Can You Match The Pro Wrestler To His Archenemy?

By: Robin Tyler
Image: kremduven via Youtube/Brandon Oliver via Wiki Commons/WWE

About This Quiz

From the first golden age of wrestling in the United States in the 1940s and 1950s, every hero needed a villain! You see, not every hero could come out on top in each and every fight. 

Although the popularity of the sport dropped in the 1970s, cable TV helped it rise from the ashes in the 1980s with the World Wrestling Federation, in particular, snapping up all the promising talent. And the crowds flocked to see these new heroes and the villains (or heels as they are called in the wrestling world) fight it out for glory. 

And so, some of the greatest feuds were born. 

One of the most popular wrestlers of the time, fueled by his special brand of MANIA was a popular target for the villains of the wrestling world. Time and time again he would defeat them as he became one of the most well-known wrestlers to enter the squared circle.

Twists and turns were the order of the day, with some villains becoming the good guys and popular good guys turning evil! And so, as wrestling's popularity exploded, we spectators watched in earnest to see who would win the next feud. 

Do you remember them all? Could you match a wrestling superstar with his archenemy?

Let's see! 1,2,3! 

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