Can You Tell Which Version of These Famous Images Is Real and Which Is Fake?

By: Kennita Leon
Image: Talltanic

About This Quiz

Calling all travelers! Whether you've been living your dream of seeing what planet Earth has to offer or if you just love surfing the internet and learning about different countries and cultures, boy, do we have a quiz for you! By now, most people know what the Statue of Liberty and the Eiffel Tower look like. Lesser-known sites like the Sagrada Familia and the London Eye exist, but people probably wouldn't be able to point them out in a sea of already magnificent structures. But you're not an everyday person. You know what they all look like! But could you tell us if the version we're showing you is the real thing, or if it's an imposter?

That's right! We're going to show you some of the most famous and popularly visited monuments and we're going to ask you whether it's the real thing or not. Your job is to study the site and give us the correct answer. Now not all of them are fake, some of them are very real. It's up to you to differentiate the fraud from the original. So, if you're up to the task of proving your monuments knowledge, go ahead and get started on this quiz! 

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