Plan a Royal Wedding and We’ll Guess When You’ll Get Married

By: Zoe Samuel
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The pomp and circumstance of a royal wedding is perhaps the best representation of what a wedding should be. Weddings are grand affairs, their extravagance a reflection of the love and devotion of the couple getting married. Marriage is more than just two people coming together, it's two families coming together, two circles of friends coming together, and two households becoming one. A royal wedding is an even bigger deal because the new couple will be a part of the lives of a nation for decades to come.

No detail of a royal wedding is boring. From the crockery to the color of the bridesmaids' dresses, the event planner doesn't miss a trick, ensuring things go smoothly and the guests remember the right parts of the wedding. This job, royal event planner, will be your task.

So think long and hard about napkins, flower arrangements, music, and the dinner menu. These aren't just things; these are the making of immortal memories that all the guests will recall, write about, and cherish their whole lives. A wedding is like a play, and in this case, you are the director. Plan this royal wedding, and we will tell you when you will get married yourself!

What time of year do you want this royal wedding to take place?

What sort of climate would you like for the royal wedding?

What sort of place would you like for the wedding venue?

How long a ceremony should this wedding have?

Who should officiate the wedding?

How many guests must fit in the venue?

In what city would you have the royal wedding?

What television cameras should be allowed into the ceremony?

What will the bride wear?

What will the groom wear?

What is the dress code for bride's maids?

How should the best man dress?

What is the family dress code?

What is the dress code for guests?

Who performs music at the ceremony?

Do any celebrities come to the wedding ceremony?

Who should be excluded from the wedding ceremony?

What should happen outside the wedding venue as the bridal party leaves?

How should the bride and groom be transported to the reception?

How long a gap will there be between the ceremony and the reception, for guests to change?

Where will the reception be?

What kind of music will there be at the reception?

What kind of magician will there be at the reception?

What kind of alcohol will there be at the reception?

What kind of food will there be at the reception?

What will the fireworks be like?

Will there be any specialist music?

How many courses will dinner be?

What is the dress code of the reception?

What is the theme of the reception?

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