Can You Name These Lesser-Known Presidents From An Image?

By: Mark Laufgraben
Image: Wiki Commons

About This Quiz

The history of America is forever entwined with its presidents. Since the time of George Washington, the United States has elected a host of fascinating people to lead and represent the nation, each leaving their own individual mark on the Oval Office. Through their leadership of the Executive Branch, these men worked tirelessly to better the country and steer its course through the murky waters of history. But even among such an august coterie, some are more famous than others. Names like Washington, Jefferson and Lincoln stand out immediately to any American, of course, but what about the others? What of the lesser-known presidents who had their own histories, slogans, agendas, successes and failures?

Together we will examine a host of images of these lesser-known presidents. They came from every corner of the nation, each with a unique collection of American experiences and beliefs. How familiar are you with these somewhat less famous men who once led our country? Fear not if you need a little help: we've seeded this presidential quiz with hints to help you along.

Time waits for no one! Let's click onward to test your ability to recognize the many past masters of the Oval Office!

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