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Many people have gone down in history, and so have many duos. Often, the duos are most easily recognizable by their names. You can't have an Ernie without his Bert! This quiz goes down in history. From the most modern duos of today to the ones of the most distant past. Real people, as well as the fictional ones, are the subject of this quiz. So, if you can remember them, then it's time to read on.

There were duos in ancient Egypt, the American West and even the Bible. Some of the most memorable might even be those that we grew up alongside, whether they're from movies, television or even music. Some like to compare other inseparable people to certain famous duos. You and your friend might refer to yourselves as Calvin and Hobbes, for example. Though there will never be an end to duos, this quiz is all about the ones of the present and past.

So, think you can match people like Thelma to Louise? Or do you know that Winnie the Pooh and Tigger go together? Then chances are you'll be able to match a whole lot more. Test your knowledge on these duos that are like two peas in a pod on this quiz!

Both were part of a gang, but who was Clyde's partner in crime?

Bonnie and Clyde were a classic American duo who are famous for their many robberies, as well as their romance. Depicted in many movies, they lived a life of crime until they were caught off guard and killed.


One half of this scientific couple is Pierre Curie, but who is the other half?

Marie Curie is most known for her scientific discoveries about radium, which was also through the assistance of her husband, Pierre. The two are famed for their advancements that helped the world to gain a better understanding of the elements.


Yoko Ono tragically lost her husband, with whom she is commonly associated. What is his name?

Yoko Ono and John Lennon were a couple who was loved for their shared interest in activism and love of music. Their first meeting was in an art gallery, which was only the start of their whirlwind relationship.


Alice B. Toklas was part of a true love story, but who was her other half?

Moving to a new country is scary, but for Alice, it turned out to be one of the best choices of her life. The two of them were loved by many, including some famous faces like Picasso who would visit them. In her book, "Everybody's Autobiography," Stein famously quoted about Oakland's dramatic mid-century growth, "There is no there there."


Adam, who is considered the first man, is associated with which of the following people?

Adam and Eve might just be one of the most famous duos in history. They're known for being the first man and woman on the Earth and the start of mankind. Throw in the Garden of Eden and you've got one iconic group!


While you know Butch Cassidy as a famous outlaw, do you remember the name of his famous counterpart?

Made popular by the movie that they were in, this duo was a force to be reckoned with in their day. Part of the Wild Bunch, they were fearless when conducting a robbery and they were notorious for robbing trains. This duo was one you wouldn't have wanted to mess with.


These two are the best of friends. Nothing can separate Tom Sawyer and who?

These two have a strong connection in that they are best friends despite being a little different from each other. While Tom was a dreamer, his best friend Huckleberry Finn was a believer, even if something was a little out of the ordinary.


Comedy was at its finest when Bob Hope and which partner were making us laugh?

Bing Crosby may not have seemed like he would jump into the comedy scene, but his pairing with Bob Hope made for one famous duo. Without the pair, we may have never had the chance to enjoy movies like "Road to Rio!"


Both known for their incredible athletic abilities, the sister of Serena Williams is who?

Venus and Serena are both competitive tennis players who don't let the fact that they're siblings get in their way. Both have had their fair share of Wimbledon titles, but Serena takes the prize of having the most Wimbledon wins.


Gretel is one half of this duo that was captured by a witch, but who was the other?

Hansel and Gretel were an unlucky pair who had a run-in with a witch. Did you know that the story was originally a Brothers Grimm story? Like many of their stories, it's been recreated and parodied by many throughout the years.


Jesus is commonly associated with another family member. Can you name her?

Mary was given a gift of a son, who she was told was going to be a savior. While we all know that this came true, it would have been incredible to witness such a thing. Jesus did many great things in his life, and had compassion for all.


You might have caught Orville Wright flying in the sky with his brother who is named what?

Known for their advancements in aviation, that's not all that the Wright Brothers did in their lives. Did you know that they had their own bicycle shop as well? You could say that building ran in the family!


Though they're toys, they've been one iconic duo since their creation. Who is Barbie always linked to?

If you thought back to the song "Barbie Girl" for this question, you're not alone! Barbie and Ken have been associated with each other for years, but did you know that they have broken up before? It took a couple of years before they finally got back together.


Marilyn Monroe is known to have married a few times throughout her life, but her marriage to this spouse caused quite the media frenzy. Who is it?

Marilyn and Joe married in 1954 and they instantly became an iconic duo in the eyes of the media. Unfortunately, their marriage came to an end after less than a year, but they are still remembered and associated with each other in the minds of many today.


Dr. Jekyll is part of a famous story which includes his alter ego known as who?

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde are the same person in some ways, but they have different personalities. The book about them was written in 1886 by Robert Louis Stevenson, and it has become a classic. Due to being so popular, it's not uncommon to hear comparisons of people to these memorable characters.


The wife of this powerful military leader was Empress Josephine, but can you name her husband?

Napoleon and Josephine were a true example of a power couple. While they were together, Napoleon was known to write countless love letters. Unfortunately, their love and collective power came to an end when Josephine had an affair.


Mark Antony is commonly spoken of in relation to which Egyptian ruler?

Thanks to Shakespeare's play, "Antony and Cleopatra," the two are highly associated with each other. This was also true in real life, and both parties ended up committing suicide. Antony with his own sword and Cleopatra is said to have used a poisonous snake.


The other half of this duo was married to Amelia Earhart, but do you know what his name is?

George Putnam was Amelia's husband for 6 years until her disappearance. Considered as dead two years later after many searches, George moved on and married again, twice. Though he moved on with his life, Amelia played an important part in his, making him perfectly fit to release her biography.


Calamity Jane posed beside this headstone of this person she was known to spend time with. Who is it?

Calamity Jane and Wild Bill Hickok were great friends. That's why after the murder of her friend, she made it her mission to track down his killer. At least, that's what she wrote in her autobiography.


Pocahontas was the subject of a Disney movie, but she actually lived in real life alongside which of the following people?

The real story of Pocahontas took place in the 1600s, when she saved John Smith from death. One thing you may not have known about the real Pocahontas is that she lived a very short life and married another John, with the last name Rolfe.


A modern duo we couldn't get enough of, who is Nicole Richie commonly associated with?

Nicole Richie and Paris Hilton were best friends that starred together in their hit show, "The Simple Life." It's hard to think of one of them without the other, even though the show has been over for a few years.


Fred Astaire is one half of this dancing duo, but can you name his dancing partner?

This on-screen couple was loved all over the world for their chemistry and unforgettable dance routines. Believe it or not, the two were not always friendly and didn't really enjoy working together.


Miss Piggy is a fictional character who has already set her own place in history. Who is she always paired with?

Miss Piggy and Kermit are unforgettable characters who have been going strong since the mid-1970s. The two didn't get married until almost 10 years later, and since then, they've had quite the rocky relationship of ups and downs.


These two biblical brothers included Cain, but who was the other?

The infamous story of Cain and Abel ends in tragedy and exile, but there is also a lot to learn from it. The actions of Cain came from jealousy and anger, two emotions that we can do our part in trying to minimize within ourselves.


You can't mention David without this important character. Who are they?

The story of David and Goliath is an intriguing one which takes place in the Book of Samuel. The giant didn't stand a chance against the well-prepared David, who slayed him. The two leave an important lesson behind for all of us to learn from.


One of the most famous lawmen of the American West, the other half of Wyatt Earp's duo includes who?

Wyatt Earp and Doc Holliday are two icons who became fast friends thanks to Doc's help in a bad situation. Perhaps their most famous moment as a duo was the confrontation that took place at the OK Corral.


The McCoys famously battled with which family?

If you thought Romeo and Juliet's story caused a feud, you probably haven't heard of the Hatfields and McCoys! Thanks to this family, the term "Hatfields and McCoys" has become a term used for any type of fight between people.


Another modern-day duo, these twins started off as actresses. Who is Mary-Kate's sister?

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen have been loved by the world since they got their start as young toddlers. "Full House" was the show that so many of us watched and we got to see the two lovable twins as they grew up into the people they are today.


Can you name Juliet's other half, better known as her one true love?

Shakespeare gave us this famously tragic love story in the late 1500s that has lived on and has been the subject of studies for centuries. While the story is extremely popular and well-known by most today, it was just as popular back in Shakespeare's day.


Another famous set of twins, who was the brother of Romulus?

Romulus and Remus were raised by a non-human mother and they grew up to be important to the city of Rome. Often referred to as a she-wolf, she took in the small children and she is now a symbol of the ancient city as well. Though their adopted mother was a wolf, they did have a real human mother as well.


One half of this talented duo is Simon, but can you name the partner?

A band that children of the '50s grew up on, Simon & Garfunkel had their share of hits. It's likely that you've heard at least one of their songs in your life, like "Mrs. Robinson" or even "The Sound of Silence."


A musical group that was popular in the 1960s, Sonny's partner was which of the following?

One of the most unforgettable duos of the era, Sonny and Cher were born to be stars. If you don't remember them as the musical act, then you will definitely remember them from your television screen. "The Sonny & Cher Comedy Hour" was a classic!


Stars in their own jungle fairy tale, Tarzan is commonly associated with who?

Another classic love story, Tarzan and Jane are known to have fallen in love in the shade of the jungle. The story was released in the early 1900s and revealed one fact you may not have known about Tarzan: His real name is John Clayton II!


Tweedledee plays a big part in "Alice in Wonderland," but what is the name of his counterpart?

Tweedledee and Tweedledum are some of the most famous characters from Wonderland. The two have made appearances in many different titles in the series and they're known for being perfectly in tune with with another.


Frank James was the brother of which other famous outlaw?

Jesse James and Frank James were partners in crime who committed many robberies in the American West. While Jesse died young, Frank lived a longer life which included his retirement from criminal behavior.


Jacob Grimm and his brother are known for their tall tales. But what is his brother's name?

Known as the Brothers Grimm, these two gave us some of the most memorable stories of our childhood. Many of them were princess stories that we now associate highly with Disney instead.


A member of Soapy Smith's gang, which cowboy is commonly associated with Soapy?

Life was rough as an outlaw in the past, which is something that Soapy Smith learned the hard way. However, it's never been confirmed on what the fate of Texas Jack was, although there are a few theories.


Two American outlaws, Flat Nose Curry was associated with which of the following people?

Flat Nose Curry was Kid Curry's uncle and an accomplice to the crimes the two committed. Despite being shot, it is not known for sure if Kid Curry died, or if he relocated himself in order to escape the law. It is known that Flat Nose was killed, however.


Sharpshooter Annie Oakley is most commonly associated with which of the following people?

Buffalo Bill was known for his famous Wild West Show which Annie Oakley took part in. One little known fact is that when traveling one day, the show's train crashed and left Annie severely injured. Thankfully, she survived.


Not the happiest of duos, Henry VIII is most commonly associated with this wife. Who is she?

Beheaded due to the fact that she could not give him an heir, Anne Boleyn is arguably the most famous of Henry VIII's wives. Although they're not exactly what one would describe as a dynamic duo, it's hard to speak about one without a mention of the other's name.


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