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It happens - the clumping of your lashes, the uneven foundation, the purple eyeshadow on the brow that looks like a bruise. Whatever the reason (usually you're in a rush), this quiz will remind you of makeup mishaps so you can banish them from your beauty routine.  

Ever wonder when makeup started ruling our world? It began with the Ancient Egyptians, who wore the first recorded eyeliner-like substance called "mesdemet," which was a mixture of copper and lead ore, to trace their eyes. It was worn by both men and women. Methods to accentuate our best facial features were created back then and continue to evolve. 

In America, the mass production of makeup occurred in 1915 when Maurice Levy invented the metal container for lipstick. By the 1920s,  dark, sultry eyes, red lipstick, red nail polish and a suntan glow became the style when Coco Chanel and flappers were the fashionistas of the time. Decade after decade added more color, gloss and shimmer, until the years when, as fashion always does, the style changed to become natural with a glow. Yet throughout the decades, along with the makeup, there have been lapses in loveliness. See how many of these makeup mistakes you can identify. Get more than 20 correct and you're a makeup maven! Start the quiz now. 

Which of these makeup mistakes can happen with foundation?

If there is a clear makeup border between your face and your neck, you have not blended your foundation properly. The color chosen for your foundation may change with the fashionistas' advice of the day, but anywhere between an exact match or a tone lighter or darker is fine.


Which of these makeup mistakes happens if you use the same tube of mascara for too long?

You'll get the clumping lashes or uneven mascara before you use up the tube. That means it's time to buy new mascara.


Where should you apply rouge if you want today's fashionable look?

To have a pink, healthy glow as you contour your cheeks, apply rouge on the upper cheekbones, blending to the brow. "Rouge" is French for "red."


Which of these mistakes can be solved with a primer?

There is a specific primer to use for your eyes that will help keep your eye shadow fresh all evening and into the wee hours of the morning. Also use it if the weather is hot and/or humid.


Which of these mistakes is too matchy-matchy?

You want to accent your eyes, but you want your entire appearance to be eye-catching. Too much matchy-matchy is simply too much. It's best to match your eye color with your eye shadow and/or your nails with your lip color.


Don't make this fashion faux pas. When should you ditch face powder?

Face powder can show up your wrinkles, so once you get to that point, lose the powder. At a minimum, switch to a translucent powder or mineral-based powder.


Your foundation is cakey. What cardinal rule of makeup did you forget?

Nourish that skin - it's the only skin you've got! And, your makeup will go on smoothly and give you a finished look when you moisturize your skin before applying.


It's hard to put on makeup with your dry and flaky skin. How did this happen?

You're overwashing your face if you find your skin is dry and flaky. Moisturizer is good, but over-washing is stripping the oils from your face. Twice daily is enough, with a mild cleanser.


You look fine in your bathroom mirror, but you don't when you're looking in your car mirror. What happened?

It's amazing how the wrong light can hinder our makeup judgment. If you put your makeup on under fluorescent light, then once you're in natural light your look will be off and lifeless. Warm white LED lights are the best option.


You put on concealer and you still have dark circles under your eyes. What common mistake is this?

If you put to much concealer on the targeted area, you'll look worse for wear. To apply it properly, dot a few drops of concealer on the bone below your eyes and blend it up.


If your foundation looks heavy, which of these mistakes was made?

In fact, unless you are wearing light and sheer makeup, you don’t need to use foundation all over the face. You can just dot it on your cheeks, nose, and under the eyes to create a light, smooth effect.


Everyone can tell you're wearing makeup - what boo-boo is this?

Make sure to apply foundation not only on your face but also to your neck and ears. Otherwise, with a slightly different face and neck color, everyone can figure out that you are wearing makeup.


Your eyebrows look drawn and unnatural. What makeup mistake happened?

If you don't have a steady hand to fill in your eyebrows with an eyebrow pencil, use an angled brush and dark shadow to fill in your brows. You'll avoid a drawn and unnatural look to your eyebrows.


Which of these lapses in loveliness happens when you put too much mascara on your lower lashes?

If you're applying mascara to your lower lashes, be sure to hold the brush vertically. Otherwise, your mascara will clump together and look like spider legs.


You're looking "over-the-top" with eye shadow - what beauty mistake is this?

Shimmery eye shadows are great in moderation, but use too much and you border on looking like a clown. The best placement of the shimmer is on the inner eye area, with eye shadow covering the rest.


You have light skin and blue eyes. Which of these is a beauty blunder?

If you have a lighter skin tone, it is best to use brown mascara and eye liners. Otherwise, you'll have a very harsh, unnatural look.


Your concealer isn't concealing the blemish. Which beauty blunder is this?

Use the right tone to conceal the blemish. A green-toned concealer cancels out the red of the blemish and is the correct concealer to choose.


If you want to widen your narrow eyes, which of these is a mistake?

This lapse in loveliness comes from using eye liner improperly. Dark eye liner on the lower waterline makes eyes look smaller.


Which of these is a no-no when it comes to mascara?

Waterproof mascara is much harder to remove, and its application and removal could seriously affect your lashes. They may break off prematurely or wither away.


Which of these is a beauty blunder when using a bronzer?

The idea behind using a bronzer is to apply it exactly where the sun would naturally hit your face, to have that extra sun-kissed glow. Apply it to your forehead, cheekbone, and jawline.


Lip liner can be a friend or a foe. When is it a foe?

Option C is the correct way to line your lips with a lip liner. Follow this advice for the perfect pucker.


What's the incorrect way to wear very dark lipstick?

Too much dark makeup can make you look older than you want to be. You can match the dark lip color with anything you want, but be sure you wear light makeup to counteract the dark lip color.


What makeup malady gives you "clown cheeks"?

Put too much blush on the apples of your cheeks and it looks like the circus is in town. Ditch the clown look by making sure you apply blush with a light touch.


Your eyelids lack depth. What makeup mistake is this?

Accent your eyes with a two- or three-color eye shadow palette. Go from dark (closest to lashes) to light (under the brow) to give more dimension to your glamourous glance. Add mascara and liner for further definition.


Your nails look witchy and clawlike. What's wrong?

Too much glitter and shine will ruin any elegant impression you want to make - your nails will look witchy and clawlike. Sometimes, less is more.


Your pores are clogged. What makeup malady is this?

After a late night out it happens to us all - you fall into bed without removing your makeup. Be aware, though, that if you do that too often you'll have clogged pores and pimples.


You've slept on your side. What glamour gaffe will result?

How can you put on makeup properly with pillowcase wrinkles on your face? Try to sleep on your back to avoid this wake-up slip-up.


Full makeup on your eyes, plus going all out on your lips - what faux pas is this?

Your face shouldn't compete with itself for attention. Call interest to your eyes OR your lips. When you do both, you can look unattractive and overdone.


What style snafu can make you look tacky?

You can overdo the color coordination when your clothes are especially bright, if you match your eye shadow, mascara and eye liner with your clothes. Tone it down a bit.


Too many touch-ups can take a toll. Which of these makeup mishaps might happen?

Keep touching up your lip color and it will start to look messy. It'll be hard to tell where your lip line begins and ends.


Your blush is streaky. What fashion fumble is this?

If you're having streaking problems when applying your blush, either your brush is damp or it's time for a new brush. Remember that when you replace your makeup you should also replace your makeup brushes.


You've got a goopy and melting look on your lips. What beauty blooper is this?

You've got the lipliner just right. The lipstick is the perfect shade. However, too much lip gloss can ruin the entire look. You don't want to have gloppy or melting lips, so don't overdo it.


Now you have flaky lipstick. How come?

It's pretty simple - dry and flaky lipstick is caused by dry and flaky lips. To fix this, apply a generous coat of petroleum jelly or lip balm to the lips before applying lipstick.


You can see peach fuzz on your face. What is the beauty blunder?

If you apply foundation with an upward stroke, you will make the hairs or the peach fuzz stand out on your face. You'll want to avoid that!


Lipstick on your teeth! What additional step did you forget?

In order to avoid lipstick on your teeth, pucker up and put your thumb between your lips immediately after applying lipstick. Then pull your thumb out. Any excess lipstick will be on your thumb, not your teeth. It's called the thumb rule.


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