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Canada is home to everything from maple syrup to hockey, but you'll also find some of the most unique structures in the world. There are arenas that look like saddles and tall skyscrapers that tower over the cities that they stand within. Some have historical significance such as being home to the government while others are home to businesses or notable Canadians. Did you know that one of the oldest buildings in the country is known as the Cathedral-Basilica of Notre-Dame?

Anyone who has been around Canada has probably visited more than a few Canadian cities. If you have, there's a good chance you've seen many of the structures that each city has to offer. While many think of the wilderness and vast lands when thinking of Canada, they've missed out on so much personality that the big cities have to offer. Architects were hard at work when tasked with designing these buildings that make the North so memorable. Think of the CN Tower, for example. Almost everyone knows which famous Canadian city this tower stands proudly in.

Are you an expert on the architecture of the North? Have you seen the towers and the stylish houses found around the country? Show that you've kept your eyes peeled by telling us where these buildings stand!

The building pictured here is unmistakable along the skyline of this iconic city. Can you name the city?

It's hard to think of a building that Toronto is known for more than the CN Tower! This iconic building was started in 1973, but did not officially open to the public until three years later. The building is one that many make a point to visit when they're in the area.


A beautiful mansion with lots of history behind it, can you name the city that it's in?

This mansion called Casa Loma was once used as a residence, but today it is a heritage house instead. It was owned by Henry Pellatt, who was also the one who had it built on his land in 1911. Since then, it's been used for many events and you've probably even caught it in quite a few movies!


Nestled into the St. Lawrence River is this building with a whole lot of history to it. Where is it located?

The Chateau Frontenac is an important historic site located on the waterfront in Quebec City. It's a place that many visit to take in its beauty as well as to stay in, as it is also a famous hotel. Even the streets surrounding it are equally as historic!


This is the primary residence of the Governor General. Where is it?

The official residence of the Governor General is Rideau Hall. Despite being a residence, it is possible to tour this famous building, which has stood since 1838. Another name you might hear for it is "Government House."


A beautiful display of architecture stacked up to look unique, can you name the city where you would find this piece?

The year of 1967 was an important one in Canada, and Habitat 67 will always be an important building from that year. Easily recognized by its unique look which looks like boxes stacked upon one another.


Resembling the CN Tower is this large structure that stands in which Canadian city?

The Calgary Tower is over 600 feet tall and at one time went by the name Husky Tower. From the top of the tower, you can look out at the city from above. Did you know that there's also a restaurant at the top to dine in?


It's hard to find castles around Canada, but here is one nestled into which Canadian city?

Looking like it could fit in with Disney's famous castles, Craigdarroch Castle is one that Victoria calls its own. Starting off as the home of Robert Dunsmuir, nowadays it is a historic site that is also used as a museum.


This dates back as far as the late 1800s, but can you guess where you'd find it?

The Banff Springs Hotel is located in the breathtaking city of Banff, one important tourist destination in Canada. Did you know that the hotel was established in 1888? 100 years later, it was declared a National Historic Site.


With some similarities to the Sydney Opera House, can you guess which city this famous building is in?

It's not hard to tell that Canada Place is where you go to board on a cruise with the sails that line the top of the building. Situated along the waterfront, it has a lot of use for tourists and locals alike. If you leave your cruise, you can stay in its hotel for a night!


There's no denying that this building is filled to the brim with history. Where would you find it?

The Canadian Museum of History was first created in 1856 and has since become a popular tourist destination in Gatineau. Did you know that it wasn't always standing in this place? Before making the move to Gatineau, the museum existed in Montreal.


A place people go to get from point A to point B, where is it located?

Union Station is a famous subway station in Toronto, where many start and end their daily commutes around the city. The structure was first built in 1927, and has since undergone renovations.


With beautiful glass windows like no other, do you know where in the country this building stands?

If you're a lover of live music and live in Montreal, then chances are that you have visited the Montreal Symphony House. The Maison symphonique de Montréal, as it's known in French, opened in 2011 and features a beautiful space for performers.


Famous for being the largest church in North America, where can you go to visit this beautiful building?

The gorgeous Notre-Dame Basilica has been a large attraction in Canada since its consecration in 1829. Its claim to fame doesn't just come from its historic look, but also from it being the largest church on the continent.


Unique and modern, this is one building you'll always remember when you see it. What city is it in?

Being a facility that specializes in design, there's no wonder that the Sharp Center for Design is a testament to that work! While it is definitely memorable, it isn't exactly its own building. It is connected to the Ontario College of Arts and Design.


You're not looking at the EPCOT ball when you see this famous building! Where in Canada is it?

The beautiful building is known as Science World, located in Vancouver. The building has been sponsored by Telus, but only since the early 2000s. It has been standing since the late 1970s, however.


Similar in nature to the famous Colosseum, where is this Canadian Colosseum located?

Every city has a library, but the Vancouver Public Library is known for its beautiful shape that resembles the famous Colosseum. This was not always the building that it was in, however, and it was instead located at the Vancouver Carnegie Library before moving.


There's no doubt that this place is highly appreciated by those who visit, but where do they go to see it in all of its glory?

Not only is the Art Gallery of Ontario filled with beautiful art, but it is also art itself! While the history of the museum dates back to 1900, the building was never established until 1913. Since then, it has undergone many renovations and expansions that make it the beautiful sight that we know today.


Home to an important lieutenant governor, do you know where you would find this cozy home?

The Government House, which you might also know as Fanningbank, has had a long history in P.E.I. It was first built in 1834 and features four unmistakable pillars at the front and center of the house. It also has a breathtaking garden!


This building is not for those who have arachnophobia! Where is it?

You can't miss the National Gallery of Canada with the famous spider statue that stands outside the building. Home to thousands of pieces of art, it has been a gallery since 1880 but opened within its current building in 1988.


It might look like it's straight out of New York City, but this tower is located right here in the north. Do you know what city it's in?

Over 700 feet tall, Stantec Tower stands proudly in the Edmonton skyline. The building is a commercial hub, with a variety of corporations having business offices inside its stylish glass form.


Part of a university campus, can you name the city that is home to this building?

The Museum of Anthropology is in Vancouver where it has stood since the late 1970s. Home to artifacts such as totem poles and other First Nations artifacts, the building is also heavily inspired by them.


Standing since the early 1800s, can you name the city that the historic and famous building pictured here is in?

Sitting along the side of a grassy hill inside Halifax, the Old Town Clock still stands today as it has since the 1800s. If you're in Halifax and ever need the time, you know that you can count on the clock to tell you!


A popular place for tourists to enjoy, can you name the city where this iconic building stands?

Like many other government buildings in Canada, the Manitoba Legislative Building was built in the early 1900s. If you look closely at the top of the dome on the building, you'll see a little statue which is known as the Golden Boy.


Famous for being the residence of the Prime Minister, where would you go to visit this place?

The prime minister lives at 24 Sussex in Ottawa during their time in office. The location is right in downtown Ottawa and not far from where the PM conducts most of their work, Parliament Hill.


An arena famous for its shape resembling a saddle, where in Canada is this building?

The Saddledome is a famous building in Calgary for a few reasons. One is for its unique shape, and another is because it is the home of the NHL team the Calgary Flames. In addition to hockey games, you can also catch some live music there sometimes as well.


One of the tallest towers in its downtown area, can you name the city that this unique building stands in?

A relatively new building to downtown Calgary, The Bow stands tall and looks unique in the city. Inside its curve is public art for the viewing pleasure of those passing by. If you're a visitor to the building, then you'll want to check out the observation deck which gives a birds-eye view of the city.


Home to matters involving the province, which city is this classic building part of?

First built in 1897, the British Columbia Parliament Building is designated for the provincial government. The outside is regal and timeless, and the inside represents much of the same, especially within the parliament chamber.


There's no other building in Canada like this one. Can you guess where it is?

Serving as a museum, the Ripley's Believe It or Not building is one that you can't miss! The building is not only colourful but very flamboyant, with flipped and toppled parts to it as well as entertaining features such as King Kong on top.


Still in use today, this building has much importance to Canada and its people. Where would you find it?

Used by the military, La Citadelle de Quebec is located in Quebec City and it was built in the early 1800s. Becoming a historic site in the 1940s, today the Governor-General often spends time there.


One of the most famous malls in the country, can you guess where it is?

Once considered to be one of the largest shopping malls, it still holds this title in Canada. The West Edmonton Mall has endless fun packed inside its walls where you can do everything from shopping to eating to taking a dip in the water park!


A tower that changes form up toward the top, do you know where you might find it?

When you look along the Montreal core, you may notice one building that stands above the rest. It's 1000 de la Gauchetiere, the tallest skyscraper in Montreal. It stands a little less than 700 feet, with a grand total of 51 floors inside.


Built with stunning red brick, do you know where you'd go to get a glimpse of this building?

The Gooderham Building has stood proudly in downtown Toronto since the late 1800s when it served as a distillery. It's also known as the Flatiron Building, and bears a resemblance to the building of that name in NYC.


Along Atwater Street, in which city would you find this building that shares its name?

The Atwater Market was built in 1933 and is a popular place to go and shop for all kinds of different goods. One of the most recognizable features of the building is the tower which stands tall above its main part.


Often lit up in bright colors is this vibrant building. But do you know where it is?

One of two locations in Canada, the Royal Canadian Mint in Winnipeg is a sight to behold. With glass windows and an incredible shaped building, it's definitely a place that tourists make a point of visiting while in the area.


Another EPCOT-type building, this time you'll find it on the East Coast. What city is it in?

The Montreal Biosphere was Canada's Centennial gift to the world, being made especially for the World Expo. Today, it serves as a museum and if you look closely, you can see it in a few hit movies as well.


Created in 2008, this building is known for its stacked design. Can you guess where you would find it?

All about showcasing human rights, the Canadian Museum of Human Rights is the newest museum to come to Canada. Did you know that the Museum works with universities and organizations around Canada to ensure that education is passed on?


One of the more untraditional buildings in Canada, this one finds itself rebuilt every year. Where is it?

Built entirely of ice, Hotel de Glace gives an amazing experience like no other to guests who brave the cold to stay there. The talented artists who work on it make for a beautiful winter weekend getaway.


Arguably one of the most famous buildings in the country, this is where the prime minister conducts most of his work. What city is it in?

Known for being home to the Government of Canada, Parliament Hill is an important Canadian building. Attracting tourists from all over, there are often events held here to celebrate Canadian holidays. One of the biggest is the Canada Day celebrations that take place annually.


Named after the man who came up with the idea, do you know where this building is?

Massey Hall was created in order for people to enjoy live music, something that it is still well-known for today. Being open since the late 1800s, the building needed some renovations to bring it back up to last for many more years to come.


The dome that tops off this building was an afterthought. Can you guess where it stands?

The Frontenac County Court was meant for a much different purpose when it was built in the 1800s. It was meant to act as the Parliament of Canada! Instead, the building became a famous courthouse.


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