Can You Identify These Vintage Items?

By: Maria Trimarchi

About This Quiz

When it comes to vintage items, you can enjoy a great nostalgic moment looking at all the images in this quiz. And, if you're lucky, you'll have kept or are buying the vintage items that will be treasured in the future. Just think about "Antiques Roadshow" where they value different kinds of antiques. Many times, an item was worth next to nothing until it aged and became scare. Then it was worth the big money.

Why is something "vintage"? It's usually not just old (over 20 years), but well made. Today, in our disposable society, we no longer expect anything to last more than a few years. And then it's usually time for an upgrade! When you look at the items on this quiz, many are obsolete. However, those that are well-made, or can be transformed into works of art, or re-purposed, are worth much more. Or with beautiful clothes, they can be redesigned or will come back into style soon enough.

Whether you're a collector of record albums, love vintage jewelry, or have a place in your heart for an old Walkman, you can forget the resale, consignment and thrift shops. Instead, take a stroll through the past as you look at photos of vintage items. It's worth a little browse time. Take the quiz now.  

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