Can You Match The Animal With Its Closest Relative?

By: Bambi Turner
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Do you know whether a whale's closest relative is a goldfish -- or a dolphin? Think you can pick out the closest family members of the bat, bear or lion? Take our quiz to prove your animal relationship IQ!

All animals -- including humans! -- are related to one another in some way, though you might have to go back millions of years to find a link. This link, known as a common ancestor, likely lived millions and millions of years ago. Different creatures and critters evolved from this ancestor, and gradually evolved into unique species. This might have happened due to geography, genetic mutations, natural selection or some other reason entirely.

The result is that all the animal species currently living now look pretty different from one another, but many are more closely related than you think. Take humans for example: We share around 98 percent of out DNA with chimps. That makes sense, considering the similarities between the two species. 

What might shock you, however, is how closely related humans are to other creatures. We share 90 percent of our DNA with cats, 85 percent with dogs, 80 percent with a mouse and 60 percent with a chicken!

Think you can spot these types of close family relationships in other species? Take our quiz to find out!

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