Can You Name History's Greatest Soccer Players From A Photo

By: Jacqueline Samaroo
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About This Quiz

Gooooaal! Get ready to relive some of your best soccer memories with a lineup of the greatest players currently on the field and from yesteryear.

While scholars of the game (read: diehard fans) will get into heated arguments as to who was THE GREATEST soccer player ever, there a few names which we know will always pop up. Like, the Portuguese legend known by a single name, or the Argentine number 10 famous for his "handy and holy" goal. Know which two we're hinting at? We're sure you do, so set your sights on the quiz!

There are many players from the past who made their mark on the game and went on to become managers and coaches responsible for the careers of present-day greats. Those new stars include the English striker with 4 hat tricks and a total of 29 goals in a recent season of the Premier League. Now, he's not just any Tom, Dick or Harry - or maybe he is. Take the quiz to find out!

If you're a soccer fan who takes pride in knowing the history of the game while keeping up with all its current happenings, then this quiz is definitely for you. So, don your favorite jersey, slather on that face paint and let the game begin!

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