Can You Identify These Old and Rare Autos from an Image?

By: Robin Tyler
Image: Staten Island Advance via Youtube

About This Quiz

Over the period of 130 years or so, the motor car has changed significantly. 

Just think of one of the first cars ever made - the Benz Autowagen. Essentially this was an open top carriage without the horses. Well, that's not strictly true. It had horses but they were of the mechanical kind!

Now compare the Benz Autowagen with a hypercar today like the LaFerrari. Well, its chalk and cheese, isn't it? Perhaps the most incredible thing is that the motor car has gone from the Autowagen to something like the LaFerrari in just over a century ... really a blink of time. Just think about that. We are sure you will agree, the evolution simply boggles the mind. 

But back to the cars from yesteryear. Even though they are fairly simple compared to today's models, there is no denying that they have a certain charm about them, as well as a beauty that modern cars don't have. And that's understandable I suppose but many people are drawn toward that. 

That's why classic models and old, rare autos are always in demand.

But would you be able to identify these old cars from a single image!

Go ahead and show us your expansive auto knowledge!

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