a national title in 1999. He was recognized as the most outstanding player of the tournament that year and was drafted No. 7 overall in the NBA draft. He won an NBA title in 2004 with the Detroit Pistons.


On what team did Shabazz Napier win two NCAA championships?

Shabazz Napier helped lead the UConn Huskies to NCAA titles in 2011 and 2014. He declared for the NBA draft after playing all four years in college. He was selected No. 24 overall by Charlotte. He's since played for five NBA teams.


Who did Antoine Walker play for when he won an NCAA championship in the mid-'90s?

The 1995-96 Kentucky Wildcats were coached by Rick Pitino and were one of the NCAA's best teams. The team beat the Jim Boeheim-coached Syracuse Orangemen to win the 1996 title. Tony Delk was named Most Outstanding Player.


Who did Tyus Jones play for in 2015 when he won an NCAA title?

Duke's 2015 national championship team was loaded with some of the NCAA's best players that season, and Jones was one of them. His brother, Tre, joined the Blue Devils in 2018 and is trying to recreate the magic of 2015.


Mario Chalmers led his college team to its first title in 20 years when he won in 2008. Who did he play for?

The Kansas Jayhawks were once home to Wilt Chamberlain, who was arguably the most dominant basketball player in history, but he never won a championship with the team. Mario Chalmers eventually got the team over the hump in 2008.


Where did NBA legend James Worthy win an NCAA title in 1982?

Michael Jordan hit the game-winning shot in the 1982 NCAA championship game, but James Worthy was named the tournament's most outstanding player that year. He declared for the draft after the 1982 season and was selected No. 1 overall by the LA Lakers.


Jahlil Okafor won an NCAA title his freshman year for what team?

Jahlil Okafor helped lead the Duke Blue Devils to a national title in 2015. It was Duke's second title of the decade. Okafor was drafted No. 3 overall in the 2015 draft that included Kirstaps Porzingis, D'Angelo Russell and Karl-Anthony Towns.


On what team did Al Horford win back-to-back national titles?

The Florida Gators coached by Billy Donovan won back-to-back titles in 2006 and 2007. He had a ton of recruits, and one of the better players was Al Horford, who later went on to get selected No. 3 overall in the 2007 NBA Draft.


Brothers Mason and Miles Plumlee helped what team win an NCAA title in 2010?

Duke is one of the most famous teams in all of sports because they've won so many NCAA titles. Mason Plumlee played alongside his older brother Miles in 2010 when Duke won the national title. Miles was drafted in 2012 and Mason was drafted the next year.


Today Bill Walton is known for his colorful sports commentary. In 1972 he played center for what NCAA champion?

The UCLA Bruins, coached by John Wooden, was arguably the greatest college basketball team ever. The only team that comes close is the UConn women's basketball team coached by Geno Auriemma. UCLA won nine championships in 10 years from 1964 - 1974.


Born in Germany and raised in Alaska, what college team did Carlos Boozer win a title with in 2001?

Carlos Boozer was born in Germany but grew up in Alaska, where he led his high school team to back-to-back state titles. He then accepted a scholarship to play at Duke University, where he helped lead the team to the 2001 national title.


Danny Green won NBA titles with two different teams. Do you know who he won an NCAA title with?

North Carolina's 2009 championship team had a lot of good players and Danny Green was one of them. He didn't win the Most Outstanding Player award, but he was one of the team's most integral pieces. It was UNC's second title of the decade.


Do you know what team Jeremy Lamb helped lead to a NCAA title in 2011?

Jeremy Lamb was the second-best player on the 2011 national champion UConn Huskies team. The team didn't fare so well in the 2012 tournament, and Lamb declared for the NBA draft in the offseason. He was selected No. 12 overall.


Where did Luke Hancock win an NCAA title?

Louisville finally won an NCAA championship under head coach Rick Pitino when they beat John Beilein's Michigan Wolverines for the 2013 NCAA title. Unfortunately, the title was vacated following a recruiting scandal uncovered years later.


Where did Raymond Felton play in 2005 when he won an NCAA championship?

Raymond Felton and Sean May helped the Roy Williams-coached Tar Heels win the school's first championship since the Dean Smith days. Felton declared for the draft after that season and was drafted No. 5 overall by the Charlotte Bobcats. UNC legend Michael Jordan acquired a minority stake in the franchise that year.


Jason Terry won an NBA championship with the Celtics in 2001. Where did he win an NCAA championship in 1997?

Jason "The Jet" Terry won a championship in 1997 under head coach Lute Olson when the Arizona Wildcats beat the Kentucky Wildcats for the title. Kentucky was coached by Rick Pitino and they had won the title the year prior.


David Thompson is one of only six players to have scored 70+ points in an NBA game. Where did he play college ball?

NBA and ABA legend David Thompson helped the NC State Wolfpack win the 1974 NCAA National Championship. It was the first men's basketball title for the school ever. He was selected No. 1 overall in the 1975 NBA Draft.


Tom Gola has the record for most NCAA rebounds of all time. Where did he play?

Tom Gola led the La Salle Explorers to a national title in 1954. It's the university's only national basketball championship. He entered the NBA draft the next year and became an NBA champion the year after that when the Philadelphia Warriors won the 1956 NBA Championship.


This 11-time NBA champion has two NCAA titles. What team did he play for?

Bill Russell led his college team to back-to-back NCAA titles in 1955 and '56 before declaring for the 1956 NBA Draft, where he was selected No.2 overall. He was drafted by the St. Louis Hawks but ended up with the Boston Celtics by the end of draft day via nifty trade deals.


Boston Celtic legend John Havlicek won eight NBA championships and one NCAA championship. Where did he play in college?

John Havlicek played college ball at Ohio State alongside future Hall of Famers Jerry Lucas and Bob Knight. Knight later went on to have a historic career in coaching, and Lucas became an NBA All-Star and champion.


Where did basketball legend Bob Cousy win an NCAA title in 1947?

Holy Cross won its one and only NCAA championship in 1947 behind all-star Joe Mullaney and an unknown freshman point guard named Bob Cousy. Cousy went on to win six NBA championships with the Boston Celtics and is regarded as one of the greatest sports legends ever.


Where did Donte DiVencenzo win two NCAA titles in the 2010s?

Donte DiVencenzo won a championship in 2016, was named to the All-Freshman team in 2017 and won another championship in 2018. He was also named the tournament's most outstanding player that year and won the Big East Sixth Man of the Year award.


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