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Major league sports, from baseball, basketball and football to hockey and soccer, dot the landscape of North America from the northernmost Oilers hockey franchise to the southernmost NFL team, the Dolphins. Just about everywhere you look, there is a professional sports team to throw your support behind. 

Head out west, and you'll find 10 major league teams in Los Angeles alone! But L.A.'s not the only place to catch stars on the field. Scoot east just a bit, and you'll find the Jazz, the Suns and the Coyotes. Catch some Thunder over the Plains. Get into the heart of the Midwest and try not to get distracted by the Bulls, Red Wings, Cavaliers and Steelers (and that's a short list!). Don't leave the Northeast out: The reigning Super Bowl champions live here, along with the Bronx Bombers and the defending NBA titleholder Raptors — just over the border in Canada, of course. And we haven't even gotten started on the South!

How well do you know North America if we strip away everything but the major league franchises? Who's seeing red with the Cardinals, but also has the Blues? Where would you find the Magic? Team these franchises with the cities where they belong. The goal's a perfect score ... time to touch down on this quiz!

This city tried to be a hockey town twice and it didn't work, but the Braves, Falcons and Hawks have all managed to make it home. Which city is it?

Two hockey franchises have indeed come and gone in Atlanta with little success, but the remaining franchises – Braves, Falcons and Hawks – are holding down the ATL in the sports world.


It's no wonder this town is so fanatic over its Packers; it's the only pro team they have. Where is it?

Green Bay is home to the NFL's Packers, which remains the only publicly-owned team in the National Football League. This town of roughly 105,000 feels very much like a college community doing big-time things on the NFL stage.


They love some birds in this town, home to the Orioles and Ravens. Where is it?

Baltimore already had the Orioles when the NFL's Ravens came to town in the mid-1990s. To a city that already favored birds, it was an easy leap to make to add the Ravens, a nod to its famous former resident, poet Edgar Allan Poe.


This town, home to the Indians, Browns and Cavaliers, is so major league that Hollywood made it the subject of the movie "Major League." Where did it happen?

Released in 1989, the movie "Major League" focused on the Cleveland Indians, but don't forget the other pro teams in town. The Cavaliers have been NBA champions fairly recently and, well, the Browns are still taking the field every week.


It's the perfect place to grab some wings and watch the Bills or the Sabres. What is this city's name?

Let's face it: Professional sports aren't the same without some Buffalo wings. You have Buffalo, New York, to thank for this game time treat, in a city home to the football team Bills and the hockey team Sabres.


The Reds and the Bengals call this southwestern Ohio city home. What is it known as?

Cincinnati plays host to Major League Baseball's Reds and the NFL's Bengals. The city's most recent addition to its pro team portfolio was FC Cincinnati, a pro soccer team that began play in early 2019.


This city is home to Royals ... the baseball team, of course, as well as the Chiefs. What is it?

When Fats Domino sang, "We're goin' to Kansas City/Kansas City here we come," was he heading off to see the town's Royals or Chiefs? What about the city's Major League Soccer team, Sporting Kansas City? Yeah, we doubt it, too.


This city's best can be found in teams with the names "Bucks" and "Brewers." Where are they located?

Milwaukee's best (see what we did there?) and only pro sports franchises are the Brewers of Major League Baseball and the Bucks of the National Basketball Association. You can find the Packers roughly 100 miles to Milwaukee's north.


Utah's capital city is home to the Jazz and a professional soccer team that shares its name. What is this town called?

Real Salt Lake, the town's major league soccer team, and the Utah Jazz make up the entirety of the state of Utah's professional sports alliances. Real Salt Lake is the newer of the teams, founded in 2005.


Football and basketball seasons with the Colts and Pacers, respectively, are this town's favorite times of year. Which one is it?

Indianapolis does well supporting its NFL and NBA franchises, the Colts and Pacers, respectively. As one of the fastest-growing cities in the country, you might enjoy a few more teams to cheer for!


The Steel City clearly influenced the Steelers' name; we're not sure how Pirates and Penguins play into things. Which city is it?

Pittsburgh, a city long known for its steel production, gave the Steelers a version of its nickname. The Penguins and Pirates came along, adding a bit of swashbuckling Arctic flair to this Pennsylvania town.


There's the Nationals and the Capitals. Throw in some Wizards and Redskins and you have which of these cities?

If you travel to the nation's capital, it's not all "pass a bill" this and "turn it into a law" that. People there know how to enjoy a sports game or two, as the city is home to a major league franchise in each of the sporting world's pro categories.


An embarrassment of riches: Which of these cities boasts 10 different pro franchises, including the Lakers, Kings, Dodgers and Chargers?

Los Angeles is certainly a city sized to handle a plethora of major league franchises to support. Its numbers went up even more relatively recently, with both the Rams and the Chargers of the NFL relocating to the California town.


The Jaguars franchise was awarded to this Florida city in 1993. Where are they located?

Jacksonville, tucked in Florida's northeast corner, was awarded an NFL franchise in 1993 — a team that would go on to become the Jaguars. The Jaguars started playing in the National Football League in 1995, along with the Carolina Panthers.


Cardinals, Coyotes and Suns all call this western town home. What is its name?

Phoenix is a good sports town, with a variety of options to choose from, including the Cardinals, Suns and Coyotes. Oh, and don't forget those pesky Diamondbacks of Major League Baseball.


The Eagles, Flyers and 76ers play in this town and another major league team might give away its name. Where is it?

It's the Phillies, OK? You would've totally guessed Philadelphia with that one as a clue. As is, the Eagles, Flyers and 76ers are all pretty recognizable representations of the City of Brotherly Love.


Mariners and Seahawks speak to this city's love of the sea. Which one of these hosts both?

Did the "sea" give it away? Seattle has embraced its watery heritage with both the Mariners and Seahawks. They are also home to MLS's Sounders and are preparing to welcome an as-yet-unnamed NHL team.


Where would you find pro teams named the Saints and the Pelicans?

That would be New Orleans, the town perhaps known best for its Mardi Gras celebrations. That doesn't mean they can't shake a leg for their pro teams, though, and welcome both the Saints and Pelicans, which have been playing in the city since 1966 and 2002, respectively.


This town is seeing red with the Cardinals but also has the Blues. Where is it?

St. Louis is a mix of red and blue, in a town where its fans' loyalties are divided between the baseball-playing Cardinals and the hockey-playing Blues. Heck, we're guessing both are a pretty big deal.


This city's teams draw their names from the area's rugged terrains: The Rockies, Broncos, Nuggets and Avalanche. Which city has them all?

Denver is one cool city, with a climate and appropriately-named teams to match. All of its team deal with an unusual geographic feature as well: Denver, as a city, is situated one mile above sea level.


We're venturing north to check in on the Blue Jays, Raptors and Maple Leafs in which of these Canadian towns?

We know, we know, Toronto sports fans are still riding high on that first-ever NBA championship for their Raptors, but they're not the only game in town. Toronto is also home to MLB's Blue Jays and NHL's Maple Leafs.


Grab your White Sox and head out to see the Bulls, Bears or Blackhawks in which of these cities?

The Windy City might want to consider paying homage to its various sports teams in its nickname. Fans of sports in this town have a variety to choose from, including the NBA's Bulls, NFL's Bears, NHL's Blackhawks and MLB's White Sox.


T'ed up: In which of these towns would you find Trailblazers and Timbers?

Portland, or Rip City if you will, is home to two professional sports franchises in their beloved NBA team, the Trailblazers and the Timbers, which was founded as a club in the area in 2009.


This Florida town calls its home teams the Rays, Buccaneers and Lightning. Where are they located?

Team sports are a big deal in Tampa, where the community hosts the Rays baseball team, Buccaneers football team and Lightning hockey team. Nothing beats the cannons firing after a Bucs score, though.


The Golden Gate City plays host to the Giants and 49ers. What town are both teams situated in?

Though San Francisco and Oakland are separated by only 12 miles, each has its own distinctive pro teams. In San Francisco, those teams are known as the Giants and the 49ers, but we're guessing locals are fans of teams in both places.


Which of these cities plays host to the A's, the Raiders and the Golden State Warriors?

Oakland has been the home of the A's and Raiders since 1968 and 1994, respectively, though both teams existed in other locales before that. The Warriors have been in Oakland since 1971.


Everything's bigger in this town, including its pro sports franchises that include the Rangers, Cowboys, Mavericks and Stars. In which city would you find them?

Dallas is the home of big hair and major sports franchises, including the Cowboys, which have been called "America's Team," as well as the Texas Rangers, Mavericks basketball team and NHL franchise Stars.


One of these teams might be this town's vice: The Marlins, Dolphins and Panthers. Which city are they located in?

Miami is home to the Marlins, Dolphins, Heat and NHL team Florida Panthers, all nods to the climate and wildlife found in the state of Florida. The Panthers are Miami's newest team, holding down the hockey space since 1993.


One lonely franchise, the Grizzlies, call this Tennessee town home. Where are they located?

The Memphis Grizzlies were founded in 1995 in Vancouver and relocated to Memphis in 2001, where they've played at FedExForum ever since. The Grizzlies' name stuck around, however, despite the international move.


Two teams with intimidating names, the Titans and the Predators, call this city home. Which of these is it?

Relatively speaking, Nashville is a newbie to the major league family, with the team known as the Titans beginning play there in 1997, and the Predators becoming the city's NHL expansion team a year later in 1998.


If someone is talking about the Hurricanes in this town, it's (probably) the NHL franchise. What city are we referencing?

Raleigh, North Carolina, only has one pro team, but they make it count. The Hurricanes of the National Hockey League relocated to the town situated 131 miles from the nearest beach from Hartford, Connecticut, in the late 1990s.


The Patriots, Celtics and Red Sox all call Beantown home. What city goes by this nickname?

Boston is home to a plethora of major league franchises, including the Patriots (NFL), Red Sox (MLB) and Celtics (NBA). Still, the town's nickname is actually derived from a dish popularized in the area.


It feels like the "Bears" should logically follow this city's Lions and Tigers, but it's the Pistons that fill in the blank. What town are they all in?

In Detroit, you can catch the Lions, the Tigers and the ... Pistons? Sadly, the Bears are some 300-ish miles west in Chicago. Detroit perhaps most relishes its designation as Hockeytown, home to the NHL's Red Wings.


In another context, Sharks and Earthquakes might be reason to steer clear of a place. Which of these towns has teams with those names?

San Jose, California, is home to the Sharks of the National Hockey League and the Earthquakes of Major League Soccer. So, don't be alarmed if a local tells you they've spotted a Shark or heard that Earthquakes are coming.


One of these franchises uses the more vague "Carolina" in its name, but the Panthers and Hornets both call which of these cities home?

Charlotte is home to the Carolina Panthers and the NBA's Hornets ... no, wait ... the Bobcats ... no, wait ... the Hornets. Yeah, they're the Hornets again. They've had a bit of an identity crisis over the years, but one thing hasn't changed — their location in the Queen City.


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