Can You Identify These NBA Players from a Photo of Their Signature Shoe?

By: Kennita Leon
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About This Quiz

The players in the National Basketball Association are known for many, many things. Off the court, they're known for their lavish lifestyles, their more than crazy scandals and of course, their love lives. But on the court, they're known for the big things, like their incredible skills, and the little things, like their shoes. So, we're going to magnify that little thing (or not so little since their shoes tend to be ridiculously large) and write an entire quiz about it. Do you think you can identify these awesome players from a picture of their favorite and signature shoes?

We all know that Kevin Durant has a shoe deal with Nike and that Michael Jordan has an entire sneaker line. But can you name the lesser-known shoe lines? What about those basketball players who don't have their own shoe, but are known for rocking a particular style every time they're on the court? Have you been paying attention to the players from head to toe? 

It's time to show that you can walk the walk, or in this case, name the shoes that these guys walk in. Let's see how well you do on this signature b-ball shoe quiz. 

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