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A brand's image is one of the most important aspects of being recognized in the consumer sphere. And its logo is the one thing that is more important than anything else. The logo is the first thing people come to recognize about a product, making it a powerful tool for marketing and brand recognition. In some cases, having a recognizable logo can make or break a company.

Carbonated beverages are no stranger to effective logo use. The Coca-Cola brand has used a similar logo on all its products since 1887 (with a small lapse in judgment in 1890-1891, that was quickly remedied), making it one of the most recognized logos in the world. In addition to Coco-Cola, Pepsi is known for the variations in its signature red, white and blue sphere. These are just two examples of well-marketed and recognizable logos within the soda world. 

If you can decipher the difference between the green of the Mountain Dew label over the similar color used for Sprite's logo, then this quiz is the perfect way to test your skills! Only a real soda expert would do well on these questions. Let's see if you end up popping under pressure!

What lemon-lime soda's logo is blurred out in the photo?

Sprite was introduced in 1961 by the the Coca-Cola Company as a way to compete with the other popular citrus soda, 7-Up. The drink was first created in West Germany in 1959 and then later brought to the United States.


Developed by a pharmacist in 1886, which product has this logo?

Coca-Cola was first invented in Atlanta, Georgia, by a man named John Stith Pemberton. Atlanta is where the headquarters for the entire Coca-cola Company and its subsidiaries is located.


Which soda is known to come in more than 100 flavors across the world?

Fanta can be found in different flavors, depending upon where you are in the world. In Australia, you might find a flavor called Sour Berry Tingle, while a trip to Belize would have you tempted by a Root Beer Fanta!


Which soda has the slogan, "Drink _____. It's Good"?

The first bottle of Barq's root beer was sold in 1871 in Mississippi. The brand saw a large increase in profits between 1920 and 1924 due to the prohibition of alcohol in the United States.


This soda is known for coming in its original flavor and in a ruby red version. Which soda is it?

The inspiration for Squirt came from the Great Depression. During this time period, things like fruit and sugar were expensive, so Squirt was made with the idea that it would be a soda that required less of those than other sodas.


Complete with a crown, which soda belongs to this logo?

Despite being most known for its ginger ale, Canada Dry has an extensive list of offerings. Some of the other products include Jamaica Black Cola, Cocoa Cream soda and a blueberry variation of their popular ginger drink.


This popular soft drink used to be known as Brad's Drink. What does it go by nowadays?

Pepsi was originally called Brad's Drink. This is because the person who invented the popular carbonated beverage went by the name of Caleb Bradham. The soda's name was changed in 1961.


The red and silver logo seen here belongs to none other than which soda?

Diet Coke recently expanded its popular zero-calorie beverage line by incorporating new flavors into the cola drink. Some of these unique combinations include feisty cherry, twisted mango, blueberry acai and zesty blood orange.


Which soda comes in variations such as Baja Blast, Ice and VooDEW?

The Mountain Dew recipe that started it all was developed in Tennessee in 1940. The formula underwent multiple revisions as the rights to the drink were bought and sold. In 1964, it was bought by Pepsi-Cola, who still owns it today.


This canine-themed logo represents a soda brand that makes cream soda and root beer. What's the brand's name?

Did you know the dog on the Mug can has a name? Modeled after the bulldog breed, the dog on the cans of Mug products goes by the name, Dog. Talk about original thinking on their part!


Which tropical soda belongs to the logo in the image?

A well-known celebrity who has a place in his heart for Tahitian Treat is Drake! On his track, "Weston Road Flows," he sings about how he "used to hit the corner store to get Tahiti Treat."


The subject of an R.E.M. song, what is the soda that is pictured here?

The popular R.E.M. song was released in 1988, while the soda debuted in 1911. The soda is distributed by the Keurig Dr. Pepper company as a competitor to another orange soda, Fanta.


Which of the following sodas comes in a lemon flavor?

Royal Crown Cola, or RC Cola as it's more popularly known, comes in three flavors. There's the original cola flavor, a cherry variety and an unexpected lemon-flavored cola.


This soda is known for its 23-flavors taste. Which soda has this flavorful title?

Dr Pepper was first formulated in Waco, Texas, in 1885. The creator of the soda, Wade Morrison, was said to have named the beverage after the father of the girl he used to be in love with.


Which bubbly drink was originally called "Bib-Label Lithiated Lemon-Lime Soda"?

Did you know that 7-Up has a mascot? Outside the borders of the United States, a sketched man by the name of Fido Dido is used to represent the brand. He was created in 1987 and was a popular marketing tactic for the brand in the '90s.


As a way to compete with Mountain Dew, the Coca-Cola Company produced which of the following?

Surge was said to use the same "hardcore" marketing tactics that Mountain Dew used during the '90s. However, Surge's popularity lessened over time, and the original production of the soda was discontinued in 2003.


Of the following sodas, which one was created in Chicago?

Even though the company is known as The Dad's Root Beer Company, they produce more than root beer! Some of the other sodas this company produces include Red Cream, Orange Cream and Blue Cream varieties.


"Good Vibrations" by the Beach Boys was used in the marketing campaigns for which soda?

One thing that makes Sunkist unique among other orange soda varieties is that it contains caffeine. At one point, Diet Sunkist used to have 41 mg of caffeine, but has since been changed to 19 mg.


This Dr Pepper competitor was originally introduced as "Peppo." Which soda used to have this name?

Described as a "pepper-style carbonated soft drink," Pibb Xtra was introduced as "Peppo" in 1972. Two years later, it was re-branded under the name "Dr. Pibb." The name changed again in 2001 to Pibb Xtra.


Which soda's coloring is described as a "chartreuse yellow"?

At one point during the early 1990s, Mello Yello was unavailable for purchase in Australia. Instead, the country offered its citizens a non-caffeinated option that was called Lift.


Created by a pharmacist from Detroit, which soda shares its name with its creator?

The Vernors formula of today wouldn't be possible without the Civil War! When James Vernor was called to serve, he left the beverage in an oak cask, where it was changed during the four years he was gone.


Which of the following comes in a grapefruit mint flavor?

In addition to the strange flavor combination that is grapefruit mint, Fresca comes in a number of other flavors. Some of these include cherry citrus, black cherry, lime, and peach.


Known as the original "red cream soda," which soda was first called Sun Tang Red Cream Soda?

At first taste, some may think the flavoring in Big Red soda is created from bubblegum. The actual formula, however, is a combination of lemon and orange oils mixed with vanilla.


Which soda was re-branded under the name Mist Twist?

When it was first introduced in 1999, the lemon-lime soda was called Sierra Mist. In 2016, the PepsiCo company reintroduced the product with the name "Mist Twist." This didn't last long, and the name was reverted to the original in 2018.


With a name that is said to mean "admirable," which soda originated in Spain?

Mirinda was first created in 1959 and was purchased by PepsiCo in 1970. Some of the unique flavor offerings of the soda include banana, pomegranate, hibiscus, guarana, watermelon and apple.


Despite its name, which soda is produced in Germany?

After World War II, Afri-Cola surged in popularity in Germany. It was said to be a symbol of German Wirtschaftswunder, which is the term used to describe the rapid economic rebound the country saw after the war.


Now owned by Keurig Dr Pepper, which soda was introduced in 1919?

The IBC in the name stands for Independent Breweries Company, which represented a group of breweries that came together to form one syndicate. IBC failed because ther were too many people in charge and overhead was too high.


Which beverage is branded as the "world's original soft drink"?

Created by Jacob Schweppe in 1783, the soda brand gained notoriety with Schweppe's ability to create carbonated beverages. It was known as "lightning in a bottle" because it kept its carbonation, unlike other sodas of the time.


This soda brand is also known for its line of fruit juices. Which of the following brands matches that description?

The origins of the Welch's company are rooted in its business as a fruit juice producer. The company stemmed from Thomas Bramwell Welch's decision to serve grape juice at church, instead of the typical wine.


Which brand is known for putting black and white photos on its bottles?

Jones Soda Co. is known for creating bizarre flavored drinks that aren't typically offered by other soda companies. Their offerings include Fufu Berry, Crushed Melon, Strawberry Lime and Green Apple.


The blurred logo seen here belongs to which Detroit-based brand?

Faygo creators, Ben and Perry Feigenson, drew upon their knowledge as bakers to create the soda brand and its products. It all began while the two Russian immigrants attempted to create different frosting flavors.


Which soda got its start at the base of a volcano?

The Shasta Mineral Springs Company was founded in 1889 and established its presence at the base of Mt. Shasta in California. It wasn't until 1931 that the company finally produced a soft drink, ginger ale.


Known for their signature glass bottles, which soda brand is produced in Mexico?

Jarritos is named after the Spanish word, jarrito, which means "little jug." The company is responsible for creating the first tamarind-flavored drink of its kind in Mexico by extracting the juice of the tamarind fruit.


Most known for its line of energy drinks, which drink was first produced by a company called Hansen's?

Hansen's changed its name to Monster Beverage in 2012, but ended up selling its products and rights to the Coca-Cola Company in 2015. Monster Beverage also produced Peace Tea and Hubert's Lemonade.


Which Venezuelan soda is sometimes used when baking cakes?

Frescolita is said to resemble the flavor and color of red cream sodas found in the United States. While Coca-Cola remains the leader in soft drink consumption in Venezuela, Frescolita is another popular choice in the country.


The blurred logo in the photo belongs to which highly caffeinated soda?

It might be surprising to learn that Sun Drop has a high amount of caffeine in a single 12-ounce can. One can contains 63 mg of caffeine. To put that in perspective, Mountain Dew has only 54 mg!


After whisky, what drink is considered the "other national drink" of Scotland?

The recipe for this popular orange drink is kept hidden. Only three people currently know the formula. It's a family affair, as two of the three recipe-holders are family members of the original creators of the beverage.


The logo blurred out in this photo belongs to a soda that originated in France. Which drink is it?

Orangina is known for its signature, rounded 8-ounce bottles. Synonymous with the brand, these bottles were designed to look like an orange. Texture was even added to the bottles so that they felt like an orange.


Which soda got its start in Sandusky, Ohio?

Bubble Up has been used in pop culture in the past and present. In 1981, Merle Haggard mentions the drink in his song, "Rainbow Stew." In more recent times, the soda has appeared in Ariana Grande's music video for "Die In Your Arms."


This was Coca-Cola's first diet soda. Which drink claims this title?

Tab was the first diet drink released under the Coca-Cola Company name. The name was taken from a list of more than 185,000 four-letter words that were generated by IBM's 1401 computer.


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